1. Jeff Grant Sr

    “Dead Week” is far from dead

    Hi everybody out there in the blogosphere, I just finished editing my 2-min video project in my senior project class…WHEW!

    When the animated intro and name titles are added to it I’ll post it for your viewing pleasure.

    I have been non-stop doing homework for weeks now with no let-up, …

  2. Jeff Grant Sr

    Coming to the End


    As this semester draws to a close I find myself reflecting on it. It was unlike any other semester Ive had. i spent most of my time both away and at home doing school related stuff. My youngest daughter wasn’t getting very much of my attention (she may actually like …

  3. Jeff Grant Sr

    Happy Earth Day!

    Hello everybody and happy Earth day to you! I want everyone to spend some time today outside looking around and seeing all the beauty and resources that we normally just take for granted.

    Just finished my 3rd physics exam so my brain’s still sizzlin

    The ride home helped me relax …

  4. Jeff Grant Sr

    Preparing for the end


    There is only 5 weeks of class left…Gulp

    Trying to get my old mind to stay calm and get organized is a challenge sometimes :p
    I’m halfway through getting my paper done for my social media class (due in 4 days).
    I have still 2 tests left to take in …

  5. Jeff Grant Sr

    Fun class today!


    Today in my social media class we got to Skype with a class that is from Connecticut. They are seventh graders, and I’m not sure what particular class their in.
    We played a game where each classroom gets 1 question to guess where the other classrooms town or city is …

  6. Jeff Grant Sr

    My, how time fly’s when one’s on vacation


    I swear I just recently left college to begin my week’s Spring break. It’s already Saturday and I feel the pressure beginning to swell from within me. I’ve worked on school stuff everyday, but also had time to myself(finally). I still have a ton of stuff to get done…

    I …

  7. Jeff Grant Sr

    Preparing for an interesting interview


    Well, time to hit the shower (now that I got a cup of java). I’m getting ready to do an interview with a Kansas State alumni and digital media major. This gentlemen should prove to be a great addition to my collection of video interviews thus far. These interviews are …

  8. Jeff Grant Sr

    Playing catch up and what not


    Hey all,

    I’ve been a busy beaver lately trying to keep up with this semesters work-load. I am feeling my years as late (52) and have been having mixed emotions about my future. I think I’m just tired and stressed, so I will let my thoughts brew and see where …

  9. Jeff Grant Sr

    Just a list of references for my research paper (social media)


    Social media in the workplace


    Blaschke, L. M. (2014). Using social media to engage and develop the online learner in self-determined learning. Research in Learning Technology, 22 doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v22.21635

    Kinsley, S. (2015). Memory programmes: The industrial retention of collective life. Cultural Geographies, 22(1), 155-175. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/1474474014555658

    Calvasina, G. E., …

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#tdc2207 Your brushroom

Do you know what a brushroom is? A brushroom is a little brush to brush mushrooms clean and it looks like a big mushroom.