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  1. Downes

    False Advertising


    June 25, 2017. I tried this new tuna in Costco because it looked appertizing. But the contents in no way resenbled the appealing image on the box. In theory I suppose this is tuna. Shredded tuna. Or Little Lisa’s Slurry. Even the cats won’t eat it. …

  2. Downes



    June 24, 2017. Not an El Camino, as I first thought, but a GM Caballero, spotted in the Metro parking lot. …

  3. Downes



    June 23, 2017. Back home. here’s a view of the weeds in our back yard. There is a nice set of white flowers, and just to the left, the milkweed. Weve been planting milkweed all over the yard. …

  4. @herbangerr

    Good morning people of my village!!


    Star: 2 1/2 stars

    For this assignment we had to greet the people of our “village” with a good morning expression.  I chose to keep it calm and simple.  I chose this, because I don’t see a person being too excited about saying good morning on a loud speaker every …

  5. @herbangerr

    Not my sandwich!!!


    Star: 2 1/2 stars

    Back when Friends was the best show on TV (and still playing) I was pretty young, and loved to watch the show with my parents.  Of course my parents made me cover my eyes when the intimate scenes would happen.  Ross was my 2nd favorite character …

  6. @herbangerr

    Redbone gets Redone


    Star: 4 stars

    One of my favorite songs out at this time is Redbone by Childish Gambino.  The song has many distinct characteristics about it, such as the fading in and out of his voice, and the strong instrumentals in the background.  As soon as I saw the description for …

  7. @herbangerr

    Mission Control… We got a problem


    In Moon Graffiti, the mood is set right away.  Your stomach begins to drop, you get goosebumps, my feet began to sweat. There is a lot of background noise and back and forth communication between mission control and an astronaut named, Aldrin. The creator adds a lot of sound …

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