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  1. victoriale2

    Day 1


    I was so excited going into the SNAP Challenge but last night, I could NOT fall asleep which is always a great way start to the week…

    In the morning, before class, I normally make myself a cup of coffee and drink it in class. However, I didn’t allot it …

  2. anniemelzer

    My thoughts so far


    Learning Reflection: Cycle 3 This months readings and game play have opened my eyes to the benefits of game based learning. I read an article that discussed the different ways that females and males learn when playing games. Not surprisingly, boys have a preference for action and fighting games where …

  3. @rayers2umw

    Most wanted outlaw


    This assignment was worth 3.5 stars and rounded out my total to 10 stars. It is called most wanted outlaw and in it you create a wanted poster for one of the top ten wanted outlaws of the Wild West. I chose Jesse James as my outlaw to use because …

  4. @rayers2umw

    One story, four icons


    I did the one story, four icons assignment worth 3.5 stars. I really liked this assignment because it made me think outside the movie and break down a movie I love into four themes or focuses. I took four things that were central to the story of this movie and …

  5. @rayers2umw

    Minimalist tv poster


    This assignment is worth 3 stars and is called minimalist tv/movie poster and in it you have to create a new minimalist poster for a tv show or movie. I chose to make one for the tv show How I Met Your Mother. I love this show so I thought …

  6. Kristin Vossler

    Leading a Discussion: Online Cheating

    Course INTE 5250: Strategies for Online and Blended Learning For this course we were given the assignment of leading an online discussion. I was partnered with Erin Dwyer, a high school math teacher, and fellow student in the ILT program and we were given the topiconline cheating. Our challenge was…
  7. @rayers2umw

    Destination post card


    For this assignment I had to make a post card for a destination. I chose to use a picture of one of my favorite places, Bethesda Fountain in Manhattan. This is my favorite place to go to in Central Park to people watch because it gets a lot of foot …

  8. @rayers2umw

    Design blitz


    Throughout the weekend I had been taking pictures of things for the design blitz assignment and I really enjoyed it. I think it really helped me to analyze the different aspects of design and take pictures of thing that I saw that embodied them. The first aspect for the design …

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