1. @cgarcia2580

    Home Sweet Home

    Daily Create #12

    Today’s daily create involved customizing your personal map. The place I chose was Scottsdale, Arizona because I was born there. Also because it’s one of my favorite places to visit! I personalized my location by using the website provided. At first, when I was using Map Stack …

  2. @vd678

    Week 3


    This week was all about telling a story through sound. I found the points made about audio storytelling by Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad quite interesting. I also enjoyed listening to the TED talk and Scott Lo. I especially liked the Moon Graffiti audio story. I had a lot of …

  3. @vd678

    Down on the Farm


    The goal of this assignment was to record sounds that I hear daily, but may be unfamiliar to others and turn it into an audio story.

    For this assignment, I chose to let everyone hear the sounds I hear everyday out on the farm. The audio clip below will walk …

  4. Andrew Brasher

    Audibly Challenged


    This week was quite the challenge. I had never done any editing on audio or video like that and was woefully unprepared for the difficulty and time it takes to do audio editing. I had editing my sound effect story once and had prepared to upload it but thought I’d …

  5. @cgarcia2580

    Just Keep Swimming

    Weekly Summary #3

    Audio week has been an adventure! At first, I was nervous because I hate recording my voice, but everything turned out alright! My week started off with a little background information. This included Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad’s storytelling advice and techniques. I learned a vast variety …

  6. @cgarcia2580

    To Give Is To Receive

    Comment Feedback

    This week was different than most because we were required to interact more with our other classmates. At first, I was nervous because I’m not one for social interations over the internet. However, once I completed my first couple comments I became more comfortable. I thought that this …

  7. Andrew Brasher

    A Hero’s Quest


    When the town is attacked, when the villagers are terrified, someone has to step up and go face these bandits. Save the town. I’ve always loved the classic tales of evil doers and the heroes that step up and become legends by doing great and heroic deeds. Typical D&D stuff. …

  8. Rebecca

    The greatest speech never given


    Right off the bat, Moon Graffiti forces you into panic mode alongside the engineers at mission control. It begins with a reenactment of the worst case scenario – a “moon disaster.” There is a rapid beeping, signalling critical error, and the static message from the astronaut giving mission control a …

  9. Andrew Brasher

    An Audio Mood


    Audio storytelling is something that I thought I had some knowledge of but, listening to the stories I realized that my experience with audio storytelling was simply stories that were told via audio podcast. There wasn’t really any storytelling to it.

    Listening to Jonathan Mitchell’s podcast Moon Graffiti I realized …

  10. Andrew Brasher

    More than One Logical Fallacy


    The fallacy of tu quoque stood out to me as the grown up, politics version of “I know you are but what am I?” and I just had to make an image for that. I thought, what better to demonstrate that point than a cat and a dog.


    Tu …

  11. salukizim

    G W Zimmerman Week 3 Audio Story Telling


    This was the week that was!!!!

    In the midst of everything else the wifi on my computer crashed. I’m now hooked up to an ether net connection that is less than optimal. Talk about old school…at least it isn’t a dial-up connection…that would be rich.

    What I learned from Ira …

  12. @vd678

    Summer Nights and Springsteen


    The purpose of this assignment was to create a mash up of a band’s or artist’s greatest hits, in your opinion.

    I chose to create a mash up of what I consider some of Bruce Springsteen‘s greatest hits. I chose to look at Springsteen’s songs because I had been …

  13. @vd678

    On The Radio


    The purpose of this assignment was to create a bumper for the ds106 radio station.

    A bumper, as defined on the assignment’s page, is “a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned into.”

    For …

  14. @jwoodds106

    Over Halfway Done…


    Audio week was quite the experience. Trial and error became the name of the game for me. Garageband made me nervous, especially because Audacity was so heavily suggested, and no one else used Garageband! Although this week was a lot of listening, I enjoyed all the different perspectives and stories …

  15. de-norm

    An Alien on Earth (More First Contacts)

    Comments of Week 3

    Guess who knows how to make comments on things? This little alien that is me.

    Yes, I am pretty sure this week is Mass Effect themed. I only played it once this week, and I’ve only finished the first one. (Got really scared to do the …

  16. @jwoodds106

    The Road Less Traveled


    This week was a learning experience for me, for sure. I got into the nitty gritty with Garageband, and now realize Audacity was probably a better choice. Garageband didn’t have a lot of editing tools that Audacity seemed to have, and this deterred me from some projects I was drawn …

  17. @vd678

    Headed To The Beach


    The goal of this assignment was to tell a story using nothing but sound effects.

    I chose to tell the story of someone going to the beach on the first day of a vacation. The story starts with the person taking off in an airplane to head to their destination. …

  18. Rebecca

    Logical fallacies – but maybe the hat really is cool.


    This week’s final Daily Create is all about logical fallacies. I jumped on “bandwagon” (har har har) and chose to use critically endangered animals as the subjects. It’s hard to say “everyone is doing it” when there aren’t a lot of people in the first place. Also, that’s just not …

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