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  1. cmartin5

    What is this blog?


    Hello and welcome to the beginning of my adventure of blogging about my life for the next year! As many of you may know (since you are most likely family and friends wanting to follow my journey), in July I will be moving to La Paz, Bolivia to become the …

  2. sadat.rahman

    I really enjoyed this class a lot.


    Ever since the first day of class, I was so excited in knowing what we were going to learn and work on during the semester. I am really looking forward to taking more CT classes, so I can learn more things all these things that we learn will be very …

  3. tmhensley

    3 Hindrances to Personal Development


    Individual Personal Development is something that every person should take very seriously. And I’m happy to say that the interest in Personal Development is on the rise. The world in which we live can be, and often is, quite tumultuous and to stand solid with some degree of confidence requires …

  4. travisj

    Presentations begin tomorrow


    Please be prepared to introduce your project and to answer questions about it.

    Audience:  Please note one or two observations or questions:  what did I like best? What did I want to see more of?  What surprised me? What confused me?  What would you add, change, edit?  These are just …

  5. Downes



    April 23, 2017. This is the Chrysler Community Centre in the foreground and the local church in the background, courtesy of my 37 km bike ride to the town and back this afternoon. …

  6. teresa

    What in the World Do You Know About Amazing Butterflies?

    What do you know about amazing butterflies?  I bet you know more than you think.  Take this short quiz and you may surprise yourself about how much you know about these beautiful insects.

    “Isn’t it suppose to be good luck if a butterfly lands on your shoulder?? I think so!! …


    Sunday appriciation post!


    1st OF all..this lady Lilly Singh is AWESOME. AND in this video, she reminds us why WE ARE  AWESOME!.Each of us..and why we Will succeed in WHICHEVER area we truly want to succeed. So, If you have a dream..(I know you do)..Please watch..and feel awesome!..just 5 MIN!  …

  8. Downes

    Iron Art


    April 21, 2017. Today was dentist day. Any thoughts I had of working evaporated after my morning appointment. This is some iron artwork in the dentists’ washroom. I’m not complaining; he did excellent painless work. But going to the dentist still takes a lot out of me, just because of …

  9. Downes

    The Chicken


    April 22, 2017. I ddn’t sleep at al last night. So instead I listened to the Blue Jays game – it started at 10:;00 p.m. and ended at 3:36 or something like that. And was, happily, a win. But that pretty much erased any ambition I had for today. We …

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