1. @Kyleeh25

    Character Evolution


    For mashup week this week I decided to create assignments instead of doing ones that were already made up. This was one I created: character evolution.

    For this assignment you have to mashup clips of one character from several different remade movies, showing the evolution of the character through films, …

  2. @mdseim

    I’m Ready For My Close Up


    The I’m Ready For My Close Up Assignment had me take a close up shot in a movie, and change the background. I chose to use a close up of Bradley Cooper and put him on Hoth.

    This assignment was essentially the reverse of the other mash up assignment I …

  3. @mdseim

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    The This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment had me photoshop something where it doesn’t belong. I chose to put myself into a scene from Pulp Fiction. I definitely don’t belong with gangsters in tuxes.

    I used a green screen to make cutting myself out easier. I used Adobe Photoshop. I used …

  4. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 12


    This week was well managed for the most part. We were instructed to do twelve stars of mashup assignments for this week. I got most of them done before the weekend came, so I didn’t have to rush. We were also instructed to do two daily creates located on the …

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A collaborative online course for developing a broad range of digital media skills to be used for telling stories including websites, photography, graphic design, audio, video, code, and mashups. The various stories you create will be made and openly shared using online technologies such as Wordpress, Soundcloud, Flickr, and YouTube.

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#tdc2205 Odd corridor

Take a photo of a corridor and make it look odd. Put something odd in it, or tilt it into a strange angle.