1. @MaddieM02790291

    Eat, Pray, Travel


    The Your Life IS A Movie (3 stars) is my favorite assignment so far!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it; it also, unsurprisingly, took me a long time… I will always be grateful for the amount of footage I got abroad and in NYC; it has made so many of these assignments …

  2. @JessicaDS106

    Daily Creativity Week 12


    Week 12 already everyone! Hooray! This week I had fun with the daily creates, as usual. Particularly I loved the one in which we all had to caption an amusing comic strip, because I loved seeing all the different and clever things people had come up with. The best part …

  3. @EmilyHutchins8

    Holiday Tutorial


    For this assignment, I started to think about my favorite holidays. I decided that my favorite holidays were Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. You can use any photo editing website or app. I used the Photoshop Fix app to create the assignment. I decided to use a Christmas tree, turkey, and …

  4. @JessicaDS106

    The Evolution of Hannibal Lecter


    For my second assignment this week I chose to do this one for 4.5 stars. The goal of this assignment is to create a video featuring the evolution of a particular character through multiples films/appearances as so often we see so many remakes and films featuring the same character presented …

  5. @chloversgarden

    Week 12


    I enjoyed this week! Even though I had 3 papers and 1 exam I was able to complete the assignments. I think video is just extremely hard to complete because it takes so many factors, and all the mashup stars I chose this week were visual design/photo tasks. I receive …

  6. @chloversgarden

    Remix of Lost & Found Poster


    For this remix, instead of making a Lost and Found poster I was supposed to do the opposite. I tried this out by making a “wanted?” poster. The key here is the question mark, the person is trying to get ride of the hat not find it. I liked …

  7. @chloversgarden

    Human vs. Emoji


    For this assignment I used an old picture of my stepmom! As teenager she worked as a welder with her dad, I thought this picture would be a perfect comparison to the new emoji of a welder since the emoji’s are trying to represent more people everyday (currently they have …

  8. @justzaying7

    Weekly Summary-Week 12


    Hello! I had to finish this week early, because I’m going out of town again for work for the rest of the week on Wednesday. This week wasn’t bad. I think that the concept of mashing up was a good idea, I just didn’t really enjoy it. I didn’t think …

  9. @chloversgarden

    A Leopard on Campus!


    I had to combine two or more images for this. I needed to show how my character (the Shadow Leopard) would use her power in everyday life. I chose a photo of mine of the UC and an icon of a leopard to have her walking around at night …

  10. @FCMaisano

    The Rocky Road to Dublin-Music Mapped


    So, for this assignment, I had to choose a song with geographic reference, create a Google map with them along with media, and then make a video.

    The first thing I did was try and find a song. I google songs that mention cities and I have some. However, I …

  11. @EmilyHutchins8

    Superhero Mashup


    For this assignment (4 stars), I decided to put my character, Kate, into a scene. I found a super hero character online and then used the “Photoshop Mix” website to cut her out. I thought that this character was a good representation of what Kate would like. I then …

  12. @EmilyHutchins8

    Logo Mashup


    For this assignment (2 stars), I decided to mashup the nike slogan and the under armor logo. These are two big competitors, so I wanted to put them together. I started by finding the Under Armor logo and then cut it out on the “Photoshop Mix” app. I then …

  13. @FCMaisano

    A Spider’s Point Of View


    There’s that girl again. I suppose I shouldn’t say again, since she lives here too. She’s a strange one, and not very nice either. Just last week I saw her kill one of the gnats on the pink walls of our room. She isn’t much for sharing, or at least …

  14. @JessicaDS106

    Can you Guess my Favorite TV Shows?


    For my first assignment this week I’ve done this one for 4 stars. The assignment is as follows:

    Create a mashup of 6 video clips (either TV or Movie) no longer than 2 seconds each. See if anyone can guess your favorite films!

    Please watch the above video to see …

  15. @KaraDS106

    Remix #2


    For my second remix I went back to an assignment we did in the beginning in the writing assignments: A Snapshot of a Story. When remixed, this was the new assignment:

    I created a new Haiku about how useless & meaningless Haiku’s are and made it way over the …

  16. @KaraDS106

    Remix #1


    I remixed the Logo Switch Up assignment first, since I did this assignment this week. See my remix assignment here:

    I used the link to go see Pollock’s paintings & decided to use this one as a background for my already created logo switch up:

    After using canva to put …

  17. @KaraDS106



    I wrapped up my assignments with the Twittr assignment for 2.5 stars. I tried to think of an unusual mix, and came up with SoundBook. This is a mix of Soundcloud and Facebook. It is essentially soundcloud with more of a social spin. Users can create statuses and upload pictures/videos …

  18. @KaraDS106

    Have a Merry Spooky Valentine’s Day!


    I had way too much fun with this one. I chose the Holiday Mashup assignment for 4.5 stars and LOVED it! Christmas is by far my favorite, followed by Halloween and then Valentine’s Day. I made Christmas the main theme and Halloween & Valentine’s Day smaller. Canva makes everything easier. …