1. @klw_colorfulco

    Supporting Music in Online Learning


    Here my research partners and I have gathered many useful sites to use, starting today.   These valuable resources can be used to compliment any online lesson plans you are making or have used in the past.

    1.) Sonic Squirrel: access here

    Sonic Squirrel is a site dedicated to providing music …

  2. @sylvanrobert1

    The Value of CARP in My Design Work


    The four principles of CARP: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity

    Contrast—If two things are not the same make them really different

    Contrast means difference, and although difference sounds quite simple it is crucially important to the way we notice things. Humans scan a scene looking for the difference, and I …

  3. @k1234williams

    DS106 2017-01-04 11:42:00


    I’m a teacher… in training for the past 20 years. It seems each semester is different with new ideas and thoughts ready to explore and learn. The stories and experiences I have heard within these walls could fill a book, but it’s the lessons and new thoughts students explore is …

  4. @klw_colorfulco

    Final Course Reflection


    I’d like to take a few minutes to reflect on this last semester in the Digital Storytelling class at CU Denver University.  I had many opportunities to work with my classmates and learn the art of Digital Storytelling through the DS 106 Daily Creates, Digital Story Critiques, a Gallery …

  5. @boylebou12

    Final Course Reflection

    Me as a learner

    My first couple of weeks in this class was filled with some apprehension, uncertainty , and fear that I might  struggle to complete the required work  properly. I have taken a couple of hybrid classes in the past;  but this is the first 100% online class …

  6. @AceInquisitor

    End of Semester Reflection


    Within this class, I learned very well by having to produce smaller content more often throughout the week. It kept me up to date on coursework because I would have reminders to go and do a daily create or go and look up a digital story to look at. I …

  7. @ScheltH

    Final Storytelling Portfolio


    Over the past few months I have been exploring the idea of how and why is it important to tell stories. This question has been thought provoking and has led to many different ideas on why we tell stories. We have been telling stories for generations, most stories have been …

CU Denver’s INTE 4340/5340

Welcome to Lori Elliott's Fall 2016 Learning with Digital Stories Course at CU Denver

CU Denver’s INTE 4340/5340 Learning with Digital Stories is a DS106-inspired course experimenting with narration, annotation, and open learning. Learn more about our course at from the syllabus and follow us on Twitter via #ILT5340.

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