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    I Give Up: A Journey to Not Caring About Copyright


    Post a link to the page(s) on your site containing Creative Commons or public domain material in the #activities channel on Slack, with a brief note about how/why you attributed them the way you did.

    Public Domain

    #1 Composition in red, yellow, blue and black. 1926. oil on canvas.

    I …

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    If you read only one thing on my blog…


    If you see this message, I’m waiting for my blog post to be written by collective intelligence.

    Just kidding of course; that’s not something collective intelligence can accomplish. Which is why everyone needs to learn to express themselves in the long, sometimes tedious format of an essay, perhaps now more …

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    Advertiser profiles: by the Numbers


    A lot of people seemed to gain insight from the advertiser profiles activity last week.

    I had already seen how Facebook profiles my interests while poking around my account settings one day, but it didn’t startle me because I associate Facebook with a distinct lack of privacy. I go there …

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    Notes on Doctorow’s Second Law


    Maybe its because I’m used to reading dry science textbooks, but I was compelled by my time with the textbook Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free by Cory Doctorow. In particular, I thought the second part was especially thought-provoking, probably because its salient to me as someone who enjoys creative …

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    Cloud Computing is Internet Magic


    The first time my Microsoft Word subscription went out of date felt like a disaster. In the mad rush to find somewhere to type and edit my paper for 7th grade English, I discovered Google Docs. I immediately fell in love with the convenience of it without understanding how it …

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    Faces of the Internet: Representation Activity


    The “Representation” Activity required us to do the following:

    Perform Google image searches for the following terms

    Teacher: almost exclusively white women

    Professor: almost exclusively white men

    Doctor: almost exclusively white men

    Nurse: almost exclusively white females

    Baby: almost exclusively white

    Teenager: almost exclusively white, mainly girls

    Criminal: Mostly clip …

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    Realizations about the Internet Age


    Whenever I need to feel old enough, I remind myself that I lived a significant portion of my life without internet access. For approximately the first 7 years of my life, I had never been on the Internet. Later, we had dial-up, a form of the Internet so useless I …

UMW Summer 16 2nd Session (Polack)

Welcome to Jennifer Polack's Summer 2016 Digital Storytelling Course at UMW (Second Session)

Current Assignment

  1. Week 3 Learning how to Learn is One of the Most Important Skills in Life

    Remember The University of Mary Washington’s Digital Knowledge Center provides peer tutoring to all University students on digital projects and assignments. Students can schedule 50 minute, one-one-one tutorials with a trained peer tutor on any DS106 related projects.  Click Here to set up an appointment. Daily Creates Have Changed Over …

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#tdc2023 Generals gathered in their masses / Peering through their opera glasses (?)

Audrey Watters‏ said, “repetition of the word ‘masses’ in the first 2 lines of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs is the most disappointing failure of imagination in the history of rhyme.”