1. @Lisa Fish@pinkywish50

    The Rise of the Cybrarian

    I was sitting in the lobby of my dentist’s office waiting for my annual dental appointment to begin. A few people were flipping through magazines and chatting. One lady looks over and notices my employee badge and asks me where I work. I tell her I am librarian in a…
  2. @klw_colorfulco

    Field Project – Edorble


    Edorble is a downloadable virtual world that makes it easy to host people from all around the world all simultaneously.  I found this 3D world as a great tool to host all sorts of meetings and the possibilities for an online class would be endless.  I pitched the idea to …

  3. @Lisa Fish@pinkywish50

    Do Badges Work Better Than Grades?

    “Badges ruin intrinsic motivation!” How many times have we heard this? But what about Grades? Grades can also do much to damage the intrinsic motivation of a student and is often very limiting in helping students understand where they failed an assignment or subject. This is where badges could help.…
  4. @Lisa Fish@pinkywish50

    Rezzly Makes Learning Fun!

    Gamification has always been a fuzzy concept to me at best, and a potential teacher nightmare at worse. Too many things could go wrong if done incorrectly and it just scared me off. To clarify what gamification is and get over my angst, I turned to Chris Haskell and Rezzly
  5. @klw_colorfulco

    Supporting Music in Online Learning


    Here my research partners and I have gathered many useful sites to use, starting today.   These valuable resources can be used to compliment any online lesson plans you are making or have used in the past.

    1.) Sonic Squirrel: access here

    Sonic Squirrel is a site dedicated to providing music …

  6. @sylvanrobert1

    The Value of CARP in My Design Work


    The four principles of CARP: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity

    Contrast—If two things are not the same make them really different

    Contrast means difference, and although difference sounds quite simple it is crucially important to the way we notice things. Humans scan a scene looking for the difference, and I …

  7. @Lisa Fish@pinkywish50

    Design Brief: Learning 2.0

    Our team was tasked with creating a multimedia project to demonstrate theories and practice regarding the Emergence of the Profession. Essentially this involves reporting on the origins and uses of a key learning theory through an engaging format of our choice. This is awesome because as teachers and professionals, we…
  8. @k1234williams

    DS106 2017-01-04 11:42:00


    I’m a teacher… in training for the past 20 years. It seems each semester is different with new ideas and thoughts ready to explore and learn. The stories and experiences I have heard within these walls could fill a book, but it’s the lessons and new thoughts students explore is …

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