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    NYCDH Week


    NYCDH is happy to announce the 2nd Annual NYCDH Week, February 6-10, 2017.

    Taking place at institutions throughout the city, NYCDH Week gives individuals across the region who are interested in digital humanities an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, meet new people, and make new connections. Following last …

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    Extension on project, if needed


    Hi All:

    I’m still working on my undergraduate grading and will be until Monday, so if you need an extra few days that is fine.  Please be sure to send me a link to your project by Monday 12/12.  Hope your semester is coming to a speedy and successful conclusion!…

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    Final Projects


    Hi All:

    Please email me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts you may want to discuss as you finalize your projects.  I’m happy to skype or google chat too!

    Great to see how interesting and relevant everyone’s projects are!  Looking forward to seeing the final products…

    Thanks again for an …

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    CFP–Distracted Reading


    Distracted Reading: Acts of Attention in the Age of the Internet Central to the humanities is the theorisation and practice of modes of attention (to cultural artifacts and to other aspects of the world). Indeed, within our teaching spaces many of us devote much time to finding ways to redirect …

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    Another digital pedagogy title


    Have a look.  Feel free to choose an essay or two from this collection, if you like, rather than one of the others.  We will share our readings and thoughts on Thursday:

    Digital Pedagogy

    And..”Writing as Curation”–the essay that was listed on the syllabus last week but not properly linked …

English Studies in the Digital Age (St Johns U, Spring 2014)

This class is being taught by Jennifer Travis. The course investigates how digital technologies impact the way we read, study, and understand literature and is inspired by the following questions: What happens to literature and “the literary” in an age of digital technology? How are modern technological innovations like the computer and e-reader reshaping our understanding of texts and their writers, readers, and interpreters? What is digital literature and how do we contextualize it within a history of literature and literary aesthetic?

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