1. rachstanford77

    Week 15 Wrap Up


    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

    The final project was quite fun. We had the chance to think of any story we wanted and it was nice to be creative as much as we could and the fact that we got to use …

  2. rachstanford77

    Submitted Assignment #2


    This is my second assignment that I have submitted for the semester. It is a pretty simple and open ended assignment. You make a collage that defines your personality or something else with meaning to you.

    The prompt is:

    This comes with simple instructions. Make a collage with images and …

  3. rachstanford77

    Final Project

    Rory Gilmore Post Gilmore Girls

    If you have ever watched Gilmore Girls, than you were probably completely disappointed by the final episode. So many questions left unanswered! So many stories left incomplete! Well now here is a chance to get a glimpse of what Rory has been up since the …

  4. adamlostonpatrol

    Last Weekly Summary


    Since the beginning of this semester I was always excited to see what new things Digital Storytelling had in store for me each and every week. From taking this class, I have a new found appreciation for the time and effort that goes into making digital stories, whether it be …

  5. adamlostonpatrol

    The Boy and The Crevasse


    Its Saturday morning at the village of Indom. All of the villagers were out cleaning or planting crops except for one boy, Steve, who had already finished all of his work the day before. On this Saturday Steve decided that instead of lounging around in his cabin, he was going …

  6. jamesb

    Week 15 & Finals!


    This class over the last semester, has been… bittersweet! At first I really though about dropping it because I didn’t really know much and I also was very shy and didn’t want people too see me on video or here me talking. But I would have to say that i …

  7. jamesb

    Customize a Pair of Shoes! (Nikeid Tutorial)


    In this assignment I am going to show you one of my favorite things to do! I collect basketball shoes and have been for the past 4 years, coming up on 60 pairs now. And Nikeid gives this amazing tool where you can put your own little spin on your …

  8. rachstanford77

    News Cast

    News On The March- 4 Stars

    I based the next part of my story off of this assignment prompt:

    Create a 30’s/40’s-style newsreel about anything at all. Just make sure it’s heavy on the propaganda feel.

    The Work Itself

    Story Behind the Story

    Syria is obviously a well discussed news …

  9. sanctum

    Technological Twins


    Once upon a time, there were two twins named Larry and Sam. Larry loves all sorts of technologies, including computers, TVs, phones and smartwatches! Sam, on the other hand, appreciates technologies, but is not madly in love with them.

    Devices that Larry owns

    Larry lives his life on the bleeding-edge. …

  10. rachstanford77

    Breaking News

    Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper- 3.5 Stars

    I based this audio recording off of the audio assignment prompt:

    Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station. What is a bumper? It is a short recording that identifies the …

  11. rachstanford77

    Rory in the News

    Newspaper Design- 4 Stars x 2

    Prompt for this assignment:

    Design a newspaper. Using word, photoshop, or whatever make a fictional newspaper, and put together the front page for today. You can use real articles or you can write your own, but the design of the newspaper should be …

  12. jbrooks5

    How to Make a Story Map


    The KnightLab Story Map is a fun way to tell the story of a trip in an organized manner.  I used this in my final project about a wanderer to help me tell their story from their various destinations.


    Click the “Make a story map now” button in the…
  13. jbrooks5

    They Call Me the Seeker


    Stories are nothing until they are observed.  Whether they’re heard, seen, or even felt, stories are just thoughts and memories that drift until connected to others through observation.

    That was the role of the seeker.  To observe.  To search low and high for fifty million fables.  To see, hear, and …

  14. jamesb

    Best Sports Play GIF! (Imgur Tutorial)


    Since I started my Ds106 Career, I have had to make a few GIFs for some assignments. I had always wanted to know how to because I see a lot of them all over Twitter and Instagram. So I found this amazing website or online tool, whatever you would like …

  15. jamesb

    Fabulous Life of a Couch!















    All day and all night, I am sitting here collecting dust. From morning time to night I have sweaty old guys laying on me, kids running and jumping on top of me. And don’t even think about …

  16. adamlostonpatrol

    Tutorial for 256 Points


    Today, we have the luxury of fast computers with lots of memory and power. However, that wasn’t always the case, and graphics designers had to make due with very limited capabilities. For this assignment, you are to draw a person, vehicle, or otherwise intricate object. The catch is, your image …

  17. cmoton18

    Senior Trip in the City!


    18 year old Tiffany had just graduated high school. In just a couple of months she would be leaving to go to college in England. All of her friends were going to different schools in the United States but because she had dual citizenship she decided to leave the country …

  18. emmasaxophone

    Week 15 and Finals


    Summary of class:

    This class has been hard yet rewarding throughout the whole semester. I have to say that it was very stressful at times trying to figure out how to make my assignments work, but the tutoring center was very useful and wonderful at helping me get past my …

  19. emmasaxophone

    Frosty the Snowman


    Frosty the Snowman

    One day at school a magician was coming to show the class of children some magic tricks. The children were all talking about Christmas, the fresh snow on the ground and how they wanted to make a snowman during recess. One little girl decided to draw what …

  20. cmoton18

    Make My Day: Tutorial


    Step One:

    Gather all the pictures to be used in the collage. Pictures can be found on Google images if you don’t have any of your own to use. 

    Step Two:

    Make a collage of the photos you want to use. There are many different websites that make collages. You …

  21. cmoton18

    Pop Star Out Of Place Tutorial


    To do this assignment you first want to find the picture of the pop star that you want to use. This can be done using Google images.

    Once you find the picture you need to save it to your desktop so it can be opened in Pixlr, which is the …

  22. kstanbro

    Hunna Acre Woods


    All was good in the Hunna Acre Woods, Pooh was selling his honey on the black market, Roo just got his first girlfriend, Rabbit’s modeling career had reached new heights and he was the new spokesperson for Guy Gardner’s, Owl had became a successful pilot in the Air Force, Piglet …