1. @Igtherion



    I really like the secret agent theme in all honesty, however I personally have difficulty thinking of how things will be put out in line with this theme. On the bright side, a secret agent theme gives me license to use an alias which I vastly appreciate since I do …

  2. @Igtherion



    Austin Kleon’s “10 way’s to share your creativity and get discovered” was an interesting perspective on sharing creative content. His message was one of self worth and persistence in the face of being undetected in a sea of content. His system is one of constancy in the face of adversity, …

  3. @Igtherion



    Its a pleasure to be taking ds106 with everyone. You can call me by the code name Igtherion. Below I have included some aspects of my interests.

    Glad to be taking #ds106 this semester.

    — Igtherion Crossek (@Igtherion) January 16, 2017

  4. @mingea

    Week 1 summery


    Week 1 work is done! I finished it all before the week even started so hopefully I can keep up with this work ethic going into the semester.

    The first thing we had to do was create a UMW Domain. Thankfully, I already had created one,  so I just …

  5. @mingea

    Misson 106


    Misson 106 is a good theme for ds106. It is a broad enough theme that we can go a lot of different ways with it, and really make it our own. I am not really into spy movies unless they are the parody ones, or comedy. Pink Panther is one …

  6. @mingea

    All the Social Media’s


    Hi, ds106! Here are the social media accounts that I will be using for the class.

    Iv had a youtube account for quite some time but surprisingly have never uploaded anything. I decided to upload a boomerang that I made during finals week last semester.

    I have a twitter for …

UMW Spring 2017 Paul Bond

Welcome to Paul Bond's Fall 2017 Digital Storytelling Course at UMW

Current Assignment

  1. Week One: Bootcamp


    All work is due by midnight on Friday, 1/20/17

    Welcome to ds106! This first week is dedicated to getting set up: set up your domain and Web hosting; install your WordPress site; and create other social media accounts such as Twitter, Flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. Complete introductions via posts, …

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