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  1. travisj



    Send me your blog addresses.

    The reading/viewing for class today is the material on digital literacies and the debate around whether Google is making us stupid (the discuss should be read from top to bottom as they are in order of response to Carr’s article).

    See you later!…

  2. @una__vita

    First Week preparing for THE END!


    During my first preparing for The End, I started off with becoming more familiar with using my UMW domain and WordPress. I haven’t had to use WordPress since my first year attending UMW during my Intro to Digital Studies course. As far as the appearance goes, I chose one of …

  3. B. Short

    A Son Remembers Scotland


    I didn’t really know much about Scotland before we went there. Or I knew what everybody knew. I knew Braveheart and I knew Trainspotting and I knew, what, Macbeth, I guess. I had read Irvine Welsh’s breakout novel in college when it was recommended to me by a friend as …

  4. @AlyssaMurrell1

    My First Week Nearing the End


    My first week nearing the end has been a productive one. The first thing I did was set up this blog website so that all of you could read my journey as we are all reaching the end. This part was fairly easy as I had an online class this …

  5. @CCally733

    Question of the Week


    My favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump, when I was younger I had a hard time in school and when I saw that movie I knew I could better myself and get into college like Forrest.

    Also for what apocalyptic scenario I find most interesting is the Zombie …

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