1. @JARVIStech2017

    Privacy in Social Media


    I know that I am more on the conservative side of public information and privacy.  I know, from personal experience doing my fair share of investigating other people via social media, that a lot can be found on websites that people don’t realize are out there.

    My personal pages have …

  2. @innovateinmeta

    Enhanced Reality


    True innovation is rarely the result of new technology. No, true innovation comes from an insightful application of new technology.

    This is the reality facing innovators in augmented reality (AR).

    Mixed-reality technologies could have as great an impact on how we operate within society as social media had, perhaps even …

  3. @JARVIStech2017

    Tribes- Your true fans


    My mom used to tell me a story about a professor she had in college.  He told his class that it was proven that college students only retain about 80% of the material taught in his class, so he said, I will be teaching 120% of the material so that …

  4. @JARVIStech2017

    What’s up 2


    My second hot topic I from my personal facebook.  I have to say, I find it REALLY creepy that I always have ads for things I have done or previously purchased.  I know that there is something to do with “cookies” and search history- but I swear sometimes facebook reads …

  5. @JARVIStech2017

    What’s Up 1


    Hello World!

    Please excuse my absence, my life has dissolved into utter chaos- aka the school year began and I still feel like I’m trying to catch up.  I’m taking my master’s classes, taking Gifted Courses, teaching full time and piloting a new co-teaching program while managing 47 kids!  It’s …

  6. @JARVIStech2017

    Final Reflection


    First of all, may I start with the fact that it is Sunday night and I am filled with a plethora of emotions!  My boyfriend was SUPPOSED to be home tonight, he travels for work.  He had a plane scheduled and then had to cancel it for what looks like …

  7. @JARVIStech2017

    Final Project for INTE 5680


    My final project is a series of videos that goes with Jacqui Zaralban’s videos, as we are co teaching this coming year.

    These videos are meant to be fun introductions to the things that we plan to cover in the first week of school.  We will give a brief introduction …

  8. @innovateinmeta

    Final Reflections on ILT5340


    My final reflections on the summer ILT5340 Digital Storytelling course taught by Professor Remi Holden.

    Me as a learner: This course brought to light some things about myself as a learner. I am a hard worker and I don’t shy away from challenges, yet I find I have to meet …