1. salukizim

    Super Saluki Billboard


    Saiph was welcomed to the United States with a giant billboard:






    For this 4 star assignment I went online to the internet and found an image of a billboard and downloaded it and saved it to a PowerPoint slide. I opened another slide and created …

  2. de-norm

    One Final Story (The Story)

    Final Project – Stuck in the Gutter of Boredom

    This is yet another normal, boring day for Neil. Sitting in the gas station, sipping on something he grabbed from the back room that didn’t have a large sticker on it, and listening to the rain outside. It’s just Greenhill’s Red …

  3. @mikeyb1503

    When in doubt, Spin it out


    For this assignment, I had to create a t-shirt design. In doing that, I created a shirt with the Spinner picture on it and create a little slogan around it, “When in doubt, spin in out.” I created this on the photoshop app and then added the words on my …

  4. @mikeyb1503

    Interview with Fidget Spinner


    For this assignment, I sat down with Fidget Spinner and interviewed them on their life and asked them some questions about it. I asked them:

    What is it like to have this new found fame? 

    What are you dreams and aspirations? 

    What do you do in your free time? 

    are …

  5. @mikeyb1503

    Day in the life of Fidget


    A day in the life of Fidget. In this audio recording, which I did on audacity and then sent over to to sound cloud, where I uploaded it, I talk about what a do on my average day. I discuss my constant spinning that I do. I mention how I …

  6. @jwoodds106

    The World is Watching


    When The Jenna Show first aired in 1998 we weren’t sure how long it would last. The overarching attitudes toward the concept of the show were mixed. Some people loved it, some people hated, and some people didn’t care at all. The first few years saw ups and downs as …

  7. @jwoodds106

    The Hardest Five Weeks of My Life


    I took two online summer classes in this first five week semester. That was my first mistake. The first two to three weeks were stressful, especially because this class took up much more time every day than I had anticipated, more so at the beginning. I am grateful that this …

  8. @jwoodds106

    Year 19. Month 1. Day 21.


    I am the head of surveillance at The Jenna Show. This is the video report log for year 19-month 1-day 21 during the time slot 1942-2041 hours. I have many people under my department, and we have on of the most essential jobs at the show. We make sure that …

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