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Course Calendar

The following schedule lays out the basic structure of the class and the units and topics we'll cover over the semester. A more detailed Course Calendar is available as well, but it is subject to change based on the progress of the course. See also the archive of ds106 assignments

Week One: Introduction and A Domain of One's Own

  • Course Introduction
  • A Domain of One's Own
    • Assignment 1: You will be asked asked to get your Web Host and domain up and running as soon as possible. Following this link for a series of tutorials and more details.
  • Narrating the Process
    • Throughout the entire semester you will be expected to narrate your process, so please take the occasion of getting up and running with your domain and webhosting account as the first foray into narrating your process. In addition, I will be setting up a tech forum shortly for any question you may have while setting up your domain and webhosting accounts.

Week Two: Experimenting with your blog and a personal cyberinfrastructure

Week Three: Web 2.0 and Storytelling

Week Four: Photography and the Visual

Week Five: Design

Weeks Six and Seven Telling Stories with Audio and Sound


No classes

Week Eight: Reading Movies and Video Pre-Production

Weeks Nine to Eleven: Telling Stories with Video

Week Twelve: The Remix

Week Thirteen: Archiving

Week Fourteen: Project Rush

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