1. @8footbullshark

    Radio Show Brainstorm


    Here are some Radio Show ideas for a 20-30 minute show:

    Discuss our favorite superheroes and when we were interested in them. Talk about reoccurring themes throughout their stories and mention any of them that were made into movies. For the ones with movie deals, discuss which ones are special…
  2. @lshaikh26

    Radio show idea!


    My idea of the show is that we introduce two or three problems of the world for instance ‘global warming’ and ‘population in the world’ and everyone comes up with a scenario of how their superhero will solve those problems.…

  3. @courtkneelane

    Radio Show Ideas


    If I was in charge of creating a radio show pertaining to superheroes, I’d probably want to analyze different superhero movie intros or songs that are played when a hero enters the room. I think analyzing things like that would be interesting because they’re each special to each separate hero.…

  4. @girlycurlyfries

    radio show ideas

    talk show about favorite superheros and villains show guessing the songs in of popular superheros shows game show of naming a superhero or villain and guessing what their powers are/mean or what their weaknesses are/characteristics playlist of remixed superhero theme songs recreation of some of the superheros created in class,…
  5. @KaseyMayer

    Who Would Listen to This Radio Show?


    This week we had to come up with some possible ideas for a the DS106 Radio show. Here are some of the ideas I had:

    An origins show for some characters of today’s popular superhero stories. Explain how different characters came to be and who their most common enemies are.…
  6. @Maggieo_13

    Radio Post Ideas


    This is for brainstorming for the radio show. Below are some of my ideas.

    1) Why do superheros wear such bold colors in the original comics when they are trying to be stealthy.

    2)21 Questions Superhero addition.

    For Example: Do you wear a cape? Are you white?

    3) Ranking the …

  7. @OliviaBreler

    Radio show ideas


    So my idea for the radio show, since it’s superhero themed and all would be interviews with our superheroes! We’ve all created a superhero, so wouldn’t it be kinda cool for us all to each “interview” our fictional superheroes?


    Just a thought!


  8. @PamlanyeJordan

    Brainstorm Radio Show


    My idea for a radio show centered around our class theme would be a Superhero Bracket! So basically just like an NCAA Basketball bracket everyone participating in the show and people listening pick their winning superhero. They pick the superhero they believe is the number one best superhero of all …

  9. @k8lynclements

    Super Radio Ideas


    For a super radio show I have a few ideas:

    I think it would be neat to have a superhero radio station where you get to talk to the superhero. There would be an interviewer interviewing a superhero. They would ask all the hows, whys, whats of being a superhero.…

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