1. cogdog

    Week 3: What Mean Ye Digital Story?

    cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by gogoloopie Storytelling… it’s part of the title this course, and you likely have some idea what it means from your own childhood. This week we will explore storytelling in the framing of what you...
  2. cogdog

    Open Lab Week 2

    cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by tk-link Among the beakers and titrations, I will be reviewing the wordpress theme, plugin, and widget modifications students are exploring this week. Then I will crack open the dangerous chemicals and create some...
  3. cogdog

    Week 2: Getting Through Bootcamp

    Congratulations! You’ve officially completed your first week of ds106 bootcamp. You should be proud of your accomplishments. This week, we’ll be continuing to work our way through the ds106 obstacle course as you work further on customizing your blogs, wrap your heads around the wonderful world of tagging, make email...
  4. cogdog

    From the Open Lab: Week 1

    This video recording is the first Open Lab session for week 1 of ds106, Spring 2013. In the hour, I covered the set up of subdomains on UMW Domains, installing WordPress, and some basic wordpress skills of creating categories, changing the blog name, setting permalink structure, quick editing posts,...
  5. cogdog

    Drop in for ds106 Open Lab

    cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by mbecher As another open resource for my UMW students, but open to anyone who is taking on ds106, I am trying a concept of an online open laboratory. Each week...
  6. cogdog

    ds106 Show: Week 1 Episode

    This was the launch of the show, not everything quite worked technology wise (see below), but the participation, discussion, idas from new students was fantastic. I had thought I could push out YouTube videos for everyone to see in Google Hangout, but it seems to require viewers to install the...
  7. cogdog

    Week 1: Are You Ready For ds106 Bootcamp?

    Attention new ds106 recruits! Welcome to ds106. The first two weeks of the Spring 2013 course at the University of Mary Washington is basic training for what you will need to survive thrive in the rest of this course. In fact, you will not be able to proceed beyond week...
  8. cogdog

    ds106 Work That in[SPIRE]s

    This is something we usually ask our students to do near the end of the semester that we did not do for Fall of 2012… and in fact, I think its best done outside the scope of the class. It’s also something that any interested person who looks at,...

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