1. @melseykooring

    Radio Show Ideas (Week Five):


    Superhero Theoretical Theories

    Ever wonder if the Hulk is really the strongest superhero? Should comic book movies follow comic book stories word for word? Should Guardians Of The Galaxy team up with The Avengers? Should superhero movies be funny/wild or dark/grounded? Should actors be re-casted for sequels? We have questions …

  2. @Hannah Woehrle

    Radio Show Ideas


    I feel like the most obvious idea is to compose a narrative in which the superhero characters we created interact with one another. This would be even more effective if the archetypes varied – a superhero, a sidekick, a villain, etc. If we’re splitting into groups, then each story would …

  3. @courthardy2018

    Radio Brain Dump


    In preparation for the radio show I and my future group will be doing here are some ideas I have for it:

    Talk about everyone’s favorite superheroes and why there is such an appeal for them Maybe look into superheroes that are not so well known and talk about why…
  4. @LilahKBB

    The Radio Show to the World



    Talk about inspiring international music. Listen to music and mention lyrics and meanings behind the songs. Maybe only play parts of the songs and translate what they are saying. Have a few people giving there opinions have each member of the radio station choose a few songs to talk …

  5. @ashedwardz

    Radio Show Brainstorm


    Idea dump:

    Superhero Series Comparison: Discuss the evolution of a certain superhero series (movies, tv shows, etc). Possible topics- differences in actors, directors, cinematography, script, costume changes etc. (Definitely most interested in this idea) Local “superheroes”: Talk about real life stories of people in the Fredericksburg/UMW community of people doing…
  6. @ldeitrick

    Super supper and small talk.


    My ideal radio show….. sure I’ve thought about this before, but getting class credit and the opportunity to give it whirl – how intriguing.

    So what would the radio show look like? I’m sure most people find their friends fascinating, otherwise why are you friends? But of course, I believe …

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