1. @jayce_hovis

    Copyright Articles #DS106


    There was several copyright articles I read and they shared a couple of features.

    The Getty images one I found interesting, because of how the took ownership of other peoples work. There is a difference between someone else’s copyright and your copyright. Someone else’s copyright you have to ask for …

  2. @jjprime1994

    Week 1 – Digital Media Bootcamp


    If I have superpowers,  I would like to have the same superpowers as the Wolverine from the X-Men. I would possess animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, powerful regenerative ability known as a healing factor, and three retractable bone claws in each hand. At that point, there is no need …

  3. @jayce_hovis

    Superpower #DS106


    Personally, I don’t have a super power, and I don’t really believe anybody does, which is why we dream and try to be creative.

    Yet, I would prefer to have the invisibility power, and that may sound typical, however let me explain.

    Invisability is a force type power, or an …

  4. @jayce_hovis

    What I think about Superhero’s #DS106


    Personally I could careless about superhero’s, however I do believe that they are an amazing marketing strategy and have endless possibilities.

    since you can technically turn basically anything (and I mean anything) into a super power it makes the possibilities endless to what you can do, comedy- make a toaster …

  5. @jjprime1994



    Objective: The objective of this lab was to setup a network and learn how to troubleshoot problems on a network using RIP.

    Equipment List:

    Lab computers CAT5 cables Patch cables 3 routers 3 hubs

    Notes and Observations:

    We began the lab by connecting three groups of computer together, with the …

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Effective digital communications using industry standard technologies to create and edit various media including photographs, videos, sound recordings, websites and other forms of print and online media. Students analyze, evaluate and participate in digital culture. Digital publishing topics include media access, censorship, copyright, fair use, mashups and remixes.

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