1. @katie_melhuish

    Week 13/Week14


    Well, the end of the year. These last few weeks I was like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off. For the final project, I was able to get a lot done over the Thanksgiving break and in between my other class work. Working on how the internet …

  2. paul bond

    Anatomy of a Daily Create


    “What would the name of your band be?” Paul’s rule number 1 for the Daily Create: If you don’t have an idea, ask someone else. Today’s challenge was, “If you were a musician, what would your debut album look like?” My wife suggested The Ionic Bonds. I have a genetic …

  3. @katie_melhuish

    How The Internet Changed My Life




    For me, the internet is life. It’s an endless abyss that my life revolves around. I wake up, I check the internet. I see something funny, I modify it using the internet. I share what I modified, using the internet. If I need to learn how to do …

  4. @cjhenning94

    Week 8 Summary


    Hey guys!

    First, for this week, I posted a response to the “Minuscule Stories” radio show.  This show was very interesting, and definitely an awesome, unique topic.

    Radio Show Review

    My favorite blogs done by fellow students are listed below.  First, I decided to look through some of my radio …

  5. @cjhenning94

    Long Live Dave


    Hey guys!

    This is my final post of web week.  I used Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles to edit the UMW home page.  I decided to make the story of this page based on someone being stuck inside the webpage.  His name is Dave.  It took a while to edit in all …

  6. @cjhenning94

    A Pinteresting Bedroom


    Hey guys!

    I decided to to the web assignment of building my own dream bedroom using pictures from Pinterest.

    I used five different kinds of bedroom designs as the premise for searching for pictures, and these are the ideas that I came up with.

    This bed is amazing. I don’t …

  7. @cjhenning94

    A Connor Driven Twitch


    Hey guys!

    I used X-Ray Goggles by Mozilla to edit twitch.tv, one of my favorite websites where video game streamers have channels where you can view their gameplay! Below is the link to the website I edited


    Check it out!

    The editing was pretty simple, except one time when …

  8. @cjhenning94

    Best Posts by Classmates


    Hey guys!

    This post is designed to highlight what I feel are some of the best posts from DS106 classmates.

    First, I found this blog post by Daniel Valdez that is a missing person report of Hank Schrader.  I loved Breaking Bad, so this might be why this is one …

  9. @cjhenning94

    Radio Show Review


    Hey guys!

    After listening to the Minuscule Stories radio show, I thought it was a great idea for a radio show!  It’s pretty entertaining, and I love the premise of the a few word stories.  The flow of the radio show seems natural and calm, and I love the music …

  10. @cjhenning94

    Week 12 Summary


    During Week 12, it was my top priority to work on the completion of everything I had missed out on during the earlier parts of the semester.  I worked especially hard on audio creation for week 4, and the remixes and mashups of week 11.  I did spend a little …

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