1. @JessicaDS106

    Weekly Summary Week 12


    Is it really week 12 already? Where has time gone! Anyway, I enjoyed doing the assignments more this week because I didn’t have too many assignments in any other classes so I could focus on this class mostly. Most of the mashup assignments I’ve done ended up involving more video …

  2. @OraMyAura

    Holiday Mashup


    My three favorite holidays.  For this assignment, we had to mash up our three favorite holidays in 1 pic and for me, it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July.

  3. @JessicaDS106

    The Evil Dead: The Sitcom


    For my last assignment this week I chose this one for my last 3.5 stars. The assignment here was to transform a movie clip by applying an inappropriate laugh track to the clip.

    I really love this assignment because I’m always the one who finds inappropriate scenes in movies funny, …

  4. @OraMyAura

    Photo Mashhh


    For this assignment, we had to take 2 actors and mash them together into one photo and try to make sure that they look like they belong in their setting.  Well Mr. DiCaprio here and the actress to whom I don’t know her name but was the only actress that …

  5. @OraMyAura

    Peace Ouuuttt!!!


    So this assignment was pretty fun as I was able to kind of create something that would go through my mind every single time I was stuck in Northern VA/ DC traffic while commuting.  I would ALWAYS fantasize about being able to just fly my car above all the stalled, …

  6. @suzzcat



    This weeks mashups were ok, I didn’t like the remixes, but everything else was easy. I did three 4 stared assignments making 12 stars all together. The first assignment I did was the superhuman assignment. I took a picture of the Monroe building and I photoshopped superman flying above …

  7. @suzzcat

    Michael J Remix


    For this remix assignment, I had to remix a Zomboy back once again song to a throwback, and I chose Michael jacksons- Smooth Criminal. I used Logic to mix the audios, and I used mp3juices.cc. I went through a lot of songs that sounded really freaking bad with …

  8. @MaddieM02790291

    Oh, the Places I (Hope) to Go


    For my first Remix Assignment, I decided to take it back to Visual Assignments, and remix the Places of Peace Assignment. My task was to include a Dr. Seuss character in my creation. I first thought about my places of peace, and they involved travel (except doing yoga with my …

  9. @OraMyAura

    I’m a girl tutorial


    Hey everyone!  So the assignment I selected to create a tutorial for is entitled “I’m a girl”.  I chose this assignment b/c I recently completed it during video week and thought it was super fun, simple and a way for me to express my love for “girl stuff” !   Enjoy!…

  10. @suzzcat

    FU Remix


    For my first remix, it was of a parental advisory for a mash up of two different movie clips. I couldn’t download the clip I wanted, so I just made it an audio with a picture of a fuck-unicorn which was pretty fitting of what the audio has to …

  11. @suzzcat



    For this assignment/tutorial, I did it on the mashup, I’m ready for my close up for 4 and a half stars.

    The first thing you have to do is to try and find a close up face, and after that you have to save it to the computer. Go onto …

  12. @suzzcat



    For this assignment for 4  and a half stars, I created a picture off fo photoshop of a woman looking confused, and a chalkboard behind her stating that 1+1=2. I used the eraser tool on photoshop, so the original orange background is still surrounding it, but oh well.

  13. @suzzcat



    I had a lot of fun with this one! It took me a while to figure out what video I wanted to use with the song. For the video, I used Get Some by Ghosted, and the song is Good Day by Yellow Claw. Both are great by themselves …

  14. @tifamonster

    Did you lock the door?


    For this assignment, we had to tell a story through text message.

    I decided to tell a horror story by asking my boyfriend to help me out. I wrote out a script so that the text messages would come in at a decent speed. I used Apple’s preset screen …

  15. @tifamonster

    Uncle Bob? Or a Cat?


    For this assignment, we had to take a picture of something strange or unknown, like Uncle Bob, and match it to an emoji.

    Of course, I took a picture of my cat since she is unknown to the class. I thought she looked like the cat emoji so I …

  16. @tifamonster

    Meet Tiffany as an Emoji


    For this assignment, we had to take a picture of someone and match it to an emoji.

    This is a picture of myself that I took using a Snapchat filter. It made me smile really big and so I thought I looked like a smiling emoji.

    To create this …

  17. @suzzcat



    I know everybody would love to have a superpower.  And if I had one it would be flying! Cause I would love to be able to travel for free honestly. I hate the cold, and I know it would be very cold up in the high sky, but I’ll be …

  18. @tifamonster

    Singing in Spanish


    For this mashup, we had to record ourselves signing a song in another language…. well at least that’s how I understood it. Thankfully, I speak English and Spanish, so I chose to sing “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo.

    To do this, I opened the messages app and recorded myself singing …

  19. @Alexis54552906

    Put a ‘stache on it


    The final remix that I chose was to put a mustache on something or someone that I like.

    I will simply put a mustache on my dog because I like her and it would be funny.

    SO it was a pretty simple assignment. Look!

  20. @Alexis54552906

    Remixing Spider Seuss


    This remix was quite fun to make. I had the assignment to create a banner for my favorite superhero.

    The remixed part of it was to introduce a Dr. Seuss inspired character into the assignment.

    Ever since I was little, I liked Spiderman. So, I used him and then I …

  21. @tifamonster

    What The Fox Say?


    For this assignment, we had to record ourselves singing our favorite song using Apple’s Animoji.

    To do this, I opened the messages app on my iPhone and recorded myself singing “The Fox” by Ylivs. I then saved the clip to my phone and uploaded it to YouTube. From there, …

  22. @Alexis54552906

    Edited Logo


    This is my final assignment for the assignment bank. I picked the one where we have to edit a logo and have it include one of my favorite things from the place that the logo was made for.

    I took my favorite place of wawa and added a cup of …

  23. @tifamonster

    Animoji Karaoke Tutorial


    I decided to create my own mashup assignment this week, so I decided that I would create a tutorial for it.

    The original assignment instructs the student to open Animoji and to record themselves singing or lip singing a song. Afterwards, they have to answer a few questions in which …

  24. @Alexis54552906

    Home Alone? Roller Coaster?


    The next assignment I picked was 4 1/2 stars. This one was also pretty easy and fun.

    The assignment was to take a dramatic close-up of an actor in a movie and mash it up to tell a story.

    I used (of course) the well known Home Alone surprised picture. …

  25. @Alexis54552906

    Superhero in real life?!?!


    I picked the superhero in everyday life assignment from the assignment bank. It was worth 4 stars and seemed pretty easy.

    I was right!!

    I simply went online and found 2 pictures, a picture with a superhero flying, and traffic. I did this because if I could fly, I would …