1. @gannon1980s

    Week 2 – Creativity and Copyright


    This week covered a very important topic for anyone that wants to create: copyright.

    Being aware of copyright laws and what you’re allowed to do is important if you’re going to be creating anything. There were many great resources to help understand copyright in this week’s assignment. I wrote reflective …

  2. @Michael63961786



    Concerning the Ghost busters and Huey Lewis copyright issue. There are definitely some similarities but I don’t think there is a case for a lawsuit. I looked at the National Geographic article and I don’t see the what problem is with Gordan Gahan’s picture and how they used it. I …

  3. @gannon1980s

    ds106 Assignments


    I did a few of the ds106 Assignment bank assignments and here are the results

    A combination of Mini and Audi Logos

    A Star Wars haiku:

    A long time ago

    in a galaxy far away

    light and dark balance

    and finally, I took a closeup photo of something. See if …

  4. @gannon1980s

    Show Your Work Discussion


    There is an article online written by Austin Kleon describing how to share your creations with the world. I think the best idea he had was the first one: You don’t have to be a genius.

    This idea means that you don’t have to be experienced and you don’t need …

  5. @gannon1980s

    Copyright, Remixing and Digital Editing


    I read two articles regarding copyright. The first one was about Huey Lewis and the Ghostbusters theme.

    In 1983 Huey Lewis and the News released “I want a New Drug” and then in 1984 the Ghostbusters theme was released. After listening to both songs, it is pretty obvious how similar …

  6. @E_Spengler

    Creating my own character


    Directions: “Create a character covering all aspects of them. Write about a paragraph of backstory, cover their appearance, personality, likes, dislikes, and what their place is in their world. “

    Behind the Story: This character I had been working on prior to the assignment. This assignment helped give me a …

  7. @shealanclark

    Summary week 2


    At first I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this weeks topic on copyright, but I ended up really liking it. The articles I read were great along with the documentary. They covered this very important and often misunderstood topic. I also very much enjoyed the freedom to chose …

  8. @shealanclark

    Splash Mini Projects


    This week I decided I would watch the 1984 movie “Splash” which I had never seen before. This first little project is the letter Allen would have found on his front door if Madison had just left while he was out.

    #FanficAssignments #ds106

    I also made a music video for …

  9. @gannon1980s

    Everything is a Remix Reflection


    Copyright and patent laws are a big deal in the world today. Everything is a Remix explains everything about it. I believe that creators view copyright as a roadblock that they have to try and find a way around to be able to create their works. The opposite point of …

  10. @shealanclark

    Show Your Work


    I just read a great article by Austin Kleon. I absolutely love the idea of sharing your process with the world. I am one of those people who want to know the little details of what went into creating whatever is being created. We often dismiss the little things and …

  11. @shealanclark

    Review of “Everything is a Remix”


    I really enjoyed this documentary and would say I have to agree. Regarding my earlier post on copyright, I did not realize at the time of writing (a couple hours ago) that copyright meant that companies and corporations were basically doing a complete lock down on anything of theirs. Which …

  12. @E_Spengler

    Discussing Copyright with changing technology


    Today I was tasked with reading three different articles involved with copyright. Thankfully all of my chosen articles talked about a different aspect of copyright. I read an article that covered Betamax recordings being considered legal, a photographer suing Getty Images, and the consideration of a tweet being copyright protected. …

  13. @Michael63961786

    Week 1 Summary


    I learned a bit about the Christian right and their involvement in politics. I struggled in writing the story. I wasn’t sure what information was needed for it to be a good story. I don’t think I gave myself enough time to make a good story or gather the information …

  14. @Michael63961786

    My 80’s Story


    The Christian right movement started before the 80’s but it started to get more political spotlight in the beginning of the 80’s. It is a political group that advocated for things like anti-abortion, prayer inside school, intelligent design and many other things. Overall they support conservative values. They proved themselves …

  15. @Michael63961786

    The 80’s


    I don’t know much about the 80’s but I know of some the movies that came out in the 80’s. I do find it interesting to see what kind of technology they used back then. Some of the best stories that I know of in the 80’s include Indiana Jones: …

  16. @gannon1980s

    Week 1 – Bootcamp


    So, first post on the Digital Literacy Blog. There was a lot to get done during week 1 from getting accounts setup to researching 80s culture.

    For starters I got in contact with Dr. Genereaux to have a video conference using Zoom. It was nice being able to talk to …

  17. cogdog

    A Place for KSU Digital Literacy Fall 2019

    Yep, Bill Genereux is teaching another round of DS106 at Kansas State University: A collaborative online course for developing a broad range of digital media skills to be used for telling stories including websites, photography, graphic design, audio, video, code, and mashups. We got ya set up, Bill. @phb256 ...
  18. @shealanclark

    Summary week 1


    I am excited to delve deep into the 80’s for this semester. I feel it will provide amazing inspiration for the work we will be doing. I love the idea of taking the old to create new. It is a good way to incorporate and remember this decade.

    For my …

  19. @shealanclark

    My 1980’s Story


    A little girl was waiting for dinner at the dining room table when tragedy occurred. She discovered that balancing on the hind legs of her chair was very entertaining when she pushed herself too far and her 2 year old fingers lacked the strength to pull her back to safety. …

  20. @shealanclark

    1980’s Storytelling


    I am a very visual person so I naturally gravitate towards movies. The 80’s movies that impacted me the most were the ones in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genre. They intrigued and fascinated me and got me to wonder how these movies were created/constructed. Movies like Legend, Poltergeist, and …

  21. @shealanclark

    80’s Tech


    When it comes to the 1980’s, I am drawn to the gadgets that emerged in that decade. Much of my childhood involved the VCR, NES and an off brand of the Walkman. 1980’s technology really did become a staple in our modern lives. Though now everything has been simplified to …

  22. @E_Spengler

    Who am I?


    My name is Morgan Perez. I am currently enrolled in DIGME 256, Digital Literacy. I will be exploring the different ways of telling stories using digital mediums. The theme for this class is the 1980’s. A time I find interesting but never paid much attention to. Here is where I …

  23. @shealanclark



    Good thing I had this already setup from last semester, but I am definitely going to put together my own website especially since I signed up for the Adobe subscription. I am also loving that this is 80’s themed! I am excited about this semester and look forward to connecting, …

  24. @shealanclark

    Lab-Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks



    To set up a network and then troubleshoot the problems that occurred while we were out of the room.


    routers, cables, switches, computers

    Notes and Observations

    We had two teams set up to complete the same task, the other team was able to get set up very …

  25. @shealanclark

    Lab: Packet Sniffing with Wireshark



    To capture the frames behind the scenes and inspect them individually when looking up a webpage, pinging, a file transfer, and renew ip.


    Download Wireshark.

    Notes and Observations

    This was an interesting lab. It was nice to see behind the scenes and get an actual look at what …

  26. @shealanclark

    Lab 10-Setting up a sub network



    To set up a sub network in the computer lab between 8 computers and using 4 routers and 4 switches.


    Computers, routers, switches, cables.

    Notes and Observations

    We had a lot of trouble getting connected within our own networks. Some of the issue was simply overlooking instructions and …

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