1. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 5


    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about TCP/IP networks, Routers Protocols, and switches.

    Some Routing Protocols include:

    Interior Gateway Protocols Typically used by the same entity/organization Exterior Gateway Protocols Distance Vector = Limited size, older, slower – R.I.P. Routing Information Protocol Link State = Newer, faster, unlimited…
  2. @jayce_hovis

    Lab 3

    Jayce Hovis­         9-20-17 Objectives: My objective is to learn more about the OSI Model, TCP/IP model, and understand Computer Networks, as well as what layer they are located in. Equipment list: – A device in layer 1, layer 2, and layer 3 – A Table of the OSI Model –…
  3. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 4


    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about Topologies, protocols, and addresses.

    No, no, no, not your typical addresses, MAC addresses and IP Addresses. We talked about Mac addresses and how the first 6 digits or 24-bits (AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA,) are the manufactures address. This tells you who made your …

  4. @jjprime1994

    Devlog 4


    Week 4 was on building the artillery launcher game. The steps on the PDF is simple enough to follow. I used a nested if statement to set up the shooting time of the projectile from the launcher and to target the player. I also used AddForce function to increase the …

  5. @KatSlech

    Learning Reflection- week 4


    In the lab, we had to find a switch, a hub, and a router. The router was the easiest to identify, but the hub and switch were a bit harder because they could easily be switched around if you aren’t careful. I started to figure out how to find the …

  6. @KatSlech

    Lab 2 Network Cables


    Objective: The objective for this lab was to make our own patch cables or to install a new connector onto an existing cable.

    Equipment: For this project we used wire cutters, a crimp tool, cable strippers, the CAT5 UTP, and 2 RJ-5 connectors.

    Notes and Observations: I personally had a …

  7. @jjprime1994

    Digital Mirror


    For this assignment, I used the Bitmoji app on my phone to create a digital version of myself. I must say the resemblance is striking!

  8. @jjprime1994

    Wolverine Barbeque


    Wolverine is my favorite superhero. The thought of Wolverine using his claws for barbeque just seems so right. For this assignment, I used photoshop to blend the barbeque pit with the main Wolverine picture. I know it’s not the best but it works.

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