1. @mdseim

    Lab Report 2


    Objectives: Learn about cable and get some experience working with it

    Equipment List: 

    UTP Cable 2 RJ-45 connector Cable tester Wire stripper Patch pannel

    Notes and Observations:

    I found this lab a bit harder, since I’ve never been good at manipulating small things. As I have said before, I am …

  2. @mdseim

    Learning Reflection Week 3


    In week 3 of Networking we learned mostly about cable. I got a glimpse of how nightmarish doing cable can actually be. It turns out the organization is the name of the game when you are running cable. I actually have a good friend that works in networking, and he …

  3. @mdseim

    Lab 1- Setting Up a Homepage and Making a Motor


    Objectives: Get all media set up for the class and learn how a motor works!

    Equipment List: 

    Computer with internet connection

    Copper wire

    Styrofoam cup

    Two paper clips

    Wire cutter

    Scissors or something to strip wire with


    Dry erase marker or a cylinder with similar diameter

    Notes and Observations:…

  4. @mdseim

    Digital Media II Final


    Ever since I started taking classes to earn my digital media degree, I have been able to apply everything I learn on a daily basis because I am head designer and brander of the musical group I am apart of, Room 347. For this particular blog post I will be …

  5. @Kyleeh25

    Final Project


    Final Project pt. 1 

    For my final Digital Media project I decided to do something I love and want to get into, film editing. For this project I took the instrumental of the song Roses by the Chainsmokers and mashed it with Melanie Martinez music videos. Melanie has, or had …

  6. @justin_zamecnik

    The Final


    I haven’t posted anything on here for a while, and there’s a very good reason for that… NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. The reason for that is the fact that I have been working on my final for my Digital Media 2 class for a lot of that time. We were …

  7. @brimac106



    For this project, the assignment I chose to go with was the “Impress Me” route, where the assignment was to simply impress my professor. It took a while to actually think of what I wanted to do. To be honest I went to youtube to look for inspiration. My inspiration …

  8. @Reagan Hotz

    Sonic 2 Boss Theme: An in Depth Study of Remixology


    This is my final project for Digital Media 2. The only requirement for the assignment is that the final product impresses my professor. I think this will do the job quite nicely. I took a concept we studied in class, remixes, and stretched it to extremes. This is essentially 3 …

  9. @KylieHeronemus

    Final Project


    The year is coming to an end, which means the Digital Media class was trying to determine what our final project should be for finals week in December. Our professor made the suggestion that we should choose our own project and if it impresses him, he will accept it. Being …

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