1. @bsorense




    Where the story begins, Lincoln, NE.


    Home base since 2002.

    After winning the state title, November 15, 2009

    Region champion 2013.

    NCAA Regionals Fall 2013

    Fun run with friends.


    Well that is a wrap! My project did not turn out exactly how I intended to due to …

  2. @bball151

    DS106 Advice



    Coming into this course it is good to know that every and all of your assignments are due and are posted every Friday by midnight. This doesn’t mean that you should put it off until thursday night or even friday … It means get a little done everyday so …

  3. @bball151

    Final Project


    My College Experience

    Presented Across Four Different Categories Of Media.








    College Experience Poem

     (click on the link above to view)

    Weekly Summary!!!!

    The story I am presenting across four different categories of media, (writing, visual, audio, and video) is the story of my …

  4. @cstaier

    ds106 Final Project!


    The Final Project begins now…

    When beginning this project, I had the thought of crafting a mystery story. I envisioned creating a trail of clues for players to follow, and leading them to a resolution based on their own ability to decipher hidden messages and to connect clues together. Upon …

  5. @kristinoconnn

    Advice for future students


    If I could give one piece of advice for future ds106 students, it would be: don’t be intimidated by technology!

    When I first signed up for this class and read the syllabus, I was so close to dropping the class because I was so afraid I wasn’t good enough at …

  6. @ekatkins19

    Final Project… It is Complete.


    For my final project, I did a video on technology use in college students. More specifically, students uses of laptops and smartphones. Also, the use of social media platforms. To convey this, I used video, audio, photography and design elements to comprise the final product.

    Video:  The video aspect was …

  7. @rinko_anna

    Weekly Summary/Final Project


    This week’s work on the final project included creating two aged images, two pieces of audio service announcements, and one gif, in addition to numerous tweets that help make the overall story more cohesive.  In addition to my work on the final project, I completed my advice post for future …