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  1. @FlOv_evelyn

    Audition Radio Ad!


    Original DS 106 Assignment: Fictional Radio Ad (4 1/2)

    Avery is on her way home from another 12 hour shift at work. She’s tired of hearing the same music she has on shuffle, while she does love it, everything just feels monotonous. Instead of taking her regular route to work, …

  2. Downes

    Petrie Island


    June 12, 2022. View from our hike on Petrie Island. The park on the Ottawa River was flooded and had a lot of storm damage. Trails were impassible; they were either lakes or blocked by fallen trees. We tried anyways, which was probably a mistake. Our attempt to take a…
  3. Downes

    Small Poutine


    June 11, 2022. This was lunch at the Finch Restaurant in Finch, Ontario. This is a normal sized burger and (believe it or not) a small poutine. I didn’t even attempt to finish it, not with another 25km to cycle to wrap up my three-day shakedown ride. Oh, but it…
  4. Downes

    Avonmore Oasis


    June 10, 2022. I woke up in my tent at Enchanted Forest Camp near Curran and cycled about 50km to reach Avonmore Oasis, seen here in the evening sun. It was quite a challenging day not the least because I was bitten by a dog, had to cope with rain,…
  5. @paceamorebella

    Get Yo Pride On! DIY macrame Rainbow??


    Happy Pride Month!! Pride is commemorated in June, since that was the month when the Stonewall Riots occurred. For those who aren’t as familiar, the Stonewall Riots were protests that took place in 1969 in the US, that helped ignite gay rights in America. The rainbow also has cultural significance …

  6. @FlOv_evelyn

    Lucky Number 4


    PHEW, week 4! Weekly rating: 8/10 for sure! Maybe even a 9.
    This week I got to dive into Video work. I love taking videos when I go out and do anything so I was very excited to be able to get a jump onto this week assignments. Because I …

  7. @FlOv_evelyn

    A Sneak Peek into Me


    Original DS 106 Assignment: Today It’s All About Me (2 1/2 stars)

    With the craziness of this world, work and everything in between, there are times where we need to step back and appreciate ourselves. At the beginning of every day and end of every night, the only person who …

  8. @FlOv_evelyn

    Part Dos: Constructive


    Constructive Comments! This week I went to check out a couple of classmates blogs and for some it was hard to find any posts beyond their home pages.…
  9. @FlOv_evelyn

    A&V Makes Magic


    Movie Scene: Fight Club – Do not fuck with us

    I chose a scene from Fight Club given I have never seen the movie and have heard its quite the iconic one. I broke down my reviews in the three ways I was instructed.

    Look: The character with his face …

  10. Downes



    June 9, 2022. Spent the morning getting set up (and recording a video of same, which should be up soon on my YouTube page). My intent is to be out bikepacking for three days, starting today (so I’m uploading this photo early).
  11. Downes

    New Tunnel


    June 7, 2022. The cats have a new place to fight over. Andrea bought them this tunnel and they took to it like cats and small containers. Some meetings today, a bit more newsletter work, and a repair to gRSShopper to make sure the newsletter is send automatically.
  12. Downes



    June 6, 2022. These are goldfinches on the feeder in our back yard, a bright yellow male and more subdued female. I realize I should have removed the price tag from the rain shield. Wrapped up some lingering email and prepared a lot of OLDaily posts in preparation for being…
  13. Reverend

    Linda McKenna is ds106 #4life


    Yesterday I had the opportunity to realize a long-time dream of reflecting on ds106 with one of the many awesome internauts that traveled where no student had gone before. Linda McKenna was just the internaut I was looking for, and as luck would have it she still hosts websites on …

  14. @FlOv_evelyn

    A Deadly Trio: Me, Home and Work


    This week’s rating: 5/10. I am disappointed in myself, somewhat. I started my new job this week, which is working from home, and it has compleeeeetely thrown off my homework schedule. And I just found out I got approved to go on a study abroad to Italy, so I don’t …

  15. Downes

    Pitcher Plant


    June 5, 2022. This is the flower of a pitcher plant. These plants are more well known for their leaves, which curl into a pitcher shape and trap insects for food. The flower, though, is something quite unique. They were about today in the Glengarry Forest, near Alexandria, where we…
  16. Downes



    June 4, 2022. This is some wall art along Richmond Road. I needed to pick up my new warmer sleeping bag and also to rest a bit so we went for a walk through the Ottawa neighborhood of Westboro today.
  17. Downes



    June 3, 2022. This is a corner about 10 km south of Casselman and a place where I frequently stop for a short break and some water. It was a late afternoon ride after work (maybe too late because it interferes with sleep, but it’s hard to resist a warm…
  18. Downes

    Tractor and Plow


    June 2, 2022. This is displayed outside a farm near St. Rose, partway on the route to St. Isadore. It was a nice day and the Blue Jays were playing an afternoon ‘getaway day’ game, so I booked off a little early and rode 40 km in a nice comfortable…
  19. Downes



    June 1, 2022. Our old coffee machine with all the electronics died a mysterious death by error code. This new machine has minimal electronics and brews a delicious cup of coffee. I spent some time trying to rework my data literacy stuff into a paper, but it wasn’t really working…
  20. @FlOv_evelyn

    Thoughts of Lo Radio


    TED Radio Hour & ScottLo

    “What you put into the course is what you get out of it.” I have heard this phrase a couple times from different people regarding this course and I definitely think it is true. With ScottLo on the LoDown and his review of previous DS106 …

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