1. capnmarkish

    Research Paper Topics for HIST466


    One of my biggest passions in life is sports, so naturally the first topic I thought about covering for my term paper was something to do with sports. As we have been made aware of in the documentary we watched on modern Chinese culture, the Beijing Olympics were a huge …

  2. mwatanab



    3 Graces Found In Friends

    82. That learning can happen in a group.  That groups facilitate discovery.   That groups are safe.

    83. Laughter.

    84. Differences in opinions is welcomed.

    A Song Heard, A Soft Word, Light Seen


    Also, there’s a new Josh Groban album coming out :]

    86. with …

  3. mwatanab

    Dinah’s In The Kitchen With Me


    fredericksburg (va) sunset

    3 Gifts in the Kitchen

    79. My friend just baked cookies from scratch.  Oh my goodness cookies straight from the oven are amazing.

    80. Rice.  Microwave rice cooker.  Riceeee.

    81. Colorful kitchen tools and gadgets.


  4. mwatanab

    Jesus Christ


    Good gosh this has taken me a lot longer than anticipated.  I do hope to be better at updating.  Also, I think that there is a theme change in the near future!  I say this a lot but I do hope that things change and that they change soon.  Wordpress …

  5. capnmarkish

    Two Perspectives on GLF


    Our class was assigned two contrasting books about China’s Great leap forward, one that showed a critical view point, and the other a more “official” viewpoint that was much more positive. The thing that jumped out to me the most was how even in the book that showed the “official” …

  6. mwatanab

    Life Is As Beautiful As Jupiter


    3 Gifts From God’s Word

    These are a few of my favorite verses:

    52. The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  (Lamentations 3:22-23)

    53. It is the LORD who goes before you.  He …

  7. aetherbunny

    Independent Study Proposal: Edtech Boogaloo








    So if you’re interested in what the Big Scary Research Project is (more or less) going to be about, read on! The short version is that I’m …

  8. mwatanab

    Three Plus More


    A Gift Bringing Laughter, Prayer, Quiet

    49. Have you seen The Dark Night Rises?  I finally did.  Twice.  In a row.  Holy smokes!  I’m in love.  As sobering as a lot of the movie was there were still a lot of lighter moments that were so surprising that it …

  9. capnmarkish

    Young and Restless in China


    One thing in particular about the film we were asked to review occurred to me approximately half way through the clip. The cities and infrastructure was built fast; perhaps too fast. A few minutes after this realization, a woman began to talk about the power lines that had been put …

  10. capnmarkish

    Setting Sail with HIST 466


    As I am too lazy to change my pirate theme yet from my DS106 class last semester, I felt the need to be puny to start this class off. I’m Tony, but most of you probably know me as the guy with car trouble. My reasons for taking this History …

  11. mwatanab

    Give and Wear


    A Gift Worn, Given Away, Shared

    43. I’m wearing a dark blue nail polish (essie) given to me by one of my closest friends.  It’s gorgeous.


    45. Today was absolutely beautiful.  I got to spend an evening sharing life together.  One person and I gushed about our …

  12. mwatanab

    God’s Graces


    3 Startling Graces of God

    40. He aligns our hearts even when we are far away.  He sets books, places, and people into our lives for us to find at a later time – in His time (a.k.a. the right time).

    41. His timing is perfect.  The fact that one …

  13. mwatanab

    Me, Myself, Melinda


    3 Things About Yourself You Are Grateful For

    37. I have functioning senses.  I can see parts of me going downhill at a slow pace, but at least I still have them.

    38. Eyes.  They are the one feature I notice remains pretty constant in all my pictures.  They share …

  14. mwatanab

    Somethings On My Mind


    Lists are fun.  I’m not good at keeping to them.

    It’s official: I’m not going back to Hawai’i for the summer.  I need to find a place to live.

    I need to find a place to work.

    Read the Bible praying, “Father, hold my mind’s attention. Wake my heart’s affection. …

  15. aetherbunny

    How to beat a big scary project


    If there’s one thing I learned (and actually got some practice overcoming) last semester, it’s that I have an intense aversion to starting new things. So this research project proposal? Yeah. It’s still kicking my ass. The only way to fix that… IS TO BEGIN.

    I have taken into account …

  16. mwatanab

    Inside-Out Plate


    Herndon, VA, 2011

    A gift outside, inside, on a plate

    4.  Yesterday I was joyous because of the sound of rain, and today I am joyful for the sights of wind.  Every time I see the breeze sway the trees I am reminded of God’s love.  It’s like that quote:  …

  17. mwatanab

    The Joy Dare


    This year I am going to turn the frown in my heart upside-down.  I am going to partake in the Joy Dare which uses a prompt a day to share with you three things.  I think that too often I get bogged down by the cares and burdens of our …

  18. cogdog

    The Ox: John GIFwistle


    In my late night Youtube wandering, among the suggested videos that popped up last night was, An Ox’s Tale, the full length documentary of The Who’s bass genius, John Entwistle.

    The guy was in an orbit of his own for what he accomplished, from building his first electric bass …

  19. aetherbunny

    Please pardon the dust bunnies…


    I’m working on making my blog a bit shinier and better for the new year. That means lots of wonkiness and new layouts and generally a lot of derping around for a bit. Also an excuse for more lame bunny puns! Because those never get old, right??


  20. aetherbunny

    What’s next on Aetherbunny?



    Seasonal! Kinda! Also appropriate considering there is a LOT of new stuff! Starting with dusting off the cobwebs on WordPress and getting everything shiny and updated for 2013.

    So. Here are my big scary awesome projects for the new year:

    Big Scary Awesome Research Paper–…

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