1. @jjprime1994

    The Contest Nobody Could Win


    For this assignment, I had to take fragments of a song (under one second) and put them together. Then people try to guess what all the songs are. The assignment said to use six songs, but I ended up using nine. I took short fragments of the nine different songs …

  2. @jjprime1994

    T-Rex Breakout


    For this assignment, I tried recreating the T-Rex breakout scene from Jurassic Park. I downloaded the sound effect online and used Audacity for this assignment. It starts out in a rainy weather, you can hear the stomping and growling. Then the T-Rex breaks out from the enclosure, smashes a car, …

  3. @jayce_hovis

    Daily Create #DS106 #tdc2097


    I participated in the daily create today with this GIF,

    The daily create was about what are Kryptonite was.

    Mine is Patience and I’m not kidding. I have so much patience I’ve waited to be asked to order a pizza after 2 hours of sitting down, while people just came …

  4. @jayce_hovis

    Summary 6

    Assignment Bank 8: Sound Effects Story

    In this assignment bank I grabbed only sound effects to make a story of somebody getting home at their house in the country and decided to get something to eat. Why don’t you check it out at the original blog post down below.

    Want …

  5. @jayce_hovis

    Radio Program Idea’s


    Pay to Play – Music Station: A music station that will read live tweets/ messages/ phone calls. Plays the music that the customers pay for, otherwise if not paid for they will play what they like. Can refuse any donation. I would say this only occurs during a special day …

  6. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 9 #DS106 (3 Star)


    I did “The Contest Nobody Could Win” Audio assignment.

    All my music came from YouTube. I just edited 1 second part out of multiple songs, I don’t really get this assignment…

    In know way can you guess a song in 1 second, but if you wanna give it a try!…

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