1. saramariee39

    What I Learned 1


    This week in class we learned a general knowledge on networking and why it is important. We went over Wikispaces and Diigo briefly and had to make accounts for both. I now understand why these two sites are used and how to use them. Nothing really was suprising. Most of …

  2. saramariee39

    Lab 1


    Objectives: To understand how to properly make a homepage and publish it. Also, learn how to use Wiki Spaces and Diigo.

    Equipment list: Computer, internet access, Wiki Spaces account, Diigo account

    Notes and Observations: Making the webpages using code for project one was pretty simple and self explanatory. Publishing these …

  3. hjohnson

    I Am From…


    I am From throw Pillows, From Art Projects and Crock Pots.

    I am from the Brick Warmth. I am from the Flower Beds and the Peach tree whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

    I am from Blue Eyes and Loud Laughter. From Parents and …

  4. paigep92

    Monday’s Wardrobe


    M occasins, surrounding my feet with warmth

    O bey, “Make Art, Not War”

    N ew t-shirt…from the thrift shop

    D efinitely no denim for this girl on Monday

    A ccessories are unwanted, unless it’s a hair tie

    Y oga pants, keeping it laid back and comfortable

  5. supracharged

    Week 1 Summary


    Well, while technically it’s week two… It’s been a little tough getting into the rhythm of things. I feel as if taking on a few of these new sites is a bit overwhelming at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll find a productive and manageable way to use everything. This …

  6. supracharged

    Ideas For Black History Month Posters


    Here are my ideas of some important figures, places, etc. for our Black History Month Posters.

    1.(Obviously) Brown vs. Board of Education

    2. George Washington Carver

    3. 10th Cavalry at Fort Larned-Buffalo Soldiers

    4. (I don’t know if locations count, but…) Nicodemus, Kansas(Founded by African Americans)

    5. Aaron Douglas(Painter, born …

  7. saramariee39

    I’m From…


    I am from a duck figurine.
    From trophies and model trains.
    I am from the 2 story yellow house
    That smells like cookies.
    I am from the peony bush and
    The oak trees
    Whose long gone limbs I remember
    As if they were my own.

    I’m from big families and …

  8. saramariee39

    Week 1


    This is the first week of my digital media class and I was asked to reflect on the week. We have done quite a bit throuh this open course program. I feel that some of these projects have furthered my creativity skills. Also I have learned quite a bit of …

  9. saramariee39



    One night in the town of Carne Seca, BrownSugar and Sugar were headed to club Spice Extract. They were both secretly hoping Beef, the sexiest boy in town, would be there. Neither of the girls knew that the other one liked Beef, a girl fight in the making. As they …

  10. a7xpetrock

    Black History Month Poster Ideas


    As an assignment for my Digital Media 1 class, we are supposed to research ten possible subjects that involve Black  History in Kansas. Below is a list of my ideas:

    Fort Hays State Historic Site Brown vs. Board of Education Buffalo Soldiers in Fort Larned Gordon Parks George Washington Carver…
  11. supracharged

    I Am From…


    I am from the blue bunk bed in my old room, from my old 80′s TV and SEGA Genesis that are now hidden away in boxes. I am from the average sized, roomy yet cozy house where I always feel welcome. I am from the flower bed in the back …

  12. saramariee39

    Kansas Black History


    February is Black History Month, but do you really know all about black history. I know I don’t. I have lived in Kansas for 20 years now and I know almost nothing about black history that has happened in Kansas. I have done a little research on this subject and …

  13. yuniku na

    Letter From Afar


    Oh, Tomato Puree, how have you been? Does the sun shine as brightly and warm on your side of the kitchen? I’m sure it does. You have it made by the sink. Water probably has the most fascinating stories to tell. He is much more fluid and free than the …

  14. greyartist

    I am from…


    I am from…

    I am from children’s toys
    from musical instruments and Nintendo
    I am from the small house
    across from the playground
    I am from the dandelions
    The cottonwood tree
    whose long gone limbs I remember
    as if they were my own.

    I’m from movies on Christmas eve and …

  15. a7xpetrock

    I am from..


    I am from Mountain Dew

    from Television and Xbox.

    I am from the suburbs of Overland Park,

    from a quiet, uneventful neighborhood.

    I am from the earth, from technology and independence.

    I’m from Glen and Sandi,

    from respect and kindness,

    from the phrase, “Work hard, Play hard.”

    I’m from Kansas …

  16. a7xpetrock

    My Biggest fear..


    My biggest fear is standing up in front of a crowd of people and being required to speak in front of them. I do not like speaking or giving speeches formally. I can be much more comfortable doing informal talks, but just the thought of having to be in front …

  17. greyartist

    Week 1


    This week has been difficult. I am having to become familiar with several different websites that I previously haven’t explored. I’ve had to learn about blogging, which is something I’ve thought about but never done. I’m still struggling to figure everything out, and I’m trying to cope with feeling very …

  18. greyartist

    Black History Month Proposal


    I’ve found about 11-12 different African Americans who are linked to Kansas that would serve as subjects for the poster project.

    Hattie McDaniel (actress) Aaron Douglas (painter and graphic artist) Gwendolyn Brooks (poet) Janelle Monae (singer/songwriter) Charlie Parker (songwriter/saxophonist) Gordon Parks (photographer/director/songwriter/pianist/writer) Barry Sanders (football player) Gale Sayers (football player)…
  19. Bill Genereux

    Media Literacy of College Students


    I’m reading a dissertation called, “MEDIA CREATION AND THE NET GENERATION: COMPARING FACULTY AND STUDENT BELIEFS AND COMPETENCIES REGARDING MEDIA LITERACY WITHIN HIGHER EDUCATION” by Hans Schmidt. It’s pretty fascinating to me because much of it confirms what I have personally experienced and have long suspected about so-called “Digital Natives” …

  20. Bill Genereux

    Light Switch Cover


    Design a light switch cover that incorporates the switch into the design. Print it out and display it somewhere. Post a digital copy of your work online so others can download & print it out as well.

    My digital media class is working on this idea and we plan to …

  21. Bill Genereux

    Combining Science & Art in “Evolution”


    This animation about evolution is the best combination of science and art that I’ve seen in a very long time. Creator Tyler Rhodes has captured the essence of good science education by tapping in to the natural desire of kids to create something. Instead of “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and …