1. @dannpannn

    Character Introduction: Faniel Kan


    Hello, my name is Faniel Kan. I identify as an expert in various forms of content creation. Primarily, video and photo editing. I am 25 years old from Long Island, New York. I grew up in a very prosperous family of lawyers. Sadly though the path of law was not …

  2. @dannpannn

    Films, Reflections, and GIFs


    I have actually seen La Jetee before!
    The first time I watched it was because I used to really be into stop motion movies. I tried to find the only I made in 6th grade but I couldnt Anyways I have always felt that it was a super cool and …

  3. @dannpannn

    Assignment: Storytelling with photos


    I have always felt like a black and white photo said abandonment. Since I was not allowed to use fancy digital editing software I chose a B&W photo as the during the apocalypse picture and a color picture to show the survival.

    the second assignment I chose was choosing my …

  4. @laasarge

    Week 5: Barely Alive


    As you can probably tell by the time stamp from this post, this week has been one of the harder ones for me. Time management went flying right out the window and everything got shoved into a few quick days of work. Would not recommend. Still, I got to explore …

  5. @dannpannn

    Assignment: Thinking about photos


    I relearned some things I already knew as a photographer. I learned about the rule of thirds on the tips page which is something I will definitely be applying to my own photography. I went back and looked at some of my older photos that I have taken and the …

  6. @una__vita

    Can Anyone Hear Me?


    This week seemed like it wasn’t that much of a work load, so I was actually able to get the majority of the work done early in the week. The first assignment I focused on was the Character Choice and Introduction. My character’s back story revolved around the void that …

  7. @una__vita

    I Can’t Feel My Legs…


    I think that the creators chose audio as the medium because it gives the audience a greater sense of context to what is going on in the message. The way someone projects their voice through the audio messages tells you whats going on. The crowd-sourced audio does a great job …

  8. @GMorris1988

    Weekly Blog Assignment: Week 5


    I think I keep saying it every week, but I don’t know how anything can beat a week dedicated to audio. I absolutely love radio!! It is what gets me through my day! I haven’t always been this way but more recently I have come to a great appreciation of …

  9. @laasarge

    E.T. Phone Home


    In this audio assignment worth a whopping 5 stars, I created a phone call from the perspective of a character in Philip K. Dick’s short story, The Defenders. This assignment was the perfect one for doing what we were assigned to this week: weave in something that has to do …

  10. @keyris22

    Like a Professional


    The week has passed through rather quick. I feel that I have blinked and its already Monday. I had fairly good week, nothing too trouble happened, so guess that played some contribution into why I am feeling this way. And also the assignment nothing was too hard for me to …

  11. @keyris22

    Radio head


    I found Frequency 2156 to be cool, but frustrating. I loved the layout and every part of the website was meant to entice you into its world where apocalypse is currently happening. It made you feel and imagine an apocalyptic world by having the layout resemble a World War theme. …

  12. @Anne Armour

    The Fifth Closing



    This week had been a bit of a struggle for me, but I also feel like I learned a lot this week. I had never done anything with audio before, so I hadn’t been looking forward to doing this part. However, I ended up having fun figuring out how to …

  13. @shayfinnz

    Frequency 22401


    Hello all!! Here we are, deep into the sixth week of school and almost to Spring Break!

    To be very honest I found this week really challenging. I had a hard time figuring out all of the technology and on top of all of that, I had a lot of …

  14. @laasarge

    Rise and Shine Audio Adventure


    We all have our particular sounds of the morning, afternoon, and night. The bang of a door or squeaky board in the floor may be familiar to us but jarring to others. In this audio assignment, I explored that blurry line of familiarity and alienness by recording sounds around me …

  15. @laasarge

    S.O.S.: Save Our Sounds


    Frequency 2156 is an awesome sight that collects different audio posts from all over the world and compiles them into one gigantic audio narrative. The idea is that the apocalypse has come and people worldwide are attempting to reach out and communicate with someone, anyone. Some of the posts I …

  16. @shayfinnz

    Reading and Reflection Post


    I learned a fair amount from the two videos and the different articles. I had heard about Audacity before, but I had never used it. I am definitely learning a whole lot this time around. I feel still feel fairly uncomfortable navigating around audacity. I tried to use it for …

  17. @Mburke4UMW



    This week though it seemed like a lot of work each assignment didn’t take that much time, just a little thought went behind it. The hardest part was the character assignment, I felt I really struggled with that just because it is so important to the rest of the year. …

  18. rachs_story

    Week (I’m Out Of Apocalyptic Puns) Five

    Week Five

    This was a very challenging week for me. I had several other demands outside of this class including papers, portfolios, and performances that kept me from doing my work like I would like to. Through all of that chaos, I missed my Daily Create assignments! They are always …

  19. rachs_story

    Assignments Chosen by Martha

    Web Assignment

    Using either Microsoft Word, creating your own webpage, or using a website like LinkedIn, create a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character of your choice.

    AUdio assignment

    Visit Frequency 2156 and spend sometime exploring the broadcasts. Then record your own dispatch and upload it. Grab the …

  20. @shayfinnz

    Frequency 2156


    I think this is a really cool thing. I spent a good chunk of time looking and listening to different posts from all over. I tuned into their broadcast for a little bit and tried to catch different sound bites. I think that these creators chose this medium because it …

  21. @dslupekds106

    Apocalypse Digest, Vol. 5



    Weekly Agenda

    Audio Overview Character Introduction and Assignment Reading and Reflection Frequency 2156 Make A Song Self Eval QOTW

    Audio story telling this week was interesting. In retrospect, I feel like audio storytelling has been my least favorite as I do not care to hear myself on camera or …

  22. @Mburke4UMW

    Lets Talk About ME


    Specifically, I am feeling very full. I just got back from a fabulous dinner at Logan’s and it was great quality food. I wish that I hadn’t gone out to eat however, and stayed in and studied more for my exam I have tomorrow afternoon. I saved doing my weekly …

  23. @esanbornumw

    Week Five


    I survived week 5… woo! And 11 more days until spring break!!!! aka my 21st birthday!!!!!
    This week I managed my time much better than the past. I told myself to space out these assignments so that I’m not stressing myself out by cramming. I did one assignment each day …

  24. @Anne Armour

    Reading and Resource Reflection


    I really enjoyed Jad Abumrad’s videos on audio storytelling. Like he said, I didn’t like audio storytelling at first. He explained that it lacked, but it was what it lacked in that made it so great. While it’s not like a movie where you can watch what is happening, audio …