1. @Mburke4UMW

    QOTW Establish a PLANN


    If the end has come the first thing I do Is collect a backpack of things that I desperately need. Then I would go and find my family and we would establish a plan to stick together and delegate roles and things that each person was to be in charge …

  2. @Anne Armour

    Creating Daily Creates


    So this week we had to suggest either 2 Daily Creates or 2 Media Assignments. I went with 2 Daily Creates!

    It actually took me quite a while to come up with 2 that I thought were even remotely good, so I’m not sure if they’ll even get “published” on …

  3. @Mburke4UMW

    2 TDC’s


    My two suggestions for daily creates would be a time-lapse of your school day. I think it would be cool to do a time-lapse on your phone and it is super easy. We would see how everyone navigates through campus. My other suggestion for a daily create would be a …

  4. @esanbornumw

    Healthy Vine Challenge! ????


    My quick and easy healthy snack! I downloaded Vine Camera app on my phone, which is basically Vine. And I made my favorite lil’ salad! Caprese! All you need is tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil leaves! I typically like to use fresh basil, but Giant didn’t have any.. soooo dried leaves …

  5. @esanbornumw

    My fav thing to do! ??


    So for this assignment, I was trying to think of hobbies I have and the truth is I am as plain as Jane gets. I used to play soccer and enjoy exercising and stuff. But college turned that all around. My favorite thing to do is do nothing when I …

  6. @esanbornumw

    TDC #123


    So for choosing two Daily Creates with the ds106 squad, I enjoyed trying to think about what hasn’t already been a daily create. But I thought these were short and sweet just how they are supposed to be! Reply to me with your responses

    #1: Describe your ds106 character in …

  7. @schooltaylorr

    Love, Felicity.


    I stumbled upon the This is my Story assignment in the assignment bank and thought it was a great way to tie my character for the class into this week’s videos. If you haven’t read my blog post about my character, Felicity’s, life, I suggest you read it before watching …

  8. @schooltaylorr

    My Dream Vacation!


    I’ve been taking French for about 8 years now, but I’ve never been to France (or even have left the country). If I could choose anywhere in the world to go right now, it would absolutely be France. Not only Paris and other major cities, but the countrysides and beaches. …

  9. @KatieHartraft

    Five CDE Questions Answered


    Vanessa Locke asked me to answer some questions for whatever reason… so I chose a few and responded (in many cases a little too thoroughly and I had to sped things up or edit them down).

    Making this video wasn’t too challenging. Again, I had to use my phone to …

  10. @Anne Armour

    Children of Men Long Takes Compilation


    So I decided to watch the film Children of Men as my second film.

    I enjoyed this movie way more than Night of the Living Dead. Children of Men was very beautifully done. The message of faith and hope was really shown throughout the film. The only thing that bothered …

  11. @Chris_tastrophe

    The Butchering of “28 Days Later”


    A product of the Alt Ending video assignment:



    This post-apocalyptic film is fairly grotesque and captures the violence behind survival. Few people are your friends, and even friends kill each other when one is exposed to the virus and turning. The concept of family is one of the …

  12. @cypherpunk106

    Moving Picture Magic


    Hello everyone! Chris and I finally finished our video for class. It was a lot of work, but really fun.

    Here is our video.

    Behind the Process

    Since my last post, Chris and I filmed our video in the Advanced Media Production Studio. It took us about three hours …

  13. @cypherpunk106

    Don’t You Forget About Me


    Hello everybody! This week I was able to watch the movie “28 Days Later”.

    To be completely honest, I absolutely hate zombie movies. Like really hard. So this movie, with its pseudo infected/zombie, was not my jam. However, I did like the story behind it and the premise …

  14. @KatieHartraft

    28 Days Later 2 Days Later


    I watched the film 28 Days Later on Thursday. I had heard a lot of hype about this movie before I saw it, but to be completely honest I wasn’t a huge fan. I think the major reason the movie didn’t strike me was the quality of world building wasn’t …

  15. @Mburke4UMW

    Movie Review


    Tried to keep it short and sweet and use the same techniques for reviewing this movie as the ones I used in my Cinema class!!

  16. @Chris_tastrophe

    Behind the Scene… Just One


    Of all the different digital modes, I’m probably least familiar with video. I was glad to peek behind the scenes of some of the techniques used in film and other video production.


    Scene Analysis – 10 Cloverfield Lane

    I chose this movie because it was most recent on the …

  17. @Anne Armour

    Reading Movies and Such


    This week I read Roger Ebert’s article How to Read a Movie and I also watched all 8 of the videos about filmmaking which gave a lot of insight to what we would be doing with our own video work. Adding in the other resources given to us, I knew …

  18. @esanbornumw

    Where do your shoes take you????


    For this assignment I thought about if I was in an apocalypse where would my feet take me? My shoes are olive green TOMS, which I thought were handy for an apocalypse, they are camouflage with the grass and nature so I can hide them pretty well if I ever …

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