1. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Audio 2

    Play DJ

    This assignment was very challenging and I wanted to give up so many times. I knew I wanted to take a speech or meaningful words and add it to a beat that I really liked. I found this audio which I believe was the point of this assignment, …

  2. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Audio 1

    Reverse Audio Quiz

    1. Dilly Dilly
    2. Flamin Hot Limon
    3. ____ away

    This assignment was pretty easy after I did some research. I work on an iPad not a laptop and it was hard to find a trustworthy app to modify my audio clips because the well-known programs …

  3. @MaddySlunt

    Week One Audio


    As a strong Apple Music stan, it was very hard to surrender one of my playlists to SoundCloud. I feel this playlist best fit the mood. I love lyrical songs that get you thinking, but I struggle to find them, so if you have any good suggestions please let …

  4. @lindshendric



    Tell A Story

    Here Is My Tutorial For How I Made My Soundcloud !

    I really enjoyed making this! My idea for why it was Anxiety also frustration. She just wants to be apart of the world of a human and have real-life experiences. She is frustrated because she can’t …

  5. @lindshendric

    Seeing Other Websites


    My first comment was on Jackies Website. I went to her Daily Creates Section and I really liked her latest one so I commented and said how much I loved the idea of it. Personally I really liked her her website very much.

    Next I looked at Rachels Website. I …

  6. @lindshendric

    sound effects


    Original Assignment…. 4 stars

    Sound Effects Story

    This assignment was to “Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by …

  7. @lindshendric

    What if?


    This podcast “Moon Graffiti” was based on a real speech Richard Nixon had written for him called ” In Event of Moon Disaster”. This speech was written just in case Buzz and Neil didn’t make it home. Imagine if that really happened? What would space travel look like …

  8. @lindshendric

    Layers on Layers


    Ted Radio Hour Audio Demo reminded me a lot of the “Detective Stories”. Just with the amazing use of sound effects. It makes you feel like you are really there experiencing what the girl is talking about.

    There are so many layers on this clip.

    That they are talking about …

  9. @lindshendric

    Learning from Ira Glass.

    Ira Glass

    The first thing I want to start off by saying is Ira Glass’s voice was so soothing and made it very ascetically pleasing to listen to what he had to say.

    The first thing he talked about was how when doing audio storytelling you can’t think of it …

  10. paul bond

    Chuck on the Clash


    I listened to the Stay Free podcast a few months ago. It’s Chuck D of Public Enemy narrating the story of The Clash. It bleeds off the edges of our ds106 80s theme, as The Clash was late 70s-early 80s and PE was late 80’s into 90s and beyond, but …

  11. @shika_f

    Harima’s Voice


    I knew what kind of dramatic background music I wanted to use for my recording. However, after surfing around on sites like Royaltyfreemusic.com and Bensound.com, I came to a sudden realization that the perfect piece of music that would be my the Japanese composer Toshio Masuda. He had composed music …

  12. @MattMDL106

    Sound Effects Story


    The purpose of the Sounds Effects Story assignment was to create a story using only sound effects. In my case, I got a number of sounds effects from freesounds and created my story. The story is about a person leaving their house and driving away. The idea for this came …

  13. @shika_f

    Dead and Gone


    This is the tell a story assignment from the assignment bank is worth 3.5 stars. Wow! This was an absolutely amazing assignment. I had a bit of trouble deciding on the topic and tone I wanted the my story to have. So, in the end, I actually came up with …

  14. @ec__stewart

    Sounds of the Streets


    The point of this assignment was to create a place using only sound effects.  For this process, I went to FreeSounds which is a free-use platform with thousands of user generated sounds.  My goal was to make the listener feel as if they were sitting on a bench by a …

  15. @ec__stewart



    For one of my Audio Assignments this week, I decided to record and upload my own sound to Freesound, a free sound sharing platform.  The assignment said to pick a sound that I thought was lacking from the website.  I was inspired by my dad making us dinner.  I …

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