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  1. @FaulconerKyle

    My Halloween Sound


    For this assignment I created a spooky/scary beat or song, however you want to describe it. For this I used some at home recordings as well as some audio clips from and plugged them into audacity where I edited and trimmed the files into one whole recording. The process …

  2. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Show Ideas


    This week, primarily today and yesterday because of midterms, my group talked about what we were going to do for our radio show. We landed on a couple of ideas, but I think we’re sticking with a sort of support group for all of our characters who talk about themselves …

  3. @maci_winebarger

    Radio show bumper!


    So this assignment (Which I believe we have had to do before, but wasn’t 100% sure) asked for us to create a bumper for DS106 radio, BUT I changed it up a little and made a bumper for my group’s radio show, Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations. It’s going to …

  4. @FaulconerKyle

    A Sick Beat for Radio


    For this assignment I was tasked with creating a “sick beat”.  For this I wanted to tie it to my radio program project so I created a intro type song for our upcoming radio show. I used audacity and to create and mash together audio to produce this medieval …

  5. @maci_winebarger

    Tounge Twisters!


    Tounge twisters can be so hard! I think there are certain ones that are definitely easier, but if you try to do all of them as fast as possible, you will get tripped up for sure. I wanted to make sure I did a few because they are all relatively …

  6. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Show Promo


    I really love this. I realized how much I like putting Irri in random places last week when I put him in space, and I think it’s becoming a personality trait of his, sort of just appearing places. The Legends is our group name and more information on what we’ll …

  7. @maci_winebarger

    We will, we will….ROCK YOU!


    This is one of my favorite classics, so it was really cool to be able to recrate the beat in our own way. I used Audacity to record myself recreating the beat. I used my keys, a bottle of lotion, and a cup all banged against a table to recreate …

  8. @ArthurDrag1

    We Will Rock


    This assignment was a quick fun one. Because I’m a giant loser, I have a watch that on the hour makes the same sound as the clock tower from Majora’s Mask. I recorded the playback of the watch, and took the chimes to create the sort of hard, dark …

  9. @ArthurDrag1

    “Sick Beat”


    This “sick beat” was created with me recording the storm last night, converting it to midi, and making a beat with with sticks from the limb that fell on my car! I thought that was funny enough to create this with. I audio to midi’d the beat I made …

  10. @FaulconerKyle

    Week 7 Daily Creates


    This weeks daily creates involved creating memes, photo shopping images and looking at some of the worst jobs imaginable. The process of creating and producing these creates this week was fairly simple and quick. Unlike last weeks creates I found these to be a little less design based and more …

  11. @ArthurDrag1

    Mixing Soundtracks


    The directions of this assignment were vague, but I like what I did with them. I found three songs from the Spirited Away soundtrack that I thought went well together, and fed them into each other. They aren’t exactly all just playing at the same time, they’ve been tempo …

  12. @maci_winebarger

    Sounds of…my home?!


    This assignment said to record sounds around your city, job, etc,. but I thought my house worked pretty well. It’s NEVER quiet. EVER. This is about 11 seconds of what its like just sitting at my kitchen table at home. TV on pretty loud, dog barking outside, sister talking to …

  13. @ArthurDrag1

    Autotune Something


    This was just a really silly exercise for me. I started by autotuning me talking to my dog but I didn’t get the harmonics that I wanted out of it, so I switched over to a song from the Animal Crossing soundtrack. Just using a pitch shifter, I took …

  14. @MaddieM02790291

    Audio Rewind


    This week was definitely an interesting one… It was different than all of the other weeks have been. I think it encompassed some of the challenges of an online class, at least for me. In both of the online classes I have had, we have had group projects. I think …

  15. @FaulconerKyle

    Radio Show Logo


    In the creative process of designing and producing a radio show there needs to be emphasis on marketing and image. Whenever you think or discuss shows, be it television or radio, most individuals think or correspond the name with the shows logo or brand mark. For instance Nike, whenever I …

  16. @FaulconerKyle

    Radio Progress Report


    Over the course of the next two weeks my group has been tasked with organizing and producing our very radio show. So far this first week has been mostly organizing and brainstorming potential ideas and scheduling times for the recording which will be recorded next week. Originally I had the …

  17. @MaddieM02790291

    Radio Show Review


    This was the hardest part of the course for me so far. I am not a huge fan of group work in general, but it is much harder for an online class than an in-person class. Also, our group is a decent size, so it is particularly hard to coordinate …

  18. @justzaying7

    Weekly Summary Week 7


    Moving right along in the semester!

    This week I think that my audio assignments went really well. The first one that I did was assignment 2366. This was an assignment I made, and also my first tutorial. I made it because I was getting super annoyed with the selection of …

  19. @Alexis54552906

    Week 7


    This week was actually fun to do!! We got to spend a lot of time planning and figuring out what our radio show will be. I enjoyed it because I got to work with other people, people that I’ve been commenting and replying on on Twitter and the blogs.

    But …

  20. @Alexis54552906

    Progress of our show!


    As this is week one of working on the radio show, my group and I have thought about a lot. Zae was the one who asked the group of us if we would be in a group. I was very thankful for that because I didn’t have a group really …

  21. @Alexis54552906

    Radio Show Bumper!


    When considering what I should make the bumper sticker for our radio show, I was thinking about our topic. Our radio show is going to be all about our characters and the stories they tell. Of course I needed to add in a story book in some way. But I …

  22. @Alexis54552906

    Them Song of Olivia


    The final assignment I chose was one that included my character for the semester. This assignment was the last 3 stars that I needed to complete the 10 stars for the week. The assignment was to find a theme song from a tv show, and explain how it can be …

  23. @chloversgarden

    Week 7


    This week was interesting because I got to work with people! I realized at the beginning of the week our schedules would not match up (because I never have time on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday to do ds 106 work and the other people seemed busier later in the week). Thankfully …

  24. @chloversgarden

    Radio Show Progress 1


    Explain what progress/decisions the group had made, what individual work you’ve been doing, what tools/tech you’re using, what’s going well, what’s not working, etc.

    We have come together to agree on the subject matter of our radio show, a newscast site that features all the stories of multiple universes. We …

  25. @suzzcat

    Poster! Poster! Read All About It!


    I created a poster for my radio show with a dragon lying on a book. This relates to the theme of myth and legend because we are story tellers, and i’m pretty sure full blown fire breathing dragons are either a myth or a legend cause I haven’t seen one …

  26. @suzzcat

    McDonald’s Order


    For this assignment, I ordered very well cooked chicken nuggets at McDonalds. I tried my hand at an English accent, it’s definitely not good, but it’s funny!! I used my phone to create the audio, and then I just downloaded it onto soundcloud. This assignment was 2 stars.


  27. @chloversgarden

    Call Me, Beep Me


    For this assignment I chose to be Phoebe from Friends, and call Rachel and Monica to tell them to cancel their house party. I wanted to emphasize the events that happened to her throughout the day so I used free to get sounds of her walking through a graveyard, …

  28. @suzzcat

    Nap Time


    For this assignment, I created a commercial for the radio show my group is doing. I thought of what to advertise for probably a solid 5 minutes, and then I thought of what I really wanted right now…..which is a nap! Who wouldn’t want a nap!? And why not …

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