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  1. @Logan P

    Learning Reflection #1


    1 & 2: I understood games to be a broader field than simply video games (which is typically where my head goes first when I hear “games”)—however, when it comes to the relationship between games and learning, I was fairly certain that almost all research is devoted to using video …

  2. @Logan P

    Scholarly Critique #3 – INTE 5320


    “A framework for understanding game-based teaching and learning” from Holmes and Gee (2016) was one of the better constructed and more nuanced articles I’ve read for scholarly critique in INTE 5320. The purpose of the article was to propose a “framework for understanding and differentiating among different forms of game-based …

  3. Downes

    Jeff Banister


    February 18, 2017. I finally unboxed the bobblehead today, obtained last year while attending a ball game in Arlington. Quiet day today spent working in the home office. …

  4. Downes

    Richmond Road


    February 19, 2017. We went to Mountain Equipment Co-op to get Andrea new ice-spikes. I also got some pedals for my bicycle. Afternoon was spent mounting my image on AWS – testing did not go well, however. …

  5. @Hugh_B_

    Gold Squad


    For this assignment the task was to create a “find the difference” picture with at least 6 differences.

    My inspiration for this was my photography work in which I edit objects and things out of photos all the time to get a polished “perfect photo” look. For example this piece …

  6. ayu7kaji

    Why God, why?


    There are always times in your life when you plan, plan, plan so much that ultimately it never happens. And you throw your hands up and say in exasperation – Why God, why?!

    So me and my friend decided to leave from work early (Okay…maybe I can’t call it leaving …

  7. @rayers2umw

    Design thoughts


    To start of the week I read The Vignelli Canon  by Massimo Vignelli. I thought that it was a very interesting booklet to read and take in. The upside was there were many pictures to look at, so I was never bored. I took down some notes while I was …

  8. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Cipher



    LKyggncCjt, kgoow2 bjgCnt. :k @wm byg ygbhcCj nxct, @wm byg gcnxgy b te@ wy : bi hgge 2cnxcC nxg ZwCkcCgt wk b obDwybnwy@ bCh : bi tnmZp? Pogbtg, : Cggh bC XWBH? BjgCn Sicnx, tcjCcCj wkk.

    -Agent Smith


  9. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Blitz


    Greetings….fellow agents. This week entails designing plans to sneak into a fortress of solitude in order to get the crystal of zepher. There are apparently embedded directions in these pictures to show me the route and I need your help to find them!

    What a strange…uh…picture. It has minimal open …

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