1. Casey

    Trying to go Toward the Light


    Hello, My name is Rapunzel!

     all of my life I have lived in a tower with  my mother.  I have a window to look outside, but I have never actually been outside these stone walls.  Luckily I was able to make friends with a chameleon who I named Pascal.  I …

  2. Casey

    What was Rapunzel Thinking


    After I finished my project and all my blog post about them I looked back I what I created.

    I am pretty proud of the pinterest account I made for Rapunzel’s adventure.  I put a lot of thought and effort into what I wanted to include on her web list.  …

  3. Casey

    Audio Journal


    These were the most time consuming part of my final project.  I made audio journals of Rapunzel’s plan and how things worked out.  I recorded my voice as Rapunzel in audacity and then got audio clips off youtube.com from the movie Tangled itself.  At specific points I mashed the two …

  4. Girl Without A Net

    Enough Will Never Be Enough


    Nine and a half years ago I was adopted by an adorable, loving yet sometimes aloof puppy, Harper, Mr. Friendly, Harper-Harper-Bo-Barper, my Handsome Boy.  Yesterday he died.  With him, a piece of my heart and soul feel like they died too.

    When I walked into the home of the family …

  5. Girl Without A Net

    FINAL Web Story Part 3 | Listening to the Love


    I wanted to do something with audio because I REALLY enjoyed (most) of this section.  Plus who doesn’t like a simple sound story?

    I know I do.


    I think this is totally effective in describing meeting the new pup for the first time, and the joy they shared!


  6. Oh My Gott

    News of Abe Spreads


    The news of Abraham Lincoln had to spread quickly. In the world we live in today, news is instantly broken via social networking sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. I wanted to show examples of news breaking via social networking sites, but thought Twitter was too …

  7. Casey

    All the Hooting and Hollering Summary week 9


    The radio show I reviewed was fairly well done.  I thought about different elements as I listened to what they came up with. I noticed that the sound quality was a little off at times because of background noise.  A few times the background was distracting and took away form …

  8. foxylee13

    End of DS106 Ceremony


    Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the annual End of Ds106 Ceremony! I’m your host Amber E. May and I am happy to kick off this celebration! There’s a very large crowd of cheering fans and members of Ds106 gathered outside of the celebration hall and they’re ready …

  9. foxylee13

    Living the Dream (Ds106 Final Project)


    In a world where magical ponies roam free over the land and soar through the blue, cloudless skies, one speedy pegasus strives to be better than the rest. This is a story of blood, sweat, tears, ambition, and a mare’s determination to become the next legendary Wonderbolt, a protector and …

  10. Casey

    How to Travel to an Unknown Place – You’ll Need…


    As a web assignment I created a pinterest for Rapunzel.  On it she has all the things she will need for her journey to the floating lights.  I put on practical things, such as flashlight, tent, sleeping bag, and food.  I also put somethings that Rapunzel likes, such as Pascal, …

  11. Casey

    Map it Out


    This was an assignment I chose on my own.  It is not one from the ds106 assignment bank.  For the visual/design I chose to make a map for Rapunzel to have and follow on her journey to the floating lights.  There is the starting point, rest area, and lights.

    To …

  12. klasalata

    Final Story Summary


    WHOAH! I can’t believe my final story is up and running {like I will be right after I post this :)}. I worked so hard on this project all week. I wanted to post all of the stories’ components at once, to not give anything away :)

    I had so …

  13. klasalata

    Sabrina, the Teenage Revenge Seeker


    Hey everyone!

    My name is Sabrina Spellman. I’m just your normal everyday teenager. Except for the fact that I found out I’m a witch on my sixteenth birthday. But no one knows, not even my best friend Valerie. Yeah. My life is kind of crazy. I love just about everything …

  14. klasalata

    One Way or Another


    For my third assignment for this final project, I chose to do Storytelling within the Web {*****} again. The reason I chose to do this assignment again was because I wanted to show how Sabrina reacted to Libby’s attempt to blackmail her. She obviously is going to seek revenge…I wanted …

  15. klasalata

    Some People Change


    For my last assignment of this final story was the Where Are They Now? {**} video assignment. I wanted to show everyone where the characters of this final story ended up. What changed, who changed, who stayed the same?? You’ll learn it all now :) I just hate when people …

  16. klasalata

    Here Comes Goodbye


    SAY WHAT!? This is the last blog post for DS 106??! How can this be?????

    For this class, we had to create assignments for future students to do. I had a lot of fun creating and coming up with my assignments, I just hope the future students have fun doing …

  17. Kaitlyn

    The Final Post


    WE DID IT!! I can’t believe this is my final DS106 post! It’s been such a fun ride! I can’t believe its over! Though, as we all know we are ds106ers #4life!!

    So what does Digital Storytelling mean?

    Well In week 3 I said “I immediately think of Animea or …

  18. Kaitlyn

    Advise for future DS106ers


    I can’t believe I’m at the point in DS106 where I am giving advise for all future ds106ers! I remember back to my first week in the course and watching/reading advise from DS106 alums! So crazy!!

    This semester has flown, I’ve learned so much from this class and feel that …

  19. kdex914

    Final Summary


    Bare with me, but when we first started the class I wasn’t exactly posting correctly so this reflection on week 3 link is the entire week 3 summary, my b.  Either way, after reading over my previous description I still pretty much agree with it, except that my thinking then …

  20. klamb912

    Ron and Victoria


    This is Ron Burgundy, the lead anchor of News Team 4.  Ron has always been what people call a “ladies man,” but he has also always been somewhat lacking in intelligence.  Excellent at wooing women, viewers, and especially women viewers, Ron has had almost everything in his life come easy …

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