1. saramariee39

    Design Assignments


    We were asked, as a class project, to do 15 stars worth of assignments. These assignments have furthered my knowledge with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Also they have made me think about the design itself. This would include how colors affect photos, how font can make a role in a …

  2. supracharged

    Podcasts Research


    As part of my Digital Media 1 class, we were instructed to delve into the (what I thought was forgotten) world of podcasting.. What it started as, how it grew, and what it has become. So to start out, let’s analyze the name of it, Podcast. Well any human with …

  3. saramariee39

    What I Learned 5


    This week in Networking we covered old material and added a little new material. On Monday we went over the test and went into details about some questions. So basically it was a review day. On Wednesday we went over the TCP/IP model a little bit and why the OSI …

  4. saramariee39

    Lab 5


    Objectives: To understand how to use a wireshark, a packet sniffing protocol analyzer. To further understand how a network works by viewing packets.

    Equipment: Wireshark, internet, computer

    Notes and Observations: Wireshark needs to be downloaded first. Start capturing network traffic for multiple things. We captured information for browsing a webpage, …

  5. saramariee39

    Lab 4


    Objectives: To build a TCP/IP network that works properly.

    Equipment: computer, switch, router

    Notes and Observations: First we split into 2 groups and connected the computers of each group to the group’s switch. Next, we used cmd and ipconfig command to obtain each computers IP addres, each group’s subnet mask, …

  6. saramariee39

    Dream Car


    My dream car is a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. This car makes me feel on top of the world, almost as if no one was around. It’s the kind of car that makes you forget the rest of the world as you are cruising the highway. The shape of the car …

  7. a7xpetrock

    Song lyrics




    Today is the greatest
    Day I’ve ever kown


    -Today by Smashing Pumpkins


    Im on the highway to hell

    -Highway to Hell by AC/DC

  8. a7xpetrock

    Bumper Sticker


    My take on the Keep Calm trend. Carry On is Avenged Sevenfolds single that was featured at the end of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. I found and downloaded the font used in the Black Ops 2 Title

  9. saramariee39

    What I Learned 4


    This week in Networking 1 class:

    Monday was a snow day, however I spent time reviewing for the test by watching the advisors review video he posted from home. It was all review from previous class periods but gave me a better understanding on the types of cables, such as …

  10. saramariee39

    Lab 3


    Objectives: To obtain a better understanding of how the OSI model works and what it is.

    Equipment: Computer, internet access

    Notes and Observations: The first step was to do background research. The OSI model was created to seperate common functions of the TCP/IP model into seperate layers. OSI stands for …

  11. greyartist

    Lab 3 OSI Model


    Layer #

    Layer Name


    Keywords & Description of Function




     datagrams, software layer,
    network aware programs:
    FTP, HTTP, email




     datagrams, software layer,
    controls context between
    application layer and lower
    layers by using different
    syntax and symantics




     datagrams, controls the
    dialogue between …

  12. hjohnson

    My 10 Daily Sounds


    For this assignment I was supposed to record 10 sounds from my every day life.

    I found this very challenging. My first thought was, my life isn’t interesting enough to record. What sounds do mean? So put it in the front my mind and went about my day and tried …

  13. saramariee39

    Sound Effects


    I went around my house and outside to record 10 sound effects that I hear almost every day if not daily. I found it interesting the kind of sounds that I encountered every day that I did not even think about until I was doing this project. All of the …

  14. a7xpetrock

    Daily Sounds


    For an assignment in Digital Media, we were supposed to collect 10 sounds that are common throughout our daily life. Below is a link to my different sounds.


    Ad Astra Ambient: Ad Astra is a local coffee shop located on Santa Fe in Salina. I enjoy getting cappuccinos there …

  15. shelbyweidner

    Daily Create


    Write an epic ode to an underappreciated object (coffee cup, toilet set, bookshelf, etc.)


    Black Eyeliner

    When I put you on I feel beautiful
    Without your touch I look simply dreadful,
    You darken my world in the greatest of ways
    When you outline my eyes its hard not to gaze,…

  16. saramariee39

    What I Learned 3


    This week in networking class we went over the OSI model in further detail. We had a quiz on the material we have covered so far this semester and then did some hands on activities. The main activity we did was with switches. This activity helped us to understand how …

  17. supracharged

    Sounds From Home


    So as an assignment for my Digital Media class, I had to take a recorder and record 10 different sounds that I hear around my home on a regular basis. Some of these sounds are unique to my home, and some are not. Each sound has a title describing what …

  18. greyartist

    Networking Blog 2


    This week I learned how to create ethernet cable using cabling and connectors. I initially did the first connection wrong, but my second attempt was successful and I got both ends hooked up correctly. When I tested the cable it passed, and I was pleased with my work. Seeing this …

  19. greyartist

    Networking Blog 3


    This week I learned about the OSI model. I learned that there are seven layers within this model, what they are, and what each layer’s protocol data unit is. I find all of this confusing still, but I hope that over time it will become easier to understand. All the …

  20. yuniku na

    Hi, I’m Banana Cream Puff and you are?


    My lasted submission for tdc from ds106.us.


    If you could be any pastry in the world, which would you be?

    Write a narrative of how and why you would be the best __________ the world has ever seen.

    My response:

    If I could be any pastry in the world, …

  21. saramariee39

    Week 4


    This week has been super productive. I have managed to do so much extra stuff not only at home but at work this week, which was an amazing feeling. I had one project that made me look at things differently. This project was called media fast. I think this would …

  22. hjohnson

    This week…


    I did a lot of work on my Black History posters. I have been using Photoshop to make my posters but we had that big discussion in class about typography. Maybe I should switch programs to illustrator.

    I am really enjoying all of the daily creates. A lot of them …

  23. supracharged

    Week 4 Summary


    A few of the things I’ve done in the fourth week of my Digital Media class are my Media Fast, and my “I am From” Poster which can be found below. Also, I did a couple of ds106′s daily create assignments which can be found on my flickr account at …

  24. a7xpetrock

    Week 4


    Here are some assignments that I finished for this week in Digital Media:

    I am from poster:  http://a7xpetrock.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/i-am-from-poster/

    Media Fast assignment:  http://a7xpetrock.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/media-fast/

    Black History Month Essays:  http://a7xpetrock.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/black-history-month-essays/


    I liked doing the “I Am From” poster, just because I was able to use Photoshop and Illustrator.

    The Media fast assignment …