1. @saragdigitellsit

    Summer Camp Matters


    Self Documentary-Make a mini documentary about something in your life.

    The Story Behind the Story-

    When I first got my job as a summer camp counselor, I was worried about a few things. First of all, I don’t like kids. Even as a kid I didn’t really like kids. …

  2. @bballforever5

    Look. Listen. Analyze.


    I feel that this assignment really helped us see some of the video storytelling techniques actually preformed in real movies. It was interesting seeing what different things you notice when you take away one of your senses. I chose to do this assignment on a scene from my favorite movie, …

  3. @KwameCovino

    Talking Symmetry


    For this daily create, we made to create a picture that had something to do with the symmetry of the number 2017. The process to fulfill this assignment was very time consuming. I had to dig deep and think outside of the box to complete this task. For my picture, …

  4. @KwameCovino

    Get down wit it


    For this daily create we had to create an animation with a robot that was dancing. For this animation, we could personally customize how our robot was dancing. During the creation process, I made sure that my robot was dancing a certain way as his dance moves were a representation …

  5. @KwameCovino

    This is interesting


    For this post we had to create something that sounded like it was spooky. I decided to make my sound with three beats that I recorded off garageband. The first sound is a hard edm sound which I thought was a good way to start the song because I needed …

  6. jbelodeau

    Are you too good for your home ball?


    For my second video assignment I made a compilation of some of my favorite Adam Sandler scenes. The assignment was to make highlight reel of scenes from my favorite actor, and I decided to do Adam Sandler. I chose Adam Sandler because I love his movies, but only his movies …

  7. jbelodeau

    Kelly Oubre Jr. is the G.O.A.T.


    For my first video assignment I completed this week, I made a sports highlight reel of my favorite player in the NBA, Kelly Oubre Jr. of the Washington Wizards. I am a huge Wizards basketball fan and I even have a Kelly Oubre Jr. Wizards jersey. I have used the …

  8. @SMcSallyBlog

    Instant Replay


    For this assignment I chose to take a clip of something and make an instant replay for it. I am a huge baseball fan and have always been a Yankees fan. That is why I chose to take Aaron Judge’s swing and make it a slow motion video. Aaron has …

  9. @JakeWaterma

    Weekly Summary 4


    This week we focused on Video Editing / “Reading” Movies. I learned a lot from Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”. The main points that I got out of it is his technique in pausing and analyzing movies and some of the themes we see in movies. Such as …

  10. @leniwstory

    Week 4 Summary


    As always, I started on Monday by reading over our summary for the week and planning out what assignments I would be doing and on what days. I also did my first daily create on Monday. The assignment was to create a dancing robot, and it turned out really cute …

  11. @JakeWaterma

    “Video Crack”


    Process: I downloaded the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and took a movie clip form Youtube with the Deathstar / Planet Destroyer 2.0 (or 3.0? I’m not sure how many they’ve made) destroying one of the planets from the newest Star Wars movie. I put them …

  12. @SMcSallyBlog

    Time Lapse Assignment


    For this assignment I chose to do something a little different than the description. Instead of taking 1-2 second time lapses throughout the day I took one big one to show some period of time. This really gave a different effect as you can see movement in things you wouldn’t …

  13. @SMcSallyBlog

    Analyze Video Clip from movie


    As soon as I saw this assignment I knew exactly what clip I wanted to do. The Pursuit of Happyness has been one of my favorite movies for as long as I can think. The movie tells such a powerful story and there are so many amazing quotes from that …

  14. @JakeWaterma

    College Snapshot – Orientation


    Process: I used Movie Maker to make this video of my Orientation. I got the photos from my IPhone, I moved them into an album and sent them from my Yahoo email to my School Email. I then uploaded all of the photos and took media from a Chillstep Remix …

  15. @bballforever5



    This is my fourth and final daily create of the week.This assignment was quick and straight forward. In todays daily create we had to do our best imitation of an old car horn. The one that sounds like aooooooga. I played the actual sound and then did my imitation of …

  16. @bballforever5

    The UMW Experience


    This is my second and final video assignment of the week. In this assignment, we had to take memories that we have since we started college, like pictures and videos, that we have saved on our phones and put them together to make a video that shows everything we have …

  17. @leniwstory

    Narrative Ambiance


    There’s something really simple and beautiful about the way Benjamin Alire Sáenz writes. I’ve read this particular book, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, a few times now. I’m always amazed by how much he says in so little words. The book is poignant, and real, and …

  18. @JakeWaterma

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    I chose to do “The Joker Pencil Trick & Mob Scene” for my Look, Listen, Analyze assignment.


    Analyze the Camera Work:

    Everyone started around at once, to the right, as Joker walks in slowly. The camera shows the entire table staring up at the joker. The camera switches between …

  19. @JakeWaterma

    How to read a movie


    I read through Roger Ebert’s article on “How to Read a Movie”, his techniques on how to do it do seem practical and basic. His methods are a bit slow and seems to require an audience, to get a strong grasp of all the details in the movie you are …

  20. @KwameCovino



    In this post, I created an image with lil b the based god. Lil B is one of my favorite artists. He has inspired a generation with his music as well as his positivity. While he gets mocked for a lot of the stuff he puts out, his best work …

  21. @bballforever5

    Another Day At Work


    This is my first of two video assignment this week. In this assignment we had to create a video of just our shoes that tells some kind of story. I chose to do this assignment for one of my assignments this week because I thought it would be a fun …

  22. @simplytelling

    – week four reflection –


    You know, despite the minimal amount of assignments this week…it was definitely a bit of a struggle to complete in a timely manner. Regardless of the struggle, it’s definitely awesome to be in my element of creating and editing videos. In terms of completing the assignments to the best of …

  23. @kayla_boyer2019

    weekly summary #5


    These past five weeks have flown by, I’ve enjoyed each week and I’ve enjoyed each assignment that I have done. I learned the most about audio and video. I have never worked with video or audio so learning how to create a audio clip with audacity was very fun. I …

  24. @kayla_boyer2019

    Tutorial to Sound Effect Story


    In order to create the Sound Effect Story Assignment for my Final Project I used freesound.org and Audacity and soundcloud.

    The first step is to go to freesound.org and download all of the sounds you wish to use in your story.

    The 2nd step is to open Audacity and import …

  25. @kayla_boyer2019

    Tutorial for Billboard


    For the Billboard assignment of my final project I used a app called LiveCollage on my iphone and then sent the final picture to myself via email.

    The 1st step is to selected collage to make and edit your photo.

    The 2nd step is to add an image to your …

UMW Summer 17 – Second Session – Jen Polack

Todays TDC

#tdc2235 Show us the pitch

Use the Movie Pitch Generator to come up with a fake movie plot. Then come up with the title for your fake movie and put it on a poster.