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  1. @tostromcpsc106



    I have officially made it through bootcamp, and I can’t believe it, but bootcamp was fun! Although, the assignments were just basic tasks like setting up my social media sites, they got me excited for what this class has in store. I can’t wait to get creative with the apocalypse …

  2. @BenjoBangs

    Unit 10: Mixey Mashy Moo Moo


    Mixing and matching films is always good, combining two of your favourites into a wacky and unexpected collaboration. That’s the goal of this neat little assignment I found lying about the mashup bank. Two of my favourite films, which hold almost no significance to each other are the Star Wars …

  3. @BenjoBangs

    Unit 8: You won’t BELIEVE these personality tests!


    We’ve all seen those online personality tests, they’re practically unavoidable for anyone who frequents use of Facebook or Twitter in the modern world, but have you ever taken one? I found myself spending a lot of time when I first began using social media finding out what kind of animal …

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