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  1. @eafinto

    A Book Cover Like You’ve Never Seen


    Have you ever walked through the bookstore and seen a book with a GIF playing on the cover? I bet not! If you have, please tell me what book! We’ve all seen the books that if you tilt them back and forth the image changes, but it’s not a GIF!…

  2. @KatieHartraft

    Millard Rausch Isn’t Who He Says He Is??


    When thinking about evidence, there was one thing I wanted to break apart more than anything: Dr. Millard Rausch’s first appearance. I went and rewatched the video from week 5 where Dr. Rausch came into Martha’s office.

    I noticed that he mentioned a student who was on the slack but …

  3. @eafinto

    The Land of the… Survivors?


    I created an accurate as fictionally possible depiction of “The Land” in California by Edan Lepucki. Of course, as the title explains, these characters are in California, however, they travel to a community/part of land that is called “The Land.” When you think of the word land, one may think …

  4. @eafinto

    Let’s See Some ID


    Frida Ellis’s medical ID can be found above. If anyone sees her, please call: (804)-555-8156

    Frida is pregnant and needs medical attention. Thank you.


    I knew I wanted to create an ID card for Frida, from the novel California by Edan Lepucki. I also wanted to find …

  5. @dannpannn

    Share Your Evidence


    So i was walking in the HCC and something caught my eye.

    My favorite animated series was in book form

    Attack on Titan

    an epic series based on humanity living at the mercy of giant cannibals called Titans. an epic series of a young boy who somehow has the ability …

  6. @cypherpunk106

    Risky Adventure


    Hello everyone! I AM EXHAUSTED. I decided to do the Create Your Own Adventure assignment. I saw it and went “that will be fun” and it was, but bro, shits hard. Essentially, I made my own game (which I’ve never done before) in a Choose Your Own Adventure style.

    You …

  7. @eafinto

    Frida’s Apocalypse Bucket List

    Figure every last thing out about Micah and the Group Figure out why the Millers committed suicide Live long enough to watch baby grow up Find our old house/neighborhood after this is over Eat pizza at least one more time

    Frida’s bucket list was found today inside her journal, and …

  8. @eafinto

    The Backstory on August


    August, A.K.A. Frida and Cal’s ‘trading partner,’ has even more to his story than we could have ever imagined. He has always been someone who listens to other peoples’ problems before he explains his own story.

    August grew up in a family in which everyone did everything for themselves. He …

  9. Downes



    April 12, 2018. I see this sign every day as I head home from work. I work on the third floor and I take the stairs, and I see this sign, urging me to go down the stairs. But the sign is on the FIRST FLOOR. It leads me into…
  10. Downes



    April 13, 2018. Seagull on a light standard spotted as I headed home from the office. I didn’t realize until evening that it was Friday the 13th. No matter. The whole week has been a write-off because of this cold, which continues to linger.…
  11. @Sam_ara106

    California 12


    This week was one of my favorite yet! I was beginning to think we wouldn’t do anything substantial with the novels we read, and I have been desperate to share for weeks.

    I began by creating an alternate ending to California. You can read what I wrote in my blog …

  12. @Sam_ara106

    Government Made Virus


    The E.N.D. virus is not what we thought it was. Originally, I suspected that some virus came to America from a foreign country. After all, how many international flights are there each day? However, after inspecting some evidence and a few radio shows that were aired, I believe that the …

  13. @cypherpunk106

    Ode to Oryx


    Hello everyone! Today I had a breakthrough (breakdown?) and decided to use GarageBand to make a theme song for my novel. I chose this assignment because I wanted to learn how to make music (finally).

    Below is my final product.

    Behind the Process

    Before I entered GarageBand, I decided …

  14. @Sam_ara106

    The Beginning


    I completed the conversation five star assignment! I chose a conversation between Frida and Anika in California. Frida and her husband joined a Community run by her brother, and this is a fairly long conversation between the two friends about how the Community became afraid of the color red. This …

  15. @Sam_ara106

    Cal.ifornia Finsta


    I created a finsta (fake Instagram) for Cal, a character in California.

    I decided on the username “cal.ifornia2” to incorporate both Cal’s name, who the page belongs to, and the name of the novel. Micah, Frida’s brother and Cal’s friend, calls Cal “California,” so I think the username process went …

  16. @klw_colorfulco

    ~Sound Seeing Tour~

    Soundseeing Tour Assignment


    A soundseeing tour uses audio and theatre of the mind audio to paint a picture in the listener’s mind.

    Here Click ME! is my soundseeing tour.  I used an application called “voice recorder” I downloaded from the android playstore to record my daughter playing then sent …

  17. rachs_story


    Create Finsta Instagram (4 Stars)

    Create an alternate Instagram page that depicts you as another character unlike yourself! Post an intro post that describes the character you have described to be.

    I completed this assignment on Instagram. First, I had to create a new Gmail account because the email accounts …

  18. @jetjenk43

    World War Z…..A MEEMEE!!!


    I created this meme for the 2 star visual assignment What’s the Meme?  I created this meme for one of the scenes within the book.  One of the battles the individuals lined up in a firing line, by this time there was a better plan of attack where firing line …

  19. @Sam_ara106

    The “Real” Ending of “California”


    I decided to complete the alternative ending assignment for my novel, California, because I finished the book with a need for more. I am going to tell the original ending since most of the class did not choose this book, so there will obviously be spoilers!

    The Original:

    They didn’t …

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