1. @cjhenning94

    Radio Show Review


    Hey guys!

    After listening to the Minuscule Stories radio show, I thought it was a great idea for a radio show!  It’s pretty entertaining, and I love the premise of the a few word stories.  The flow of the radio show seems natural and calm, and I love the music …

  2. @cjhenning94

    Week 12 Summary


    During Week 12, it was my top priority to work on the completion of everything I had missed out on during the earlier parts of the semester.  I worked especially hard on audio creation for week 4, and the remixes and mashups of week 11.  I did spend a little …

  3. @cjhenning94

    Week 4 Summary


    Hey guys!

    For the Audio Story, I decided to create a story of a person parking at home, putting some things down on the counter, feeding his dog, and sitting down to relax and watch some TV.  I really like the finished product.  The noises were taken from freesound.org and …

  4. @cjhenning94

    Radio Bumper


    Hey guys!

    I created this radio bumper using Audacity, and recorded my voice using a Mac in the ITCC.  It was relatively easy to create, since it was only about 30 seconds.  I used the pitch changer to make my voice deeper, and I found sci-fi ambience using freesound.org.

    I …

  5. @Lord_knows5

    “Holiday Mashup!”


    For this assignment I used a photo editing software like Fotoflexer.com to mashup up three of my top favorite holidays and cultural celebrations. My three favorite holidays include, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day. All of three holidays are my favorite holidays, because you get to spread love tp people who …

  6. @Gail Crunkhorn




    This is the  URL where everything is hosted.

    Now for all the text messages in order:

    Here’s the newspaper article I wrote using Mozilla goggles:


    Danielle Carter’s facebook:


    (not sure how to embed those links; don’t think I can?)

    Individual pictures:

    And their files:



  7. @ekatkins19

    Mash Up 3


    This is my final mashup that was worth 4 stars. The point of this assignment was to insert something into a picture that does not match. I added a picture of a Range Rover onto the Moon. I got both of the images from google. Then I used pixlr to …

  8. @ekatkins19

    Mash Up 2


    This mashup was worth 4 stars. The goal of this assignment was to combine multiple team logos to make a cohesive one. I used pixlr to edit my photos, that I got from google. I used a cavalier logo, the falcons logo and the lakers logo.

    The final logo is …

  9. @cjhenning94

    Final Project Wellness Center Radio Ads


    Hey guys!

    I completed a few ads for my final project using Audacity!

    The premise of the ads is to attract students to the Wellness Center to talk about their experience in college, learn how to stay on top of their work, and get help staying motivated to get good …

  10. @ekatkins19

    Mash-up 1


    This assignment was worth 4 stars. The goal of this assignment was to take a picture of someone who looks like an emoji. I used fotor to make the collage of the two pictures. I got the picture of the emoji from google and the picture of my friend from …

  11. @ekatkins19

    Super Emo


    For this remix assignment I had to make my stop motion video more “emo.” I used vid to mp3 to download a metal song from youtube. Then I added the song to the video and changed the video to black and white, to make it “emo.”

    Finally, I uploaded the …

  12. @ekatkins19

    Country Remix


    For this assignment I remixed a previous assignment, a highlight reel of Peyton Manning. The goal for the remix was to countrify the video. I used vid to mp3 to download the song “Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. I then added to to the video to make it “country”.

    After, I …

  13. @ekatkins19

    Week 10 Summary


    This week was our second week of videos. I didn’t have much trouble this week because I learned how to use iMovie last week.

    I really like using iMovie because it is very easy to import your own media and the editing process is fairly simple. After 2 weeks of …

  14. @ekatkins19



    This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. The point of this assignment was to make a Vine of an object moving. After looking around my apartment, I found a potato. So why not make it move! I used my iPhone to record the vine and I used some of the music …

  15. @ekatkins19

    Lyric Video


    For this week, I did a video assignment worth 5 stars. The goal of this assignment was to create a lyric video. I used iMovie to create the video and I used the website vid to mp3 to download the song. Sadly, I knew most of the lyrics to the …

  16. @dvaldez_95

    DS106 Advice


    For future DS106ers, I really advice to be open minded. I remember at the beginning of the year I would get pretty frustrated trying to complete an assignment a certain way. But the thing is, things won’t always go as smoothly as you think. There will be obstacles and this …

  17. @dvaldez_95

    Final Project / Weekly Summary


    For my final project I tried to create a story through different forms of media such as audio, video, design and web. It took much more effort than I had originally planned, and in the end I had to make some cuts in order to finish the assignment in time. …

  18. @Kim_Sealock




    By: Kim Sealock


    Ba Beep Ba Beeep.

    An annoying buzz growing louder each minute.

    Sleepy eyes peer into the dark basement room toward the obsessive beeping.

    Barely making out the 7:32 before jutting up.


    Racing around like the Flash, hoping to make good time.

    Pajamas float to …

  19. @_evanmay_

    Advice for Future DS106-ers


    Two major things I want to say about this class:

    You know when you start the class and hear “don’t wait until the end of the week to start on your work or you won’t finish”? Then you think “oh I’ve put stuff off plenty and I’ve been fine”. Don’t…
  20. @_evanmay_

    Final Project


    Okay so, all of this stuff is definitely just a first draft of sorts for a conworld. Like I mentioned in my first progress report, conworlds and conlangs are projects that are created over months or years, not a couple weeks. Still, here’s the media I managed to get:

  21. @Lord_knows5

    “Best of Luck to Future DS106 Newcomers”


    If you are taking Ds106 next semester/year. You have nothing to worry about. It is super fun and beneficial for your computer and logic skills. It guarantees a level of participation to stay actively involved in the Ds106 community and gives you the opportunity to be creative as you want …

  22. @bobby_bobs114

    Advice for Next Year


    My advice for anyone who is thinking about taking this classes is, and i can’t stress this enough, look up the application you will be working with and practice before class starts! You have access to the weekly assignment so look up what you need to use and learn it! …

  23. @bobby_bobs114

    Final Project


    For my final project I decided to one of my favorite band’s album and turn some songs into something new. For the final I took Panic! At the Disco’s new album, Death of a Bachelor. I will go though each the songs that inspired me and go over what …

  24. @bsorense




    Where the story begins, Lincoln, NE.


    Home base since 2002.

    After winning the state title, November 15, 2009

    Region champion 2013.

    NCAA Regionals Fall 2013

    Fun run with friends.


    Well that is a wrap! My project did not turn out exactly how I intended to due to …

  25. @bball151

    DS106 Advice



    Coming into this course it is good to know that every and all of your assignments are due and are posted every Friday by midnight. This doesn’t mean that you should put it off until thursday night or even friday … It means get a little done everyday so …

  26. @bball151

    Final Project


    My College Experience

    Presented Across Four Different Categories Of Media.








    College Experience Poem

     (click on the link above to view)

    Weekly Summary!!!!

    The story I am presenting across four different categories of media, (writing, visual, audio, and video) is the story of my …