1. B Short

    Storytelling 101: The end of the animal


    The rest of Jonathan Gottschall’s book The Storytelling Animal is concerned with providing evidence for the argument that he started in the beginning of the book—that all storytelling emanates from our need to practice problem-solving, and that this relationship to imaginative—and imagined—conflict is what separates us from the rest of …

  2. B Short

    Week in Review Feb. 10-14


    from newpublicaffairs.com?

    This was the first week of my ongoing, poorly-defined “Storytelling 101” project, where I try to break down what storytelling is so that I can highlight—hopefully?—the connections between the history of storytelling and storytelling technology and the explosion of digital story-making tools available to the citizen storyteller.

    This …

  3. B Short

    Storytelling 101: Non-stop Story People [video]


    Again, going from 50+ Ways to Tell a Story master list, I chose Animoto to make my second video on storytelling issues, mostly stuff inspired by re-reading Jonathan Gottschall’s The Storytelling Animal.

    This is something that I think about a lot, especially working as a writer and social media whatever-the-word-is-for-people-who-do-social-media …

UMich RCCORE 334

The Spring 2013 class the University of Michigan Residential College taught by Brian Short..

RCCORE 334: Digital Storytelling examines, interrogates, and explores the current digital landscape by reading the work of great digital and analogue thinkers and by using freely accessible technology to make art. more information....

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