1. nitinbothra25

    How to survive as a vegetarian excursionist


    I often think I miss out a lot of things to know culturally when visiting different places, being a vegetarian. But on the other hand, it is an adventure in itself, to find delicious vegetarian cuisines at destinations, which are considered to be the worst for vegan or vegetarian travelers.

    I …

  2. nitinbothra25

    A tribute to The (Dying) Great Barrier Reef

    Picture Source : Google

    Although everyone knew that one day it’s gonna happen , due to the exponentially deterring global climate. But, the news of the The Great Barrier Reef came out as a shock to the world. The acidification of the ocean and the climate change have killed this …

  3. nitinbothra25

    5 things that made me Love Vietnam


    Xin cha?o, I am back from my maiden backpacking trip and that too, to an amazing country, Vietnam. So here is a brief about things that made me love Vietnam. 1. Street Food Haven

    From a hygienic fruit filled breakfast to a full platter of sticky rice in lunch, …

  4. nitinbothra25

    Exploring the lesser known Udaipur : Alsigarh

    It is that time of the year when Udaipur, the City of Lakes, blossoms with her stunning scenery. With greenery all around, lakes extravasate waters of the newly born rain and travelers ready to enjoy them.

    If extravagant palace, lavish resorts, historical museums, man-made lakes, or heritage city life allures …

  5. nitinbothra25

    Road trip to Heaven


    Heaven is not a place, but an experience of happiness, peace and joy. So is the hottest travel destination of India in the month of May-September , Ladakh. Although the term hottest travel destination sometimes for some people means amazing night life, pubs, bars, beaches etc. But for the one…

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Welcome to Jennifer Polack's Fall 2015 Digital Storytelling Course at UMW

Current Assignment

  1. Week 3 Learning how to Learn is One of the Most Important Skills in Life

    Remember The University of Mary Washington’s Digital Knowledge Center provides peer tutoring to all University students on digital projects and assignments. Students can schedule 50 minute, one-one-one tutorials with a trained peer tutor on any DS106 related projects.  Click Here to set up an appointment. Daily Creates Have Changed Over …

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