1. @ds106_mckayla

    My photography experience.


    I love taking photos but I have only taken photos off my iPhone. I have never owned a nice camera that takes the extremely focused photos. I take a lot of photos now, usually involving my friends at events with me. I really never just take a photo to take …

  2. @carly g

    Visuals of Storytelling


    I am particularly excited about this week because it has to do with photography; something I’ve definitely had experience with but by am no means a pro. I don’t take photos with a professional camera, but now it’s so easy with technology for “anyone” to take high quality photos with …

  3. @lper0581

    My relationship with my Cannon


    I love photography, always have always will. I think that even before I took any photography classes I was always on family vacations trying to take pictures of the environment around me. I’m very much the type of person who wants to save the moment and I feel by taking …

  4. @danielleerika4

    Photography and its meanings


    Growing up photography was drilled and ingrained into our minds. My grandfather is a huge force in this. Since he has retired he picked up photography. Alongside this, with the boom in technology over the past few years, the camera has developed into something that has become so easy to …

  5. @jupiter_pop



    “Write a blog post […] about your previous/current experience with photography.”

    hmm *Glances over at art degree and design degree*

    I guess you could say that I have some experience with the ART RELATED field of photography.

    Make no mistake though; I am by no means an expert in photography! …

  6. @njchic16



    I enjoy taking photos, whether or not they are worthy photos to take I enjoy the art of taking them. While I do not know a lot about how to take good photos, I am excited to explore that this week and use what I already know to make my …

  7. @JasmineAlanis2

    Bond’s Visuals of Storytelling

    Previous/current experience with photography? When I was ten years old, I begged my dad for a camera. Some of my cousins were super into photography and I wanted to be just like them. I made a deal with my dad that if I had all A’s on my final report…
  8. @hannahkolkmeyer



    At one point I wanted to be a photographer, I loved a good clear photo. I saved up all my money and bought this canon single shot camera, I eventually graduated to a Canon Ti83 camera and quickly became the photographer of the family. I still take photos mainly family …

  9. @morgan_ds106

    Photo Reflection


    “Do you take a lot of photos now?”- I don’t really take a whole lot of pictures. When I am at the barn, I will have videos taken of me so I can see my form. Also, at competitions we have a lot of pictures taken of us to document …

  10. @Katie73536604

    Gotta Start Somewhere


    Photography has always been a fairly big part of my life one
    way or another. As a small child I would walk around with my fake camera taking
    pictures of everything. The small plastic camera had a string around it that I
    could carry around my neck. As I got …

  11. @faith_martino

    Stories through the lens

    My journey through photography

    I love taking pictures! I love telling stories through them! But I do not have much experience with photography. I use my phone and my Polaroid camera to capture moments. Mainly of people, nature and animals. Recently I have been thinking that I wish I took …

  12. @KendallResnick

    Pictures and Stories


    I have never had any form of photography training, but this hasn’t stopped me from taking lots of pictures. While I am definitely not the person who is constantly photographing everything they see, I will usually take a few pictures every day.

    I think of pictures as memories. I take …

  13. @caholt2000

    Amateur Photographer


    I love to take pictures! I am definitely not the best at photography, so I am excited to hopefully get better.

    I mostly take pictures of my pets (Hunter and Shadow- my cats, Thor- my dog). I also like to take pictures of the nature around my house. Whenever I …

  14. @CommTweetWithMe

    Crop it like its hot


    Like most college kids my age, I take a lot of pictures in my life. When I think of taking photographs, one thing jumps into my mind: social media.

    At the start of this week, I would not consider myself a photographer at all. When I think of photographers, I …

  15. @biggs_hank

    Experience with Photography


    I wouldn’t say that I take a lot of pictures, but I do take more than I did in the past. I mainly am used as a photographer for groups when they want their pictures taken when I’m out and about at some get togethers. I also take pictures of …

  16. @mattmilesds106

    My Experience with Photography


    As I reflect on my past work with photography, I realize that I have not really been that into photography. Of course I take pictures here and there of the important things but I don’t really do it for enjoyment. I love to look at pictures and I think pictures …

  17. @gmoore333

    Briefly Reflecting on my Photography Skills


    Currently I take a lot of pictures of flowers. They really are my favorite pieces of this Earth. I usually take close up pictures of the flowers to get as much detail as I can. I look for good lighting and flowers that have a pretty solid background that won’t …

  18. @tiffmooree

    Photo Reflection


    I honestly have a background with photography. In high school I took two years of photography. This included developing film, using digital cameras, and using photoshop to edit them and post them to our websites. During this class I took many photographs that required photoshoots with different mediums. As of …

  19. @Riley80256802

    Do I Take Groovy Photos Baby?


    I would consider my current experience with photography, above average. The main bulk of the photos I take are from videos. After filming, I review the video and grab the photos that I like the best. I mainly take photos of my travels and sports, like snowboarding, wakeboarding, and surfing. …

  20. @christinac106

    Picture This


    I love pictures, I always have. Whether it is taking them or being in them I believe pictures capture a moment that we will never be able to get back. Furthermore they most certainly tell stories and I’m a sucker for a good story.

    I take photos everyday, most range …

  21. @kdzebdi106

    Photo Reflection


    In my experience of taking pictures, I usually try to make them as nice as possible because I have been taking pictures for years so might as well get good at it. This one above took me at least 10 min. It looks like an easy picture but I was …

  22. @CatyWarner

    Photo Reflection of a Photography Lover


    I am probably the most unartistic spawn of my parents. And before you’re like, “oh no, no way, I can only draw stick figures” let me just say that I am a little more artistic than that…I just come from a very artistic family. And I mean really artistic. Just …

  23. @bfrullads106

    The visuals of storytelling


    Also: How does an image create a narrative by itself? How does an image tell a story?

    Photography used to be a larger part of my life than it is now. In high school, I spent a lot of time taking photos of my friends and fellow students for our …

  24. @madeleine_ds106

    Photo Reflection


    My experience with photography is relatively limited. My only means of capturing images is from my iPhone. When I was in middle school I use to have a digital camera, but I do not use it anymore. I typically only take pictures to post on social media, such as Instagram, …

  25. @Tyra13748487

    My Photo Reflection


    I tend to take pictures just about every day. Usually, the pictures that I take are of me or random things that I see throughout my day. From time to time, the pictures that I take are nice but more often than not, they are very random and often times …

  26. @ArthurDrag1

    Photography ~ I’m bad at it


    My knowledge of photography is very limited and sad. That being said, I do a lot of photography. I do a lot with film cameras and iphone cameras only, I avoid high-quality digital cameras on purpose because while I love how crisp and detailed they can be, I don’t want …

  27. @FaulconerKyle

    A Journey with Photography


    Looking at my history with photography I wouldn’t consider myself much of a photographer in the professional sense. Most of the images I capture are those for social media platforms such as SnapChat and on occasion Instagram. When comes to the quantity of photos I take the number is relatively …

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