1. @lfrappao

    Final Reflection


    Me As A Learner: Looking back on this course I have learned a lot. For me the key to my learning was communication and that is also what I struggled with the most. I have never been much of an online communicator and I have always tried to limit my …

  2. @lfrappao

    Week 7 Reflection


    This week I am really proud of my assignment!!!! I feel I did amazing!! I love the video and the slow motion. Last week I talked about planning ahead. I found this assignment two weeks ago, but getting ice time alone is hard. Most time after games they rush you …

  3. @lfrappao

    D.C. I Wish I Were Somewhere Else :(


    For this DC I knew the perfect picture. I went to Stonehenge today. Stonehenge is a place I have always wanted to visit. When I got there I had been on a bus for a long time and was feeling sick. But when I saw the structure I could not …

  4. @lfrappao

    D.C. Logo…Can You Read This?


    For this DC I tried to think of a logo that I would hate. I hate it when it is too fancy to read or too small to read. So I made a logo that is fancy and too small to read. I found a fancy frame on Google and …

  5. @lfrappao

    Critique Impact of Creativity


    The top video is how creativity help Rebecca create a video for change. The bottom video is the actual video she created. The bottom video International Boulevard is the video I am critiquing.  This relates to my chosen topic of technology in the classroom because I would like my students …

  6. @lfrappao

    Swing And A Miss


    For this assignment I decided to have fun with it. I chose Instant Replay! VideoAssignments1853. I knew I wanted to do a hockey replay but I was not sure how to go about it. I decided I wanted it to be funny so I asked two friends to stay after …

  7. @lfrappao

    Week 6 Reflection


    This week I felt I nailed it. My communication was down a little I still shared on social media and in comments but I felt so on top of the assignments. I finished everything in the beginning of the week (because I was going to travel) but I also made …

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Welcome to Jennifer Polack's Summer 2016 Digital Storytelling Course at UMW

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  1. Week 3 Learning how to Learn is One of the Most Important Skills in Life

    Remember The University of Mary Washington’s Digital Knowledge Center provides peer tutoring to all University students on digital projects and assignments. Students can schedule 50 minute, one-one-one tutorials with a trained peer tutor on any DS106 related projects.  Click Here to set up an appointment. Daily Creates Have Changed Over …

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