1. @TristenStevens3

    DS106 week 12 summary


    This week was all about remixes and mash ups. I preferred the mash ups because it was really fun to put things together that weren’t together in the first place (plus it was a little easier than remixes).  It was kind of like an original idea using work that was …

  2. @Maggieo_13

    Week 12!


    This week was a more difficult week for me. The mash ups we different. I had to get creative and push myself on learning certain technology. I had to learn how to really use audacity and find new ways to edit and mash up photos. Overall this week was fun …

  3. @Maggieo_13



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    Video (3)

    I chose to use a video of Barack Obama speaking and I dubbed his voice with a robot! He is being playful and funny in the clip so the video is enjoyable with the robot voice.

    Remix12, RemixedAssignments2814

    I had to create a photo and …

  4. @TristenStevens3

    Photo Mash Remix



    I did not try to make this easy… For this assignment, I hid waldo in the Sistine Chapel.  If you can find him, leave a comment! (remix for 2 stars)…

  5. @TristenStevens3

    Superhuman in Everyday Life (remix)


    So, as you know, I would fly to class so I am never late but if I were to have a sidekick, who would it be and what would he do? Well, I have come to the conclusions that my sidekick would be Brain Man.  He would be able to …

  6. @Maggieo_13

    Assignments Week 12!


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    For this assignment I used snap chat to create superman holding up the UC! It was a pretty quick one and I enjoyed making it! This was worth 3 stars.


    For this assigment I also used snap chat! I had to create a mashup of two …

  7. @TristenStevens3

    Superhuman in Everyday Life


    On one side of campus and need to get to the other before your exam starts? Well being able to fly would be nice! I would take to the sky and reach my class in seconds instead of walking through the traffic of people everywhere. (assignment for 4 stars)…

  8. @LilahKBB

    WEEK 12: Smashups and Demixes


    This week I enjoyed making mashups of some of my favorite things like the band BTS, Disney, music, and funny scenes from movies!

    My first assignment that I did was using an image from the one of the members of the band that I thought looked godly and adding a …