1. @learningpath

    The Courage to Change – MLK 2018

    There is no great reconciliation, unity and peace to come without truth, without amends, without real apologies and ownership of wrongs. One cannot slap forgiveness unto pain like a Band-Aid on puss. It just won’t work. We are not wired like that. The wound must be cleaned first. When I…
  2. @learningpath

    Communication – What Works

    Click on Picture for excellent tools to communicate effectively This is so true. I had a conversation with a client last year that taught me a valuable lesson in communication. We were working on a project with a killer deadline and a lot at stake for my client. I had…
  3. @learningpath


    The #meToo movement moved me to create a course addressing gender equity. Companies often flee to sexual harassment training when gender roles, stereotypes, masculine codes, history, implicit bias and empowerment to stop harassment and inequity is what’s really needed. Women will soon be the predominate demographic in the workplace and…
  4. Kristin

    Draw More

    I watched Graham Shaw’s Ted Talk and was really impressed by the way he was able to take something that seems so complicated to people and make it super simple.

    I know many people think they can’t draw but they can. Everyone can, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect, or going…
  5. Kristin

    CARP in Infographics

    For week three of 6710 we are discussing CARP, four basic principles of design. When searching for an infographic that illustrates good use of CARP I went to my Pinterest account and just scanned through all of my pins looking for one that stood out to me. I thought this…
  6. Kristin

    Three weeks of summer.

    The spring semester wrapped up about a week ago and I am enjoying my three weeks of summer vacation. In an attempt to finish grad school early I am diving in and taking two classes this summer and my vacation from school is quickly winding down and slipping away. This…
  7. @learningpath

    Fail Forward

    Productive failure is already atrendin connected, collaborative, learning.  Research is mixed regarding learner center pedagogy and more controlled approaches. What we know for sure is we will win some and lose some in life.  Learning to fail forward is a win.

    Fear of failure is a common barrier…
  8. @ennasuite

    Of Koi and CARP


    One of the most common and familiar designs in traditional tattooing is the Japanese koi. He appears in a variety of ways on the human body, following the natural lines and patterns of the wearer’s skin, musculature and bone structure. He symbolizes overcoming challenge and adversity and represents a …

  9. Kristin Vossler

    Leading a Discussion: Online Cheating

    Course INTE 5250: Strategies for Online and Blended Learning For this course we were given the assignment of leading an online discussion. I was partnered with Erin Dwyer, a high school math teacher, and fellow student in the ILT program and we were given the topiconline cheating. Our challenge was…
  10. @DPettit_edu

    Everyday CARP-ing


    CARP in design work is essential to use to ensure that the product maxes it’s purpose for the audience. I could have copped out and said that CARP just makes things “great”, but I went with the more professional response. I’ve been in the INTE program for 3 semesters now, …

  11. @learningpath

    SAMR what?

    I am in my last semester of the graduate program in eLearning Design and Implementation at The University of Colorado, Denver. This is a collaborative blog post, for my eLearning trends and issues class (6750). Links to team members Kirk Lunsford, Allison Sandler, and Christina Moore’s blogs are provided for…
  12. Kristin Vossler

    Reflections on the 4th semester

    I began my fourth semester of the ILT Master’s program at UC Denver about two weeks ago. This semester means I have finally begun the second half of this program and am on my way to crossing the finish line. I thought it would be a good idea to do…
  13. @learningpath

    How should companies respond to the Muslim Ban?

    As concern about the impact of the latest executive order banning people from 7 Muslim countries from entering the U.S. grows, how should companies lead on this divisive issue? We can trust the research that integrity is of central importance to effective leadership.  Appearing incongruent will undermine your mission.

  14. @learningpath

    Reflecting on your legacy, President Obama

    As I sit here, tired, drinking a Red Bull so I can finish this change proposal for the last class, in the last semester, of my Masters program all I can say is thank you Mr. President. It was President Obama who urged us back in 2009 to go back…
  15. @DPettit_edu

    Starting my semester in…Portland!


    I figured after a long break between the Fall/Spring semesters that the only thing I could do to re-energize was to go on PTO and get out of Colorado… for the first week of new classes! It was a spontaneous decision to come out to Portland last week, and I …

  16. @belwood303

    5 months later


    I’m thinking of a poem I cannot Google…

    I am New Year’s Resolution-ing…



    One assembly I am getting Teacher of the Month, and the next month I’m loosing my cool and taking some unscheduled time off.

    So much gained, so much more to learn.…

  17. @DPettit_edu

    2016 was a good year for music.


    We’re a few days into the new year, and I want to share my favorite 10 albums of the 2016 with everyone. No new albums have been released in 2017 yet, so this list is still in time. I wanted to write this post a few weeks ago, but it …

  18. @learningpath

    Trayvon and Trump

    The outrage bubbled up in me like a volcano.  Hot like lava. At 10:30 pm I turned off the TV as early results showed him in the lead.  Surely this will turn in the night and I will wake up to some hope the idea of America could be real. …
  19. @jdf2160

    Happy Veteran’s Day


    We are celebrating Veterans in our school today! They will have a parade in our halls and then join classes to have more cozy settings. Every teacher is doing something a little bit different to honor our men and women. Here is a picture of the mini posters that Mrs. …

  20. @jdf2160



    I wish everyone would take a step back and consider what they DID learn beginning in Kindergarten for most…we take turns, we do not shout at each other, we do not take things away from someone, we talk politely, we help, we are respectful, we collaborate and do our best, …

  21. @jdf2160

    on Passwords


    Learning by the seat of your pants can be rewarding, but it can also be exasperating. I am going to go with the exasperating for now, particularly passwords. On the culminating months of my CU Denver INTE trek I am STILL looking up and asking for and getting texted codes …

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