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After several weeks of working of creative work in the visual, design, audio, video spaces, students in ds106 undertake a final project that is deliberately vague in scope; it is up to them to propose something that is larger in scope than assignments that frames as a digital story, using media and platforms of their choosing.

Below you will find a selection of past projects as just a few signposts for what direction yours may take. For more examples of student project work in ds106, see:


Create an ad campaign

This project uses images to create an advertisement campaign for ds106.  (click the screenshot above to go to the page)


Create a movie mash-up

This project uses different Stanley Kubrick movies to create a completely new movie/concept.

Final Project: A Kubrickian Mashup – DS106, Sec 1 from Rob Tyszka on Vimeo.



 Tell a story through Twitter

This project uses Twitter as the medium to tell an engaging and suspenseful story. (click the image to view the tweets)



Make a fictional blogger

This project makes use the blog medium in order to tell a story by creating a fictional diary for a character. (click the image to view the blog)



Make a song or a rap

Ds106 rap by sswanson

This project made a song about their experience with ds106.  Check out the lyrics and the original post here.




Make a stop-motion video

This project created a stop-motion video using a camera and video editing software.


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