1. paul bond



    by Bob McLeod, from The Incredible Hulk #339

    I’ve been pretty consistently blown away by the reflections on the readings in this season of ds106. This week brings us design thoughts, something that’s usually a bit of a struggle. Too often people confuse decoration or templates with design, when …

  2. paul bond

    From screen to page


    So I had this idea to use design to turn movie scenes into comic book pages. Not exactly reverse engineering storyboards, but rather using the language of sequential art, panels and layout, as part of the storytelling. This is challenging on a number of levels. The first is a matter …

  3. paul bond

    What are your powers?


    If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

    I posted that to Facebook, just to see what people would say. Some responses were unsurprising: speed, agility, flight. One person said skepticism and another wanted the Lasso of Truth – not quite the same, but both represent a power …