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  1. @kasc96

    Wee Willie Winkie


    For the start of my video assignments, I decided to create a reaction video. I use Recactus to record the video. I wanted to use my nursery rhyme Wee Willie Winkie as the content that I reacted to.

    My reaction to the video was unexpected because while I knew …

  2. Downes



    June 13, 2018. This is a clover in our back yard, photographed in the dark light right before the thunderstorm hit. I spent the day working on Hyperledger Fabric, installing (and learning) Go, setting up Docker, etc. Very productive day, good newsletter too (too bad I have so few remaining…
  3. @YousephAsaad

    Learning the Ways to Successful Cinematography


    Week 4 Midweek Reflection

    This week started the same as last week because my skills with video creating is just as incompetent as my skills with audio creating. However, I can say that my skills last week in audio creation increased dramatically, and I’m hoping the same will happen with …

  4. @LeslieMiyazono

    Here’s looking at you, kid.


    The beginning of this week did not prove to be terribly strenuous, however a great deal of reflection was required.  This week, the class is tackling the topic of film.  Numerous sources of information were provided to us, mostly to educate on various cinematic techniques introduced by various filmmakers that …

  5. @tabbycat07

    It’s Movie Time


    So far this week, we have been learning about motion pictures and how to analyze and edit them. Started it out by reading a short piece by film critic, Robert Ebert.

    Lights! Cameras! Action!

    I genuinely enjoyed his essay. I thought the article would be dry and just spouting out …

  6. @YousephAsaad

    I’m a Little Troubler, Mean and Grim


    Weekly Question

    What childhood nursery rhyme would you like to write a story about but change the meaning completely?

    If I had a chance to change a nursery rhyme from my childhood, I would change “I’m a little teapot” to “I’m a little troubler”. I’ve heard this nursery rhyme so …

  7. @YousephAsaad

    Professional Film Making Techniques


    Reflection on Four Videos

    The four videos I watched for this assignment each had different techniques and methods for film making that I either already knew or that I somewhat know. However, watching the videos definitely gave me better insights on the different techniques, as well as better appreciation for …

  8. @Michael Dietrich

    I Loved This Assignment!


    I’ve probably mentioned at some point in these numerous blog posts that I love movies, and I hope to work in the entertainment industry one day. So naturally assignments that involve analyzing pieces of film history, as well as just talking about them in general, fits right up my alley. …

  9. @LeslieMiyazono

    Directing the Audience Through the Film


    In addition to reading Roger Ebert’s essay, the class was also tasked on reviewing various videos highlighting cinematic techniques.  Upon viewing a minimum of four videos, a personal observation on how these techniques may influence our perception of video production is required.

    The first video selected is the one titled …

  10. @Michael Dietrich

    Ring Around the Rosie


    Ring Around the Rosie is honestly the only nursery rhyme from my childhood that I can remember, probably because it’s the only one I legitimately enjoyed listening to. Whats interesting about this nursery rhyme that you may not no about is that the song is actually describing the events of …

  11. @YousephAsaad

    Colorful Pies and Trees


    Daily Create #1: Create an artistic graph chart

    Ramadan is a month for all Muslims around the world to fast from sunrise to sunset. During this time that we’re not allowed to eat or drink anything, people usually either work or sleep. For this daily create, my job was …

  12. @tabbycat07

    Mary Had a Little Dragon


    Mary had a little lamb, or did she? In response to the question of the week, What childhood nursery rhyme would you like to write a story about but change the meaning completely, I would change it to Mary had a little dragon. Dragons are my favorite mythical creature and it …

  13. @tabbycat07

    Lights! Cameras! Action!


    “You know how football coaches use a stop-action 16mm projector to study game films?” he asked me. “You can use that
    approach to study films. Just pause the film and think about what you see.”

    How do you read a movie? Roger Ebert`s How to read a movie talks about the …

  14. @Kim

    Beauty and More Beauty


    This half of the week required two daily creates, coincidentally, both required an aura of beauty.

    The first one was about trees, we were supposed to find a tree and talk about it. By the time I was able to sit down and work on my assignment it was a …

  15. @Michael Dietrich

    My Thoughts on Video Production


    If there’s anything watching countless movies over the years has taught me is that in order to stand out and keep things fresh, a director has to present the audience with their own unique style of filming, and the videos I have watched just now have only further proved that …

  16. @Michael Dietrich

    How To Read a Movie


    I’m gonna be completely honest, despite being a huge film buff my entire life, I never liked Roger Ebert. To be fair, I never really followed or pay much attention to him, nor did I read any of his work, so perhaps I truly do not have an accurate view …

  17. @johnsfrozendice

    House of mirrors: a quadruple reflection post


    In order to learn more about, I watched 4 videos showing examples of different film-making and editing techniques.


    The first I watched was “Examples of Editing techniques”.  The video showed many examples of different scene transitions and editing techniques.  The first shown was the jump cut.  It worked very …

  18. @Kim

    First We Read, Now We Watch


    Part two of this half of the week was to watch some videos about some stuff about working on movies, things such as camera angles and editing techniques.

    I chose four of the videos to watch, the first was “Examples of Editing Techniques”.

    I found this one really interesting because …

  19. @johnsfrozendice

    The Missing Star


    Prepare yourself for the dark (hah) version of twinkle twinkle little star. I consider it my masterpiece.  It is a response to the question of the week, which was to rewrite a nursery rhyme to have the opposite feel/meaning as it had before.



    Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    How …

  20. @johnsfrozendice

    Roger relies on reading the scene


    Roger begins his article by introducing us to how he got into the “shot at a time” technique of critiquing films. He even trys to instill in the reader that this is something anyone can get into. Roger provides his own experience in teaching a film class to provide evidence …

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