1. acruz12

    Lucky Number Sleven…


    I’m not talking about the movie, but rather the merger of weeks 6 & 7 that seem to have gotten the best of me in a good and less-then-good way.  I didn’t underestimate the time it would take to edit a movie, I had done so years back with …

  2. acruz12

    Simba’s Dream


    For this assignment, we went brought back the Foley assignment for a 2nd round, taking the clips that the class created and pulling it into the Chaplin video as an exercise of our video editing skills.  Additionally, we took time to create introduction, layer on a new soundtrack, and …

  3. cew5x

    The good, the bad, the weeks 6 and 7 summary…


    This week was about finally getting (just a little) bit more used to Audacity, appreciating Movie Maker’s simplicity and then wishing it had more editing power when it came to audio (or that I knew more about audio editing in Movie Maker) and making peace with “good enough”.  First though, …

  4. cew5x

    One Man’s Trash…


    Rather than dig for one last idea for a story, I decided to look at other classmates stories this week.  I love seeing what my classmates come up with the little window it opens into our lives.  I think there are some good things here–even if the original poster wasn’t …

GMU Spring 2014 (EDIT 572 Section 2)

These are blogs for students in section 2 of EDIT 572: Digital Audio/Video Design and Applications for the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Program at George Mason University, a class being taught Spring 2014 by Alan Levine.

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    Your Final Project
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