1. arunk

    Instant Replay Tutorial


    This is the tutorial for an assignment I created earlier this semester. While one already exists, I used Movie Maker to do my video, and so this tutorial covers how to make it there.

    The first thing you will need to do is find a clip (or film one) to …

  2. arunk

    Plankton Goes to Court


    It was last year’s biggest news story. It shocked the bottom and left residents feeling uncertain, for the first time, about the fate of the once quiet town. What am I talking about, you ask? Why I’m talking about the day that will live on in Bikini Bottom infamy:

    The …

  3. rachstanford77

    How to Chimeratic

    Tutorial on How to Make a Chimeratic Composition

    Assignment prompt:

    Take at least three pictures (your own or someone else’s) mash them together into something that makes them more than the sum of their parts, something that would have been impossible in real life. Include the original images so we …

  4. rachstanford77

    Color Splash Tutorial

    How to Color Splash in Photoshop Elements 11

    I remembered doing something like this in a Photoshop class in high school so I just played with some tools and techniques until I found the fastest and easiest way. Here is a blog of my original post for this assignment, which …

  5. rachstanford77

    Typographical Horses

    How to Make Typographical Picture in Photoshop Elements 11

    Photoshop Elements 11 has been a lifesaver for me in this particular class. It has many of the basic features of Photoshop so if you have that, you will probably be able to follow this tutorial as well.

    First off I …

  6. smorris1331

    Its OK! I’m Jewish! Tutorial 2


    First off, I’m Jewish! It’s ok. This post could be considered offensive, consider this a way to start a dialogue about horrific events, a social commentary, a part of the grieving process, or just a plain old joke. Whatever makes you feel satisfied. There are no safe spaces, no trigger …

  7. rachstanford77

    Arts and Crafts Tutorial


    I decided for my very own assignment it would be fun to make an arts and crafts tutorial. I went with a paper hat tutorial because it was pretty simple and I have actually never made one before. The description for this assignment is as follows:

    You probably have watched …

  8. boscoe6393

    Engl386 Reflection


    During the final week of class, we discussed Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods. We also briefly talked about the Gothic Horror genre and tropes. That made me ponder about the other comics and graphic novels that we read throughout the course and if they had some these tropes. The first …

  9. sking2

    Let’s Build A Park;


    Leslie Knope is a bold Pawnee citizen. Her dedication to the town is admirable and, sometimes, downright scary. A plan has come to her mind, and once she has a plan there is no stopping her until it is done. “A new park to bring unity to the community,” she …

  10. sking2

    Media for the final;


    Here is a summary of the media I did for my final assignment. Most of these editors I have used many times and have described in prior assignments, so I will only give a brief overview of what I did for the media. Please see examples cited for a description …

  11. forumwonly

    Tying shoes.



    My two TDC ideas are:


    Photo Directions.

    Create your own instructions using just pictures.  For example, if you wanted to teach someone how make toast, you might take a picture of a piece of bread.  A picture of the bread in the toaster.  Etc, etc.  One picture for …

  12. forumwonly

    Journal 3


    So the video was corrupted.  I gave up again for a bit but then I received the third email.

    They’re everywhere!  The voices are screaming at me all the time.  Every time I turn on the television, it goes to static and the voices start.  I think I’m going insane.  …

  13. forumwonly

    Journal 2


    Yeah, that about spells it out.  So I decided to tempt fate and open up some of the links.  This is nuts.  Oh, but, begin at the beginning.  The email I mentioned was from [email protected] – not exactly the kind of thing you want to open attachments from.  I did …

  14. forumwonly

    Journal 1


    Okay, so I got this email out of the blue.  Normally, I just delete these sort of things because they’re stuff like *–# New Russian bRides 8 #1–  or Is Your Husband Cheating on U?.  This one was different somehow.  I’m not sure, exactly what it was that drew me …

  15. sking2



    If you’re looking for how to speed up a video just enough, look no further! I am the expert at chipmunk style. It’s simple and quick, and quite funny when it’s done right!
    To show you how, I will use a video I used for my own assignment. I used …

  16. mirandaskin

    Here Comes the Bride


    Wedding Invitation: We are currently in the middle of the wedding season. With this being said so many people out there are tying the knot! For this assignment, I would like you to create/design your own wedding invitation as if you were going to be getting married soon! What would …

  17. mirandaskin

    Please Hire Me?


    Character Resume: Using either Microsoft Word, creating your own webpage, or using a website like LinkedIn, create a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character of your choice. Add detailed descriptions and make the resume relevant to the character. Resume must include a profile, work history, education, and …