1. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 11 Documentary


    This week wasn’t too busy because we were only given a few things to do. We had to do a couple of daily creates on the ds106 website, as well as finish our documentary. Thankfully These didn’t take me too long to accomplish due to the fact that I already …

  2. @brimac106

    Rizzo Documentary


    For this assignment, Mini Documentary, we were meant to make just like what it sounds, a mini documentary. You were also meant to do someone not in your family, and not one of your friends. First, rude. Second, what stranger wants to tell another stranger their story? Now don’t …

  3. @mdseim

    Winnebago Man Analysis


    The Winnebago Man was skillfully put together by the production team. The storytelling of the story is perhaps the most impressive part about the film. The film opens up with a clip of the documentary creators arguing with the Winnebago Man on camera. It gets our attention and sets the …

  4. @mdseim

    Why So Serious?


    The Why So Serious assignment asked me to take a serious part of a movie, and overlay it with comedy audio. So I did just that, mixing the Bobadook and Seinfeld.

    For those who don’t know, The Bobadook is an Australian horror movie that got a lot of critical acclaim …

  5. @justin_zamecnik



    We were assigned an analysis over the Winnebago Man film and how it used certain aspect of what we learned from a few youtube videos. Below is my analysis.


    We all have issues, right? There is one man out there who became a youtube all-star due to his anger …

  6. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 10


    This week was a productive one for me. Thankfully, I was able to reduce my procrastination and get all of my video shot and somewhat close to done before they were due. We were instructed to do six stars worth of video assignments on the ds106 website. I ended up …

  7. @justin_zamecnik



    This assignment was also found on the ds106 website, but it is no longer there. For water reason it appears it was taken down. This assignment was worth three and a half stars and didn’t take long at all. Actually, this writing is also part of the assignment. The instructions …

  8. @justin_zamecnik

    Play It Backwards


    This assignment was found on the ds106 website. The instructions were very easy, record something and play it backwards. I decided to do a bottle flip. This assignment was worth three stars and got me half way to the goal for the week. I used Adobe Premiere to edit this …

  9. @brimac106

    Weekly Summary 10


    This week was all about video, and that is what I am finally glad about. I’m glad that we are finally getting to some of the reason why I came to this college, along with the majority of the class. This week we watched the documentary “The Winnebago Man” in …

  10. @brimac106



    I quite enjoyed the movie “The Winnebago Man”! Mostly to the part that I had already seen Winnebago man video online a number of years a go and I loved it then. Now it only reminded me how much I loved the video. I was nice to see what the …

  11. @Reagan Hotz

    Digital Media Week 10: Video


    My digital media class watched the film Winnebago Man: a documentary about Jack Rebney, a man who achieved notoriety because of a blooper reel from an RV sales video he shot for Winnebago. You can see my response to the film here.

    I have to film and edit a …

  12. @Reagan Hotz

    Winnebago Man Documentary Response


    In my digital media class, we watched a documentary titled Winnebago Man about Jack Rebney, a man who is famous on the internet for an outtake reel from a RV sales video. Due to the heat and the flies, Jack was very agitated throughout the filming process and the outtake …

  13. @brimac106

    *Insert Creative Title Here*


    In this assignment, Chipmunk Style, the objective of the assignment was to take one of your favorite scenes from a show or movie, or something and change the pitch so it would sound like they are chipmunks. I chose the scene from my second favorite, The Proposal, the scene …

  14. @brimac106

    Cringe Town…


    In this assigment, DS106ers React,  the objective of the assignment was to record yourself reacting to a video. Reaction videos are becoming really popular online. Even I am subscribed to a few! It kind of feels like you are watching a video with someone, or for me usually I …

  15. @BigWillyM9001

    Week 9


    These last couple weeks have been crazy busy for me, and I wasn’t able to listen to the radio show when it actually aired. Thanks to Dr. Genereux for uploading the show to his soundcloud so I could listen when I had time.

    Overall I really liked the show, made …

  16. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 9


    This week was a much easier week, which I loved. We didn’t have to do much besides adjust a few things on the radio show and add a few bumpers. This blog post will primarily focus on what went well and not so well on the radio show and multiple …

  17. @brimac106

    My Thoughts? (Weekly Summary 09)


    For this week’s summary, I didn’t really create much, I more of reflected on what our class created. This week, we had our radio show broadcasted on ds106 radio! It was along with other students works which I really enjoyed! I liked hearing what the other students got to do! …

  18. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 9: Shh Listen!


    This week, I was assigned to listen to radio shows created by students from various schools including my own during a radio broadcast. I wrote about the experience in a blog post.

    I also was assigned three daily creates. First, I explained why I write. I think my response …

  19. @Reagan Hotz

    Radio Show Final Thoughts


    On Wednesday 10-19-16 at 7:30 pm, I listened to the radio shows created by students from other schools as well as my own classmates. All the shows were very different from one another, but they were connected by a common thread in the form of a focus on the internet. …

  20. @BigWillyM9001

    Week 8


    So we got everything recorded finally, I think it went great, everyone sounded good, and I know I had fun doing it. I didn’t get to listen to the live show because I had work, but my professor uploaded a copy to his soundcloud, and I’ll give that a listen …

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