1. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 4


    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about Topologies, protocols, and addresses.

    No, no, no, not your typical addresses, MAC addresses and IP Addresses. We talked about Mac addresses and how the first 6 digits or 24-bits (AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA,) are the manufactures address. This tells you who made your …

  2. @jjprime1994

    Devlog 4


    Week 4 was on building the artillery launcher game. The steps on the PDF is simple enough to follow. I used a nested if statement to set up the shooting time of the projectile from the launcher and to target the player. I also used AddForce function to increase the …

  3. @KatSlech

    Learning Reflection- week 4


    In the lab, we had to find a switch, a hub, and a router. The router was the easiest to identify, but the hub and switch were a bit harder because they could easily be switched around if you aren’t careful. I started to figure out how to find the …

  4. @KatSlech

    Lab 2 Network Cables


    Objective: The objective for this lab was to make our own patch cables or to install a new connector onto an existing cable.

    Equipment: For this project we used wire cutters, a crimp tool, cable strippers, the CAT5 UTP, and 2 RJ-5 connectors.

    Notes and Observations: I personally had a …

  5. @jjprime1994

    Digital Mirror


    For this assignment, I used the Bitmoji app on my phone to create a digital version of myself. I must say the resemblance is striking!

  6. @jjprime1994

    Wolverine Barbeque


    Wolverine is my favorite superhero. The thought of Wolverine using his claws for barbeque just seems so right. For this assignment, I used photoshop to blend the barbeque pit with the main Wolverine picture. I know it’s not the best but it works.

  7. @jjprime1994

    Superhero Best Friend


    My best friend favorite superhero is Spiderman so I figure I should use this opportunity to use him in this assignment. For this assignment, I used Faceswap online and took my best friend’s picture and a picture of Spiderman and mashed them together with the lasso tool.

  8. @jjprime1994

    I am Iron Man


    One of my favorite superhero films has to be Iron Man, the movie that kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was introduced to Iron Man in a PS2 game called Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance, the design of Iron Man in that game was true to the comic but it did not …

  9. @KatSlech

    Learning Reflection week 3


    During the week of class I had learned a lot more about cabling and how there’s different types as well. In the lab, I learned how to make an Ethernet cable by taking the wires and separating them as well as putting them into the plastic piece. I also learned …

  10. @jayce_hovis

    Daily Create #DS106 #tdc2079


    I participated in the daily create today with this image, 

    Today was about Paperback Paradise, it you have never heard of Paperback Paradise, it’s where you grab a paperback book, and change the title of it! It pretty fun to do and can be quite humorous.

    If you would like …

  11. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 5 #DS106 (4 star)


    I did “Poetry Art” in the Visual area this time.

    Now I know it’s a dark poem, however I prefer poems with meaning even though I love to fantasize and be creative all the time. I don’t know I guess I’m just weird, and you can only take so much …

  12. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 4 #DS106 (3 star)


    I moved to “Here Kitty Kitty” (interesting name) in the Visual area this time.

    now right away I know you notice cats, okay let me tell you I totally forgot the name when I did this assignment bank and when I looked back I laughed so hard, because there are …

  13. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 3 #DS106 (4 star)


    I did “Book Artist” Design assignment this time.

    I ahhhh went a little overboard with it, but I feel like it’s fine. I used Photoshop and InDesign for the picture and words structure. As well as the “penmanship.”

    If you want to try it yourself and do way better than …

  14. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 3


    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals I learned about the OSI model and network devices.

    The OSI model in order from 1-7 is Physical, Data link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, and Application. We also learned about what devices like cables, switches and bridges, routers, and connectors go in. We …

  15. @jayce_hovis

    Lab 2: Network Cables

    Jayce Hovis­         9-14-17 Objectives: My objective is to make a twisted-pair cable that that is reliable and correct. Equipment list: – Crimp Tool – Wire Cutter and/or Scissors – Cable Insulation Stripper – Roughly 3 foot length of CAT5 UTP, (CAT5e works too) – 2 RJ-45 Connectors – Network System…
  16. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 2 #DS106 (4 star)


    I did “It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane”  Photograph assignment for this one.

    Here is my result, a Photo of Antman, (You got to look closely and just maybe you will get a glimpse of him.) It actually took me awhile to think of what to do for a superhero, …

  17. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 1 #DS106 (4 star)


    I did a “Missing Person” poster for this assignment.

    Here is my final result. I couldn’t exactly find a template I wanted and instead just copied the picture. I than used the picture as a “template” and moved everything where I needed to go. In this assignment I was trying …

  18. @jjprime1994

    Devlog 3


    Week 3 was about instantiating Prefabs using code. We started with making infinite stairs by using ‘for’ loops in the code. Next adding a 1st person character camera and controls to access the stairs as a character. This practice assignment was easy enough to follow. Then I used what I …

  19. @jjprime1994

    Find Your Superpower – Week 3


    This week’s assignment was very interesting for me. I got to get involved with various types of assignment from the ds106 Assignment Bank. I looked through the assignments picked the following:

    Favourite movie clip

    Animals Doing Funny Thing

    Create a Game of Thrones House

    and made my own submission …

  20. @jjprime1994

    Introducing House Prime!


    I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones. I’m really excited for what’s to come in the last season of the show next year. For this assignment,  I used the website jointherealm.com to design my Sigil as you can see below.

    For the design, I decide used Prime instead of …

  21. @jjprime1994

    Welcome to Jurassic Park!


    When I saw the title, I was instantly hooked to it. I saw the opportunity to make a mashup video of my favorite movie of all time: Jurassic Park. I was introduced to this movie when I was five by my grandpa and loved it ever since. I can’t count …

  22. @KatSlech

    Week 3- Find your Superpower-Digital Literacy


    The first assignment on the website that I did was the one with the tattoo. This tattoo that I want to get was drawn for my late uncle. He had always loved crosses and the ribbon represents the connection to him between the planes. With it he is always connected …

  23. @KatSlech

    Week 2- Creativity and copyright- Digital Literacy


    1.  The first one I read was the controversial topic of Katy Perry at the Super Bowl show with the dancing shark. The “trademark” on the dancing shark isn’t what I would concern myself with in all honesty because even before Katy Perry did the show, the shark was a …

  24. @jayce_hovis

    Summary 3 #DS106





    These are all of my Daily Creates! please feel free if you haven’t seen them to click the link. If you have and want to participate go ahead and give DS106 a follow on twitter at https://twitter.com/ds106dc?lang=en.

    I’ve been all over twitter this week, however I have …

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