1. @DPettit_edu

    Starting my semester in…Portland!


    I figured after a long break between the Fall/Spring semesters that the only thing I could do to re-energize was to go on PTO and get out of Colorado… for the first week of new classes! It was a spontaneous decision to come out to Portland last week, and I …

  2. @belwood303

    5 months later


    I’m thinking of a poem I cannot Google…

    I am New Year’s Resolution-ing…



    One assembly I am getting Teacher of the Month, and the next month I’m loosing my cool and taking some unscheduled time off.

    So much gained, so much more to learn.…

  3. @DPettit_edu

    2016 was a good year for music.


    We’re a few days into the new year, and I want to share my favorite 10 albums of the 2016 with everyone. No new albums have been released in 2017 yet, so this list is still in time. I wanted to write this post a few weeks ago, but it …

  4. @learningpath

    Trayvon and Trump

    The outrage bubbled up in me like a volcano.  Hot like lava. At 10:30 pm I turned off the TV as early results showed him in the lead.  Surely this will turn in the night and I will wake up to some hope the idea of America could be real. …
  5. @jdf2160

    Happy Veteran’s Day


    We are celebrating Veterans in our school today! They will have a parade in our halls and then join classes to have more cozy settings. Every teacher is doing something a little bit different to honor our men and women. Here is a picture of the mini posters that Mrs. …

  6. @jdf2160



    I wish everyone would take a step back and consider what they DID learn beginning in Kindergarten for most…we take turns, we do not shout at each other, we do not take things away from someone, we talk politely, we help, we are respectful, we collaborate and do our best, …

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