1. @Anne Armour

    Don’t You Worry Child Mashup


    For the last Audio Assignment for this week, I chose to do the Original and Cover Mashup assignment. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be really cool to hear both versions of the song over top of each other. I knew it would be weird sounding, but …

  2. @Anne Armour

    Call to Sanghwa


    For one of my Audio Assignments I decided to do the Call Me, Beep Me assignment. This assignment involved choosing a character from a story I have read, watched, or heard during this class so far. I decided to do a call from Seong-kyeong to Sanghwa after she arrived in …

  3. @Anne Armour

    Broadcast from Forreston Grade School, Illinois


    Forreston Grade School Broadcast: https://frequency2156.com/signal/531

    Creating my broadcast from Forreston, Illinois, was actually quite the adventure. After getting everything downloaded and ready to go, I had to think about how I wanted my broadcast to be. I don’t know what kind of apocalypse I’m in (it seems rather war-like from …

  4. @schooltaylorr

    Is Anyone Out There?


    Frequency 2156 was very interesting, I must say. Even though it was just a website that is very clearly fake, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of impending doom actually waiting around the corner for me. I’ve never seen a digital project quite like this, and love how …

  5. @schooltaylorr

    It’s Me, Alice.


    Finis is a short story I read at the beginning of the semester for this class, and I loved it a lot. I particularly loved the character Alice and how she told the audience that, now that her life was ending, she wishes she would have lived more. I loved …

  6. @schooltaylorr

    Take Time to Relax


    I chose to do the Relaxation Noises Assignments, and in addition to sharing my audio file with you, I wanted to share with you the sounds I chose and why they relax me:

    Rain: Everyone loves the sound of rain, it’s soothing and is the perfect background noise that isn’t …

  7. @esanbornumw



    Everyone meet the kind-hearted Bobbi Jane. She is a lot like me… but different. I thought if I made my character a bit like me it will be easy to follow and relate to, but making her a little different will make me step out of my comfort zone and …

  8. @Anne Armour

    Meeting Evelyn Sparrow


    Evelyn Sparrow was just a girl that grew up being defined by her last name, her parents’ name. They had been well known in the small town she was taken to at 15 years old. It was just a town over from where she was born, but they all knew. …

  9. @Chris_tastrophe

    Fictional Nuclear Emergency Broadcast

    My Frequency 2156 Submission

    I decided to emulate a military emergency broadcast for our Frequency 2156 world’s radioactive state:


    Behind the Scenes

    I wrote up a script to read and recorded my audio using an external USB microphone into Audacity.

    From there, I modulated my voice to sound radio-like …

  10. @cypherpunk106

    Her Visitor


    Hello everybody! This week I chose to do the “Quote With A New Feeling” assignment. In this assignment I was to find a quote and record myself saying it. After recording myself, I was to mash up my audio recording with sounds, songs or instrumental music to better explain …

  11. @KatieHartraft

    Romeo Uniform November


    I added my message to the radio on Frequency 2156 (after some interference prevented me from doing so for a long while):

    The website could have enthralled me for HOURS (and it did for at least one). It is so interesting how everything is tied together under one “radio” and …

  12. @KatieHartraft

    Who is Charlee Faraday?


    Charlee Faraday is a combination of the Lone Wolf and the Neutral Character. She prefers spending time alone, finding her time is most productive and beneficial that way. She also is okay going with whatever situation is given to her, as long as she has a direction she plans on …

  13. @schooltaylorr

    All About Me


    *My character is going off the archetype “Midwife: survivalist, feminist, quick-witted, perceptive”.

    My name is Felicity Simone Cixous Jones. A mouthful, huh? You can just call me Flick, that’s what my friends call me. My mom had the grand idea of giving me names after feminists icons, but instead of …

  14. @cypherpunk106

    Pick Up I’m Calling


    Hello everybody! This week I explored Frequency 2156. Frequency 2156 is a community based Internet radio from the post-apocalyptic future. Essentially, you can go around the world and listen to radio messages that people have published.

    Thinking critically about Frequency 2156, I believe that the creators chose audio for …

  15. @cypherpunk106

    All Those TV’s


    Hello everyone! Today am I going to introduce you to cypherpunk106, who is my character. They’re pretty cool, so I’m excited to introduce you to them.

    I actually somewhat chose cypherpunk106’s archetype way way back and wrote a post about it here. To remind y’all, I chose the axpert …

  16. @KatieHartraft

    Some of the Good Sounds


    This assignment I had to mash up some of my favorite sounds. One of my favorite sounds that I couldn’t get into the clip was wind blowing through trees/leaves. In digital form it usually ends up sounding like wind noise (which I do like, but it just didn’t work for …

  17. @Chris_tastrophe

    Introducing James Icarus


    The ideal workspace of James Icarus.


    The Observer

    Ever since James was young, he was obsessed with spy movies. Acting like the Bond version of himself, he would spend his days running around defeating imaginary bad-guys and investigating their hideouts throughout the suburbs of the Eastern United States. Reading …

  18. @Mburke4UMW



    La Jetee was an interesting watch, all of these clips we watch are. This one was different however from others because it was about time travel. We do not get the prisoners name of who was selected to time travel but we know he was selected because of his connection …

  19. @Anne Armour

    My Film Reflection with GIF


    La Jetée was a very interesting short film in how it was created and how the storyline was shown. The saying of “a picture holds a thousand words” can really be seen in this film. As it is made up of photographs instead of instead of actual film, it was …

  20. @Anne Armour

    I’ve Been Thinking… Thinking About Photos


    Reading through the Tips for Better Photography page was actually really helpful. I’ve always been more of an “accidently good” photographer, so learning techniques and tips for actually becoming a good photographer is something that has interested me for a while. I only ever use my phone though, simply because …

  21. @schooltaylorr

    The End is a Long Road


    After about 2 hours of downloading random things and watching tutorials, I present to you all MY VERY FIRST GIF!

    *The crowd roars and claps*

    So, here is my very first gif, ladies and gentlemen. I am very proud! It is a clip from The Road where we see the …

  22. @Anne Armour

    My “Places of Peace”


    I made my collage of my “places of peace” with some photos I took of places near my old homes and my current one.  The top one is from the woods near my current home, the middle is from the street of the house I lived in before my current …

  23. @Anne Armour

    Before and After the Apocalypse


    So I had a lot fun with this assignment and trying to figure out how I wanted to do it. I decided to take some pictures for this assignment after I took the pictures for the Photoblitz challenge. Out in the woods, I was walking along some natural trails and …

  24. @esanbornumw



    I hope to accomplish some of my biggest dreams, I am going to school for Communications and Digital Studies and I hope to get a successful career after graduating, one of my biggest dreams is to become super wealthy (duh) and I feel like the best way to reach that …

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