1. Peggy Herrick

    The Last Days of my Christmas Journey to Mexico City


    Collaged Christmas journey daybook page

    My determination to make journey daybook pages each day of this trip was undaunted with any challenges I encountered during the past month. I purposely forced myself to write as well as draw and paint daily. For me, this Christmas was somewhat difficult and I …

  2. Peggy Herrick

    The End of 2018 in Mexico City


    The casita garden

    My little dog and I arrived back in our favorite city resting place in Coyoacan just before Christmas. Having planned this trip in October, I encountered several difficulties after Thanksgiving that made me question what I thought was a positive holiday travel decision; however I trusted my …

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#tdc2687 #ds106 Intentional challenge

What was the last really difficult thing you did on purpose to intentionally challenge yourself on purpose?