1. @cjhenning94

    A Radio Show Post


    Hey guys,

    Just to put this out there, in weeks 6 and 7 during the radio broadcast, I found my group, and we soon started up a Google Doc and began spitballing ideas.  The idea we ended up settling on had to do with history retold from a historical perspective.  …

  2. @FroelichMatthew

    Weekly Summary


    This week in ds106 was spent wrapping up everything with my project. I had 3/4 of it done already so I just had to do my last portion and write my post. It was fun doing the project because it encompassed everything that we learned in ds106. I was doing …

  3. @cstaier

    Advice for DS 106


    In addition to the Big Project (final title to come), we have been tasked this week with giving advice to the future ds106 students. As I have been staring at other languages for several hours (physics and Italian), I will use this to jot down some thoughts for later finalization. …

  4. @ekatkins19

    What to Expect When You’re… Signed up for DS106


    Digital Story telling fulfills a gen ed. here at Mary Washington. That was the main reason why I took this course. This course is a lot of work. However, the work is very much enjoyable. Sometimes you will want to throw your computer at a wall because you can’t figure …

  5. @FroelichMatthew

    Final Project!


    I finally have the final product for my project and I had a lot of fun making it. My first idea was to make a mockumentary, but that fell through so I had to come up with a different idea. I decided to tell a story about my life as …

  6. @FroelichMatthew

    Your Hopes, Dreams and Fears



    For the last portion of my final project I chose to do  a written assignment. I did the Hopes, Dreams and Fears assignment which is to write a letter to yourself ten years in the future. I thought this would be a good way to end my project since …

  7. paul bond

    The good years


    Yesterday’s Daily Create challenge was to make an infographic of a song. I had seen people do this before. My personal favorite was the flowchart for Devo’s Whip It.

    Unfortunately I don’t know who gets credit for this. I knew there was no way I could come close to that …

  8. @Lord_knows5

    “Week 10..In effect”


    This week’s video’s assignments was a success. I first want to mention my ds 106 tutorial videos that I made for one of my assignment banks.  I had fun editing and making it look good, click the link to view my tutorial video of how to make ramen noodles. I …

  9. @Lord_knows5

    “How To Make….”


    For this video assignment I am making a tutorial video of how to make ramen noodles. For people who have not made ramen noodles, its a quick & easy process to demonstrate . This concept is ideal for college students who do not want to spend money on fast food …

  10. @Lord_knows5

    “I Am Me”


    This video assignment is collection of photos that represent me.

    I made a video that represents who I am.

    For this assignment you could either talk about yourself, show pictures or show things that you like to do. I choose to add one of my favorite songs as the background …

  11. @abbissss

    Final week… final proj….




    Hello everyone!! Below is a Link to my final project. I worked really hard on it! In total i used 47 stars from the assignment banks spanning across the four main components of digital story telling, audio, video, writing, and photography. Below my video you can read …

  12. @Lord_knows5

    “Lip Sync Along Compilation..”


    Lip-syncing has become increasingly popular and this is shown in the media. What was once frowned upon has now become a popular and fun way to sing along with your favorite song. Now’s my time to shine!

    The purpose of this video assignment was to record yourself lip syncing along …

  13. @FroelichMatthew

    Audio Reflection


    I decided to use the Audio Reflection assignment for the audio portion of my final project. I wanted to try to do something that involved a little more creativity, but I felt that this assignment fit best with my project. It is the story of a big part of my …

  14. @cjhenning94

    Week 11 Summary


    Hey guys!

    For week 11, Mashups and Remixes, I combined a few themes that I have discussed previously into mashups.

    The first theme I continued on was a Joker theme, so for this matchup I compiled a few of my favorite Joker scenes that were combined from different movies.  I …

  15. @cjhenning94



    Hey guys!

    I stumbled upon a kangaroo video on youtube of a man punching a kangaroo in the wild to save his dog.  I thought this video was so funny that I decided to take it, and add more kangaroo human interactions!  I used iMovie to cut the videos up …

  16. @cjhenning94

    Redubbed Dark Knight


    Hey guys!

    I completed an assignment called “Movie Crack”, in which I used iMovie to add music to particular scenes from the movie Dark Knight, which as you know I have done a good amount of work with previously.  I loved choosing music for the scenes I decided to use, …

  17. @Lord_knows5

    “Day In the Life”…


    In this assignment I took a video of what I did in one day. Whether it was going to hang out with friends, or going on a long trip with your family.  I took multiple videos and  comprise a video out of it with a song or soundtrack that represents …

  18. @gingerchic21

    I’ve Got An Idea!


    I finally have an idea for my project! I’m going to tell the story of a day in the life of my dog from her perspective through a fake Twitter account. I am going to post updates of the things that would normally happen in her day in real time, …

  19. @cjhenning94

    Week 9 Summary


    Hey guys!

    Week 9 was the first week I began to officially participate on a regular basis in effort to complete the credit offered by this class.

    I began with a scene analysis assignment, where I decided to use a scene from the Dark Knight, and discuss the music, tempo, …

  20. @cjhenning94

    “As We May Think” Response


    Hey all,

    After reading an article in The Atlantic titled “As We May Think”, I have gained an altered perspective on the internet and its root.  Bush’s account of the internet takes a very transcending perspective, where he views it as a mode of storage to enable the human to …

  21. @Lord_knows5

    “College Snapshot”


    I realized that I have some great memories from the last few years. I choos to compile my favorite photos from your experiences, trips, hobbies and make them into a video. Try to organize them chronologically to tell your story as I work my way through college.

    Hope you enjoy!…

  22. @Lord_knows5

    “Applied What is Learned”


    Analyzing a movie was quite difficult for me. It was hard to not use ‘and then” for the structure of the movie. I think I didn’t pretty well though. This assignment was by far the hardest of all so far.  I  trouble finding out how to do a voice over …

  23. @emillaaaaaaay

    Listen In at UMW


    For my second category, I will focus on Audio. For this I want to do a few of things:

    post songs and sounds that remind me of UMW voice interviews with friends about why they love UMW

    Sound Memories:

    To find songs that I used to like to listen to …

  24. @emillaaaaaaay

    My College Life in Some Pictures


    Every morning when I wake up (after snoozing several times), I typically look at my phone until I have to muster up the strength to get myself out of bed. The other day, I was looking at my TimeHop app when I came across something that made me smile. For …

  25. @cjhenning94

    Week 3 Summary


    Hey all,

    In conclusion of the week 3 work on visual production, I am embedding my blog posts here in summary of the work I have done.

    Firstly, I completed an experience post about my previous experience in photography, and included a couple pictures I have taken in the past. …

  26. @cjhenning94



    Hey guys!

    Here is a 20 minute photoblitz!

    I was really excited to do this blitz in the rain because I thought it would be a good setting to get some reflections and interesting tones.

    This marks the beginning of the blitz!


    And the blitz was completed 20 minutes …