1. @yjangabc

    Peter from Netherlands


    Dear ds106,

    Hi! My name is Peter and I live in the Netherlands. I love spicy noodles, soup, candy… basically, everything spicy! In an attempt to fulfill my spiciness dream, I took on a mission and decided to travel to Korea. Here is my story:

    It all started when I …

  2. @Samantha_Levy7

    Radio Show Reflection


    I decided to tune in and listen to the radio show ‘Agents on Air”. I really liked the beginning of the show. I think that they had a great opening hook! I loved the sounds and the music. Great opener. I also loved that they had 4 different agents on …

  3. @Samantha_Levy7

    Best of DS106


    This semester has been filled with talent so far! Every week I like to take a few minutes to look at other class members blog post and see the work that they did for the week. Sometimes it helps to inspire me, and other times I just think that it’s …

  4. @TomWorfolk1

    Week 9 Summary


    Another Week down! this semester is flying by it seems, I really enjoyed all of the final products that the radio show groups produced. I thought they came out really well for it being most peoples first time attempting to create something like that, including my own. I’m sure most …

  5. @TomWorfolk1

    Google Map Trip


    For this assignment I decided to take a different approach. Rather than mapping out a trip that I had been on, I decided to map out the “locations” of my childhood. I came across the realization that I really didn’t travel very far from home on average. I was either …

  6. @TomWorfolk1

    Ghosts From Ds106 Past


    For this Assignment I decided to stay on this Ds106 post and change the whole assignment around to create the most frustrating assignment ever created. There are no instructions and the header pretty much says continue at your own risk. Good thing this isn’t real because there Is no starting …

  7. @Markham_McFly

    Stepworks story: Pulp Fiction


    So I spent HOURS trying to figure out stepworks because it look much more interesting to me, but I don’t think I succeeded in my quest. I definitely made what I wanted and followed the instructions I was given, but the link doesn’t change and it goes back to the …

  8. @TomWorfolk1



    Original Website

    Updated Website

    It is no secret that whenever we go to the movies we feel like professional critiques. Personally one of my favorite things about going to the movies are the trailers that come before. No matter who we are, you always turn to the person next to …

  9. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Week 9 Summary


    Greeting….fellow agents. I come early bearing gif….no not really, just another weekly summary post to my boss! Curses I am getting tired of making these…but alas! I must, so here goes. Keep in mind, each post goes into FAR more detail about the topic than this summary.

    Firstly, I hacked …

  10. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Connected


    Back in the 1900, laziness was not part of everyones day. You worked to provide for your family, kids were always outside to play since there wasn’t things like TV and games to do inside, and times were good since America was not becoming obese due to these activities.


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    3/17/17 – 3/24/17

    Everyone worked through major projects these past weeks, so we’re going to reflect on what the class has accomplished.

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