1. @slotaheather

    Agent Reveal’s Liscense Plate



    Since we have to do 2 projects related to our special agent and I thought this one would be fun to design a plate with her name on it. I was trying to decide how to shorten it up and I decided to just take out a few vowels …

  2. @slotaheather

    Special Agent Tattoo Design



    This would be my secret agents tattoo. The reason I picked the magnifying glass is because my agent is named Agent Reveal and she is a special agent and a private investigator and one would only know what the tattoo means if they knew her.


    Stars: 3.5…

  3. @slotaheather

    Four icons, one movie.


    This assignment was all about picking four icons and trying to describe a movie. Can you guess what movie this is? Put your guesses in the comments below!


    Stars: 3.5…

  4. @slotaheather

    Postcard from Special Agent Lynn




    For this assignment, the idea was to create a postcard. I choose Abu Dhabi because my Dad is currently on a business trip there and I really want to go one day since I am learning to speak Arabic. Not to mention, it is a beautiful country. My …

  5. @Samantha_Levy7

    What A Song Means to You


    This song means a lot to me! It is the perfect description of my relationship with my father who is my best friend. It is actually the song that my father and I will dance together to at my wedding. Every time I hear the song it makes me cry. …

  6. @Samantha_Levy7

    Remake that Genre!





    The original song “Apologize” by the group One Republic. I would classify the original version as a mix between rock and pop. Luke Bryan is a country artist so his version is definitely country. As much as I love Luke Bryan and he is one of my …

  7. @Samantha_Levy7

    Radio Bumper


    I wanted to do something fun an upbeat for my Bumper. I think that the message my seem simple but it also displays personality as well as attracting audience and drawing in a crowd.




  8. @k_heflin

    World Cloud



    I ended up creating this assignment myself because I couldn’t find one close enough to it that I liked. I used http://wordclouds.com to create a word cloud that relates to my character, Agent A. I used the character dossier that I created previously to pull the words from. I …

  9. @k_heflin

    Wish You Were Here!



    For this assignment, I had to basically create my own postcard for anywhere I chose.

    I knew immediately that I wanted to do a postcard with Italy as the destination because it is some place I have ALWAYS wanted to visit!. I’ve never been there so I didn’t have …

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