1. @k_heflin

    Appendix A1-A3


    Archives A1: The five steps in career planning are: Do a self-assessment on yourself Career preferences-prioritize what you want from your job and career Career objectives- set short and long-term goals for your career and act on them Plan-create a plan to help you to obtain those career goals. Control- …

  2. @k_heflin

    Skill Builder 8-2


    Archives C D D D D B C C D C B D Totals: Autocratic-2 Consultative-6 Participative-4 Empowerment-0 Based on this exercise,  my preferred leadership style is consultative. However, I have numbers fairly well distributed among both participative and autocratic styles as well. I scored a 0 with the empowerment …

  3. @k_heflin

    Skill Builder 5-2


    Archives Step 1: University of Mary Washington Mission Statement The University of Mary Washington is one of Virginia’s outstanding public liberal arts universities, providing a superior education that inspires and enables our students to make positive changes in the world. The University is a place where faculty, students, and staff …

  4. @k_heflin

    Chapter 3 Reflections


    Archives The very first thing that popped out at me while reading this chapter was the different forms of Global Business, mainly Global Sourcing. Global sourcing is the main reason why when I need to speak with a customer service rep of a large company, I end up speaking with …

  5. @k_heflin

    “Lean In” Case Study


    Archives Sheryl Sandberg focuses on women in her book. Sandberg got through the glass ceiling by working hard and getting rid of internal barriers such as a lack of self-confidence, not raising her hand, and pulling back when she should be leaning in. The global practice that most resembles her …

  6. @k_heflin

    Chapter 2 Reflections


    Archives The first thing I came across in this chapter that I found interesting was the components that make up the systems process. Its pretty cool to think that every service or product we use goes through the same 4-step process. Something as simple as egg goes through the same …

  7. @k_heflin

    Skill Builder 2-1


    Archives I think when someone cheats on homework and copies papers, the people being harmed are the person whose work is being copied and also the person who is doing the cheating. No one benefits in these situations. The person who is cheating will think they are benefitting because they …

  8. @k_heflin

    Self Assessment 2-1


    Archives This assessment really didn’t teach me anything about myself that I didn’t already know. I’ve never claimed to be a saint but I’ve always considered myself a fairly ethical person and this assessment more or less proved that. I had a 1 on just 1 question and the majority …

  9. @k_heflin

    Chapter 1 Reflections


    Archives One of the things I found interesting about this chapter was the different types of resources managers have available to them. I had never thought of myself, or employees in general, as a resource. When it is described in the book, it makes sense. I had just never thought …

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