1. @shleighduque

    Trustworthy Forehead


    I heard the scream and knew immediately what was happening. Mrs. Tulu lives in a ground-level apartment on the side closest to the alleyway. Although we technically reside in the showiest side of town, our building lies on the border of the west end of Hemlock County, where police are …

  2. @Maggieo_13

    Week Three Assignments!



    This week I began with activity 4. Doing the activities was more challenging this week then before. I enjoyed doing them, but I had to think quite a bit and not put boundaries on my thinking process. I ended up doing three total assignments. Two were 3 stars and …

  3. @LilahKBB

    Summary Week3


    This week was a little difficult for me because I am a slow writer and I have a problem taking too much time trying to layout the specifics of what I am going to write and not enough time to actually write it and have time to edit. So this …

  4. @Ms_AmandaP

    Summary: Week Three


    This week was a crazy week. I looked a daily creates more than three times this week, but kept putting them off. That was a bad idea as I only has three days to complete three daily creates and I forgot one of those days, so I have these two …

  5. @Maggieo_13



    Super stories have a style of there own. They have a similarity unlike other stories. A story I want to analyze is the story of Wonder Women. But specifically from the 2017 movie. In the movie you have the basic super hero plot. Wonder Women is accessed when a man …

  6. @shleighduque




    It is dusk. Under purple skies, the breeze is gentle and swift, and a small silhouette soars through the air. Dark, sapphire waters ripple continuously; rhythmically. It is a vast and ambient abyss. One could gaze for an eternity.

    Silence lies beneath the waves. Tranquil, like above, but different; …

Todays TDC

#tdc2080 Be shady or shadowy

Take a photo of a something’s shadow in a way that makes it difficult to identify the object. Need inspiration? The google obliges Enjoy photographing shadows today.