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  1. @JordanC61692137

    Short Film Reflections


    One Point Perspective: The video below gives insight into one point perspective scenes. In watching this video there seemed to be a lot of scenes that were of hallways. Additionally, these scenes all had linear movements following or backing away from a character. The last feature that I noticed from …

  2. @DanielZeineddi3

    Points of Cinema


    The second assignment I had this week was to watch and reflect on 4 videos that changed my view on video production. The way this happened was through 3 videos that were based on an individual film directors special technique. Then there was a video where it showed different cuts, …

  3. @Hollis Pultz

    Nitro-Fueled Tuesday-Night Productivity

    Not Starting Very Well

    As usual, I have been working late nights, so I have not had much time to do schoolwork. I managed to do the Ebert reading and one Daily Create during my lunch break, but that was all. After consuming some much-needed caffeine, I set to work …

  4. shargis






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  5. @ChristineMears_

    Reflection on Film Making Videos


    The videos I focused on for film making were the “Kubrick// One-Point Perspective”, “Examples of Editing Techniques”, “Camera Angles and Techniques”, and “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis”.

    “Kubrick// One-Point Perspective” was a really cool montage of all of these famous shots and clips from different films, like the hallway scenes from The …

  6. @kasc96

    Pause the video


    To start off video week I did my two daily creates. They allowed me to create a story around photos that I took.

    Then I read Roger Ebert’s article about reading a movie. It was really interesting because it gave me a new perspective on viewing movies.


  7. @

    Cinematography basics


    This week in Ds106 was all about films. For this week we had to watch several clips and read an essay all about film making techniques. One technique I was reminded about this week was how the center of the screen is an important position. When tackling my first daily …

  8. @Hollis Pultz

    Wait, But do I Flip the Pages?

    A Little Non-Traditional Advice

    I cannot remember the last time I was advised to watch a book outside the context of keeping an eye on someone’s MacBook while they went to the restroom. Never in my life have I heard of reading a movie. Reading Roger Ebert’s How to Read

  9. @Darth_Pipe



    Today’s Daily Create had me outside enjoying nature.  It says poetry is an option. Between that and the photo subject I chose, I couldn’t stop thinking of a sketch by The Kids In The Hall.

    How’d I make this?

    After taking a dozen photos or so, I chose this one …

  10. @kasc96

    Perspectives on video


    The first video that I watched was “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis,” in it Hitchcock spoke about how the same expression can be changed into different emotions depending on the footage surrounding it. This shows how important context in movies are. Subtle things such as this can influence how the …

  11. codydaigleorians

    Stop apologizing for success.


    Yesterday, I got my first “Hey! We wanna publish your short story!” email.

    First moment response: “FUCK YEAH! This is awesome! Feels pretty good. Validating. I must be a pretty good writer!”

    Second moment response: “But it’s probably not a big deal, really. I don’t think a lot of people …

  12. @

    Week Four, Four Clips


    Another assignment this week was to watch four clips and write a reflection piece for them.

    The first clip was “2001 A Space Odyssey- match cut”. The main thing that I noticed in the film is that they appeared to be comparing the bone moving around in the sky to …

  13. Downes

    In the Backyard


    June 11, 2018. These were in the back yard this afternoon – not sure what they are. Tiny roses? Apple? Buckthorn? Got my front teeth repaired today (they look beautiful) and ordered a replacement front wheel for the bicycle.…
  14. @Darth_Pipe

    Old Hitch’


    I love how you really notice things after someone points out the obvious. I’m a Tarantino fan, but watching the video example, I noticed his use of low camera angles really conveyed meaning in many scenes. With the exception of Daryl Hannah’s deadly assassin character gasping for air in …

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