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Once all you ds106 Summer of O'Blivion internauts have formed groups and decided on their group/show name I need you fill in the group name and group members as illustrated in the example below. Groups must be formed no later than midnight tonight July 6th, 2001.


Group 1: The Oblivions

  • Dr. O'Blivion
  • Bianca O'Blivion
  • John O'Blivion

Group 2: Black Ship Radio

  • Lou McGill
  • Laurie McGill
  • Tim Gray

Group 3: The Bunny Show

  • Joe Fehrman
  • Joe Proffit
  • Andrew Whitfield
  • Shayna Moreland

Group 4: The Obliviators

  • Kinzie Brooks
  • Chelsea Tufarolo
  • Leigh Ellis
  • Matthew Presser

Group 5: Summer Camp of Oblivion

  • Shannon Swanson
  • Alan Liddell
  • Ben Rimes
  • Cheryl Colan

Group 6: Team Anansi

Formerly the artists known as The Group Who Shall Not be Named

Group 7: Obliteration

  • Katie Sterling
  • David Gurri
  • Excy Herrera

Group 8: Wait, There Was an Assignment This Week?

  • Nathaniel Bent
  • Graham Manning
  • Andrej Stare

Group 9: Riding Dirty Radio

  • Matt Vazquez
  • Drew Duckett

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