1. @CadillacezMedia

    Week 15: Final Project Part 2 (DS106 Finale)


    This week was the last week of classes, so it was safe to assume that my week was very busy. Whether it was for studying for final exams, writing 15 page papers, or preparing for professional business presentations; this week was one of my busiest and stressful weeks of this …

  2. @CadillacezMedia

    Digital Storytelling Course Advice


    Hello future DS106 student, here is what I have to say about taking this course this semester. This class is a lot more work than you are expecting. There are lots of time consuming assignments that will take you a little bit to complete. With the amount of assignments you …

  3. @skyhiser

    Final project: Merrell’s Bottom Dollar.


    So, the basis of my story is an interactive adventure that I created using inklewriter. The story itself quickly became incredibly complex. Just how complex, I will demonstrate in a moment when I discuss the creation of each section.  For additional media types, I used some elements of design, some …

  4. @liamcaudill

    DS106 Course Advice


    Howdy folks. I’m writing this with 30 minutes to go, so I’ll be brief, but I wanted to share my general advice for the course.

    First off, the work is very reasonable IF you start it at the beginning of the week. Just because it’s an online course, you may …

  5. @liamcaudill

    Final Project


    Well, this couldn’t have been submitted any closer. I’ve been working on this all day today, and all I can say is that I wish I started earlier. Basically, I tried to tell the story of Guts and the Band of the Hawk during the Golden Age (from the manga …

  6. @CadillacezMedia

    The End of the Unexpected Gun (Final Project)


    After gathering evidence about the suspect of Crazy Joe Shooter, Buck had his gun ready as he entered the residence of Crazy Joe, expecting a full blown shootout. But it never came. Crazy Joe wasn’t there like Buck thought he would be, and the place looked like no one had …

  7. @tifamonster

    My Final #ds106 Project


    It’s time. Time for my last and final work of #ds106. For this project, I decided to tell the story of my parents. You can read more about it here. Anyways, short story short, I wanted to introduce them to you all and explain why and how they inspire …

  8. @CadillacezMedia

    Jimbo’s Perspective


    Sitting alone at a nearby pub was Jimbo. Having just had one of the most exhausting days of his life trying to help out Buck with apprehending Crazy Joe Shooter; he needed to have a drink to calm himself down. Then he heard loud shouts and hollering talking about Buck’s …

  9. @aslupek40

    Final Project: Andy the Bank Robber’s Experiences


    My final project is a compilation of five different types of media to give the receiver a close look as to what Andy the Bank Robber’s life was like while he was robbing banks.  This assignment contains seven different assignments two writing assignments, two design assignments, one visual assignment, one …

  10. @aslupek40

    Andy’s Last Minute Monologue


    This Soundcloud Audio is the last recorded thing that Andy the Bank Robber was believed to have said while hiding out from the police before he got shot after his plans in Cheyenne failed.

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Blogs for the DS106 (CPSC 106) course at University of Mary Washington taught by Paul Bond.

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  1. Week 14: Happy Trails

    by John Starr, from Rangers Comics #54 http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=418

    So here we are in the last weeks of the semester, about to ride off in the sunset of Western106. It’s been a great ride, and everyone should be proud of all the work they’ve done. I really appreciate the consistent creative …

  2. Week 13: The Wild Wild Web

    4/8/16 – 4/15/16

    For this week’s adventure, we’re going to play with web storytelling. This should be fun. I am going to quote extensively from the Open ds106 Course:

    In this unit we move to a different kind of storytelling, one that uses the space of existing web sites …

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