1. @herbangerr

    Deferring the doughboy voice


    For my fourth Assignment for my final project I chose to do an Audio Assignment worth 4 stars, totaling 15 stars. The assignment instructions were to take an existing piece of audio and use audio tools (I used Audacity) to change the sound.  The original audio I used was from …

  2. @herbangerr

    Describing the doughboy


    For this Design Assignment I had to create a word cloud that describes my character, for 4 stars.  I chose the closest shape that they had available that looked like the doughboy.  Finding words that described him was the easy part! Chubby, fluffy, giggily, fat, puffy, etc…

    The residents of …

  3. @herbangerr

    The horrors of Pillsbury


    For this Visual Assignment I created a silly movie poster using my final project character, the Pillsbury Doughboy.  I had to create a movie poster that then was transformed to silly, and then incorporate the doughboy. This was for a total of 4 stars.

    The horrors of Pillsbury is a …

  4. @herbangerr

    My favorite thing to do in my spare time


    For my second assignment I had to record myself preforming my favorite hobby in my spare time.  It was 4 stars, and I decided to do it with me playing video games.  I do a lot of other things in my spare time, but video games is defiantly a big …

  5. @herbangerr

    Ohh sweet college :)


    The first video assignment that I chose to do was 4 stars, and what I had to do was create a video that showed off my college career so far.  I chose to use just pictures that I had on phone through out the 3 years so far.  I started …

  6. @herbangerr

    Im I watching a movie, or reading am I reading it?


    To an untrained eye movies are just another story being told to audience.  But there is so much more behind that.  There are thousands of hours of thinking of the idea, setting up the idea, producing the idea, and executing the idea.  All of the steps are insanely difficult in …

  7. @herbangerr

    Good morning people of my village!!


    Star: 2 1/2 stars

    For this assignment we had to greet the people of our “village” with a good morning expression.  I chose to keep it calm and simple.  I chose this, because I don’t see a person being too excited about saying good morning on a loud speaker every …

  8. @herbangerr

    Not my sandwich!!!


    Star: 2 1/2 stars

    Back when Friends was the best show on TV (and still playing) I was pretty young, and loved to watch the show with my parents.  Of course my parents made me cover my eyes when the intimate scenes would happen.  Ross was my 2nd favorite character …

  9. @herbangerr

    Redbone gets Redone


    Star: 4 stars

    One of my favorite songs out at this time is Redbone by Childish Gambino.  The song has many distinct characteristics about it, such as the fading in and out of his voice, and the strong instrumentals in the background.  As soon as I saw the description for …

  10. @herbangerr

    Mission Control… We got a problem


    In Moon Graffiti, the mood is set right away.  Your stomach begins to drop, you get goosebumps, my feet began to sweat. There is a lot of background noise and back and forth communication between mission control and an astronaut named, Aldrin. The creator adds a lot of sound …

  11. @herbangerr

    The story teller is actually a genius


    In Ira Glass’s videos he proclaims the do’s and don’t about story telling.  He explains that the best thing that you can do for yourself is to tell with your personality.  Use the emotions that you felt at the moment to really draw the listener into the story.  As they …

  12. @jwoodds106

    The Jenna Show


    The concept for The Jenna Show came about in a meeting of producers from several reality tv networks in the mid 1990’s. Their ratings were consistently falling and reality tv wasn’t bringing in the big bucks like it had in the past. The only problem was, about half the channels …

  13. @vd678

    Week 5


    Final Project

    For my final project, I chose to create a story called Let’s go on a Trip. While it was not the most creative title, I thought it was a pretty creative tale. It is a story centered around a young woman named Cassie, who lives in New …

  14. Andrew Brasher

    If Only I Could Have Smelled The Roses


    That final project was the most enjoyable thing I’ve done in a long time. I have always had idea’s for stories to tell or plots to weave and traditionally I would either start writing them down with the hope that I would one day finish them and they would just …

  15. @vd678

    Let’s go on a Trip


    Cassie felt like she woke up mere minutes after she had fallen asleep. When she looked at her clock though, and saw it was 8:32, she knew it had been at least a few hours. In the city that never sleeps, it was easy to stay out late. Especially on …

  16. Andrew Brasher

    The Missing Hunter


    My name is Gareth, I am a Warlock of the Praxic Order. This log is for the records because I doubt anyone else would care.

    A missing guardian. Or rather, another missing guardian, because it’s not like a Hunter going missing was anything new. They are constantly going out and …

  17. @mikeyb1503

    Final Summary


    It has been an exciting yet, at times an exhausting five weeks in this course. Digital Storytelling has proven to be one of my favorite courses and this final project was certainly the cream of the crop and the most exciting part. I have included my tutorials as well for …

  18. @mikeyb1503

    Tutorials for Final Project


    For my various audio assignments, these were the quick and easy steps I took. I recorded my video’s on audacity and then went to upload on SoundCloud, where I did just that before saving them and submitting them to my blog.

    For my design assignment, I combined the use of …

  19. Rebecca

    It’s over. Go home!


    The past 4 days has been the longest 8 years of my life. It was a lot of work getting my final story done, and some of it (lookin’ at you, GIF) didn’t actually need to be done. I like to think it added to my story, though. I hope.…

  20. @mikeyb1503

    Final Project: The Fidget Spinner


    There is a story to be told here…a story about a courageous person. Whom on one day, was just your average soul and before they knew it, had risen to stardom. To go from your every day individual to fame, can be a whirlwind of emotion, both exciting and exhausting. …

  21. salukizim

    GW Zimmerman Week 5 Summary


    A long time ago in the magic Kingdom of Bahrain a super saluki was born. He was the son of champions. He was a true son of the sands. His ancestors were famous hunters sought after for their stamina and hunting prowess.

    Saiph was special. He, of all of his …

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