1. travisj

    Class Canceled Today (Thur 3/16)


    Apologies, but I’ve been up all night with a stomach bug!  We’ll push things back a class:

    Finish Super Sad for Monday 3/20 (sparkers on that day)

    Map workshop: 3/23

    Map Presentations: 3/27

    From there we can catch up with our unit on digital storytelling….




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  2. travisj

    For Thursday


    Just a reminder we are reading “A Man Like Him” from The New Yorker (linked in our syllabus), and educating ourselves about doxxing.  I have an article up from The Daily Beast and another article which is promotional (for a web security firm), but also explains the issue.

    What can …

  3. travisj

    No Class Thursday–Snow!


    Ok–so I’m calling it–the forecast keeps getting more apocalyptic every time I check.  We’ll use our digital skills and take it online.

    Please write a blog post about @so sad today, the Twitter, essays, or on  Vice So Sad Today

    What kind of online voice is she cultivating?  What happens …

  4. travisj

    Weather Watch–Please check our site


    I see predictions for snow on Thursday which may make it difficult or impossible for me to get to campus.  Please check this site before you head to class.

    If we don’t meet in person, I will ask everyone to compose a blog post about the Broder readings.  What works, …

English Studies in the Digital Age (St Johns U, Spring 2014)

This class is being taught by Jennifer Travis. The course investigates how digital technologies impact the way we read, study, and understand literature and is inspired by the following questions: What happens to literature and “the literary” in an age of digital technology? How are modern technological innovations like the computer and e-reader reshaping our understanding of texts and their writers, readers, and interpreters? What is digital literature and how do we contextualize it within a history of literature and literary aesthetic?

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