1. @rachelmossds106

    Frequency 2156



    I love this whole platform, even though it sort of freaked me out. The fact that it is only audio, only makes it that much creepier. It leaves a lot to the imagination. In my contribution my radio post was asking for help. The members of my group had …

  2. @shayfinnz

    A Day In The Life Of Your Character


    For this assignment, I got a little lost, but maybe ended up found again? I was trying to create an audio recording of the character I created for one of this week’s assignments. I wanted it to be the one I took from the archetype bank because I had already …

  3. @dnguyenUMW

    Week Five: Audio Storytelling

    Create Yourself Anew

    Out of the choices that I got to choose, creating social media posts was the best option because the amount of background on Robert Neville was not much. All that I knew was it was set in Los Angeles in 1976. I really wanted to create a …

  4. @tostromcpsc106

    The End of Week Five!


    As week five comes to a close I find myself feeling accomplished. Going into this week I was nervous because I had no experience with audio prior to this week. I knew about Soundcloud but never used it and I never heard of Audacity. I was thankful to see there …

  5. @esanbornumw

    Frequency 2156


    Browsing the Frequency2156 was very interesting. It was fun clicking on random radio stations people added. I really like the way it connects us even from people in different states and countries that our dealing with The End too. I liked when people added sound effects to allow the audience …

  6. @tostromcpsc106

    The Five Sounds I Love


    Above is the collection of my favorite sounds. I chose five sounds I enjoy hearing. They are the following: baby laughter, rain fall, wind chimes, ocean waves, and birds chirping. What are some of your favorite sounds?…

  7. @rachelmossds106

    Audio Reflection


    “I’m painting something, but I’m not holding the paint brush. You are.” Jad Abumrad said when talking about how someone else’s voice relates to your own imagination. I had never thought about it before, but it is true that when listening to the radio I can picture in my mind …

  8. @keyris22

    Recording Artiest


    Before I started the audio assignments for the week I had three main goals I wanted to uphold. The first being that it had to be 4 to 5 stars rated, Second, it would have to take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and last but not least, easy …

  9. @eafinto

    Week 5: We Did It Guys


    Once again, we have reached the end of another week surviving The End.

    This week, the focus was on learning all about audio! I’ll say this. I’ve become much more comfortable with using different audio platforms such as SoundCloud and Audacity. I used to hate recording my voice and then …

  10. @tostromcpsc106

    Call Me, Beep Me


    I chose to complete the assignment, “Call Me, Beep Me.” After reading the assignment description I was intrigued and knew I had to give it a shot. I chose to record a 911 call. In the call I am calling as Susan from, “Tupac Shaker and the End of the …

  11. @shayfinnz

    Character Choice and Introduction


    This week I would like to introduce everyone to Erin! She is 45 years old but doesn’t feel a day over 30. She has two girls whom she loves to the end of the earth.

    Their names are Sarah and Kim and they are 13 and 8, respectively. Erin’s workspace …

  12. @Chris_tastrophe

    Wool: Sounds From the Silo

    Create a Place

    Listen to be transported into Hugh Howey’s world of Wool. These sounds emulate a multi-level society that survives underground in a giant vertical silo, all floors connected by one spiraling metal staircase.


    Behind the Scenes

    I knew the silo would be an interesting choice because …

  13. @Anne Armour

    Don’t You Worry Child Mashup


    For the last Audio Assignment for this week, I chose to do the Original and Cover Mashup assignment. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be really cool to hear both versions of the song over top of each other. I knew it would be weird sounding, but …

  14. @rachelmossds106

    Katie Levine


    Archetype Character – The Observer

    Smart, Quick, Knows their surroundings, has a keen eye, patient


    Katie Levine – Her Past

    Katie grew up with a single mother, and a brother who was two years older then her. They were from Austin, Texas. Katie’s dad left her family when she …

  15. @GMorris1988

    Assignment: Reading and Resource Reflection


    To start this post off, I have to say that I absolutely love radio. I’m not just talking about music either. I easily listen to far more radio programs than I watch TV a week. In the mornings, I listen to NPR and CNBC. During work I listen to multiple …

  16. @Anne Armour

    Call to Sanghwa


    For one of my Audio Assignments I decided to do the Call Me, Beep Me assignment. This assignment involved choosing a character from a story I have read, watched, or heard during this class so far. I decided to do a call from Seong-kyeong to Sanghwa after she arrived in …

  17. @rachelmossds106

    Week 5 Reflection


    This week was a fun one! I enjoyed learning how to create audio, and how to put different pieces together. I have finally gotten almost halfway through my novel, and I cannot put it down! It is so good! Its The Passage by Justin Cronin. I would recommend this book …

  18. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    When will my reflection show, who I am, inside?


    Hello, everyone, this is another one of my self-reflection posts for this week! This week was focused on audio creation and editing which was very fun however it could be difficult. The other thing that I did was create a resume for my character. I mainly focused on the aspect …

  19. @CCally733

    Week 5 and I’m Staying Alive


    Alrighty so I finished week 5.. Yay me.

    This week was pretty challenging to say the least because I have never ever used audio apps before so definitely a first for me. But it I think Audacity is a pretty cool app and I cant wait to use it again. …

  20. @dnguyenUMW

    Frequency 2156, Can You Hear Me?



    Why do you think the creators chose audio as the medium?

    I believe it sets the tone of an apocalyptic world, because they would not have TVs nor internet. Radio signals can move across the world and is very reliable for communication.

    How well does the crowd-sourced audio work …

  21. @GMorris1988

    Assignment: Character Choice and Introduction


    For my character choice and introduction, I have chosen a character that currently is a young soil scientist that is currently working at a agricultural company.  In order to introduce this character, I created a Resume to given a brief background description.

    Here is the resume of Jim Tomsula III…

  22. @dslupekds106

    Reading and Resource Reflection


    I was interested to see what Had Abumrad had to say about storytelling as he was saying he was a radio host. Considering that it seems like the radio is going “out of style” or maybe on the decline, Jad seems to think that his job is only around still …

  23. @Anne Armour

    Broadcast from Forreston Grade School, Illinois


    Forreston Grade School Broadcast: https://frequency2156.com/signal/531

    Creating my broadcast from Forreston, Illinois, was actually quite the adventure. After getting everything downloaded and ready to go, I had to think about how I wanted my broadcast to be. I don’t know what kind of apocalypse I’m in (it seems rather war-like from …

  24. @dslupekds106

    Character Choice and Introduction


    Archetype: The Natural

    Example: Shaun from Shaun of the Dead

    Assignment: What They Might Have Done In Social Media

    Below is an example of a tweet that a Natural archetypical character like Shaun (Simon Pegg) from Shaun of the Dead would have tweeted.

    My Character: Joey Buckets

    Personality: Lazy, efficient, …

  25. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    The beginning of Alexanders end


    Alex loved working at blockbuster it was his favorite job and one of the only things he cared about. However, this voicemail was the beginning of the end of Alexanders happiness at blockbusters. He also does not like to be called by his first name so he has a name …

  26. @dnguyenUMW

    Reading and Resource Reflection


    Tell us about your experience with audio coming into this class.

    Prior to this class my only experience to audio was with my mom, who was once a radio host. She was a Vietnamese radio host and she would talk all night at the station. From personal experiences, I used …