1. Andrew Brasher

    Next Time, I Wouldn’t Bring Damon


    The scene starts with the crew in the background of the shot as they move towards the camera and start moving from left to right,both of these changes are in the positive direction. This is meant to set up the scene as a good thing they are moving towards. Once …

  2. @mikeyb1503

    Talking to a 16 year old Mikey


    For this video assignment, I did the Sixteen Year Old Me assignment. I had to address a 16 year old Mikey on his life and what to be prepared for in the future. I started off by addressing his core values at the time, what was the most prevalent things …

  3. @mikeyb1503

    Look, Listen and Analyze


    The video I chose was the scene from the Hulk movie, in 2003. The scene is titled born again. The open visual for the scene is the two main characters, Betty and Bruce at a restaurant eating dinner. In the shot, you can see him as he’s chewing his food …

  4. Andrew Brasher

    What Makes a Scene


    Reading through Roger Eberts “How to Read a Movie” showed me there are multiple components to a movie that are used and seen that are not always conscience patterns. In his explanation of what it means to read a movie he analyzes a scene from the movie Notorious …

  5. @mikeyb1503

    How to read a movie


    As the author states early, often certain things in film may go unnoticed to the average naked eye, but often familiarized people with certain skill sets notice certain things. He lets it be known that it is common for your emotional side to be in-touch and in a sense, triggered …

  6. @vd678

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    The clip I chose to analyze for this assignment was from The Newsroom. I chose to look at this clip because it is the one I thought would be most interesting to look at because of it’s content and the goings on in society today.

    Camera Work

    Throughout the …

  7. de-norm

    Four Weeks Over, One To Go.

    Weekly Summary Week 4

    So we’ve reached the end of yet another week in our time here on this blog. It’s been a fun ride, I guess? Four weeks of four different mediums of representation on the digital space and four weeks of adventure. This week went by faster than …

  8. @vd678

    Reading Movies


    Ebert and How to Read a Movie

    I found Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” quite interesting. I am a big fan of movies, but Ebert’s article had me thinking about the different techniques that people use when they make movies. Generally, I watch a movie because I liked …

  9. Rebecca

    Snow on the rainbow bridge


    The second and final video project I chose to do this week is the 4-and-a-half (?!) star Narrative Ambiance assignment. I chose it because I thought it would be easy. I was dead. wrong.

    I like to film the weather – if it’s raining, windy, snowing, you know I’ve got …

  10. @vd678

    Snooze News


    Bus Driver Spends Day Picking Up and Dropping Off Children in the Area #upworthy @ds106dc #tdc1986

  11. Rebecca

    Origami SPEED-RUN! No zen allowed!


    The first video assignment I chose to do for the week is the 4-star Six Second Art project. I’ll say right now that I’m no artist – I can’t draw for beans, I can’t paint, I can’t dance, and I can’t sing. I have shaky hands so anything that requires …

  12. @jwoodds106

    Recapping It


    My fourth week in ds106…what a ride. This week was much easier than the previous three. I think the video assignments did take a while for me to edit, but since I only had to complete two worth eight stars it wasn’t too bad. The intro videos and background information …

  13. @jwoodds106

    Walk a Mile in My Shoes


    Where do your shoes take you in a day? Tell a story using a video of only your shoes!

    For my last assignment (4 stars) I decided to make a movie of everywhere I travelled in a day. This assignment caught my eye because I like to watch vlogs, which …

  14. @cgarcia2580

    Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

    Weekly Summary #4

    I wish I could say that my confidence boost from last week survived this week’s video assignments… but it didn’t. When this week’s agenda was sent out I was thinking to myself, hey, this can’t be that bad! Little did I know, it was going to be …

  15. @cgarcia2580

    Interaction in Action

    Comment Feedback

    This week’s blog feedback was very successful! With each week it becomes easier and easier to comment on other people’s work. I commented on four different blogs and replied to some comments that were left on my blog, PLUR. Below you can find this week’s (6/11-6/18) interactions.

  16. de-norm

    Reading with No Words.

    Summary of Reading Movies.

    As I began reading the article written by Roger Ebert, I felt as if this would be a pretentious person talking about movies the way English teachers talk about symbolism or metaphors. They find meaning where there is none and attempt to make a bigger deal …

  17. salukizim

    G W Zimmerman Week 4 Weekly Summary


    Week 4

    Fueled by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, vast quantities of black coffee, and one or two adult libations (dirty martinis) I powered through this week. I refused to get frustrated by software and programs that were not senior citizen friendly. Years ago when I was an electronics technician …

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